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Gamescom 2022, the annual multi-day video game trade show event, started their online reveals and announcements today, and - to the surprise of everyone - we saw a familiar face in one of those announcements! Brandon himself introduced Unknown Worlds' (the creators of the Subnautica games) new turn-based sci-fi digital tabletop strategy game. With minis you can paint? It's called Moonbreaker, and Brandon confirmed on Reddit that this is the project we've seen as Soulburner in a couple of his State of the Sanderson annual blog posts.

Follow us after the break for some more details and the reveal trailer!

The time has come! The end is nigh!

That is, the time to reveal our next art commission! The end of the wait to see it! This all sounded funnier in my head, but there's no going back, words written in a Patreon post are final and unchangeable. 

So what do we have here? Follow us after the break to find out (it's not that difficult to figure it out though)

It's time for Words of Brandon on the June 2022 spoiler stream! This part one of two, so stay tuned next week for movie things. In this episode, we discuss some insane things about silver, Nightblood stomach mechanics, the return of asterisk, and... flavors of Investiture? Like what they all taste like, not a Spiritual thing. WoB episodes are wild.

Feels like we haven't had one of these posts in some time, doesn't it? In reality it's only been ~3 weeks but it feels nice to get back to something resembling a normal schedule. Nothing lasts, unfortunately, as we have something like 8 commissions in the works right now (many of which are simple, but still), but that's a problem for future mysterious-author-of-these-posts, not present mysterious-author-of-these-posts (this sentence makes a lot more sense on Patreon, where you can't check who is writing the posts, just go with it here).

You know how these things work, open the article to see the full art!

Alas. We suspected that this would be the case for some time now, but it has finally be confirmed: Stormlight 5 won't be coming until 2024. Though the reason why certainly isn't quite what we expected... Brandon Sanderson did a Reddit AMA with subreddit r/books last week, and a question about the next planned Stormlight novella sparked a long answer in which Brandon finally confirmed what we all expected: the Stormlight 5 release just isn't going to happen in 2023.

Brandon went a step further though to clarify why Stormlight 5 has been a bit slow-going, and it's not primarily due to the Secret Projects or any other writing projects: it's movie and television stuff.

Packed update this week! It's been announced that the Dawnshard audiobook will release in August, a physical version of Secret History is up for preorder with a new cover, merchandise and badge pricing has been released for the Dragonsteel con this November, and r/books will be holding an AMA with Brandon this Thursday.

As you might know, we met our $1,000 Patreon goal a few months ago, allowing us to do bigger art commissions each quarter, and the first one of those (for Q2) dropped in April - and it was full of Rhythm of War spoilers.
Follow us after the break for the full illustration - it's much bigger than the preview; you might say that it's bigger on the inside (of this post).

Hello, hello, and welcome to this a bit of a... retrospective kind of post. A few months ago we passed an important milestone - one year of monthly art commissions - and we wanted to take a moment and talk about all this, but also showcase everything we've commissioned (in the first year; we've got a few more since then). So take a seat, make yourselves comfortable, maybe pour a drink, and enjoy a brief lookback at some pretty things we manifested into the world by channeling the support of our patrons (of which if you are one, thank you!).

Be wary of spoilers! Also, note that many of the links here lead to either our Patreon page (where you might need to be a patron to see them), or the Coppermind. Just a heads up.

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