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Small Press Kickstarter Features 17th Shard Authors (& Seanan McGuire)


Want to support some indie authors that hang out on this very forum (down in the Reading Excuses subforum, most often)? Check out the Space Wizard Science Fantasy Year 2 Kickstarter! There are 12 new books coming from this indie small press, run by one of the contributors, and with stories by many others! And if you want to support something for Pride Month, all these titles have queer and inclusive elements.

We also have a very special announcement: Seanan McGuire is contributing a story for the Lofty Mountains anthology we’re publishing this year! So if you’re a fan, be sure to check that one out.

Here is the link for the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spacewizard/space-wizard-science-fantasy-year-2

You can also get awesome things like hardcovers, signed books, trilogies, queer stories, diverse stories (short and long), and even a subscription to Space Wizard! We'll send you all the new books or eBooks as they come out. You just have to sit back, read, and enjoy! There's also some cool buttons, pins, keychains, decals, and other swag...

Who’s involved? Here’s a list of authors, with your local 17th Shard contributors highlighted!

List of Authors (Shard members in parentheses):

William C. Tracy (Mandamon): Lofty Mountains (lesbian SFF short fiction with a mountain/steampunk theme), How to Operate Your Body (non-fiction on body mechanics and stress relief), Fruits of the Gods (epic fantasy with seasonal fruit-based magic), To a Spore Unknown (science fiction and fungal aliens)

J.S. Fields (kais): Lofty Mountains, The Rosewood Penny (epic fantasy with lesbians and pegasi)

Robin C.M. Duncan (Robinski): Lofty Mountains, The Rigel Redemption (continuation of the Quirk and Moth series)

Sara Codair (shatteredsmooth): Lofty Mountains, Junk Junction (nonbinary protagonist battles a ghost in a mannequin–middle grade)

C.J. Hosack (Cathy Lim): The Slayer's Magic (an adopted girl searches for magic granted by her ancestors–young adult)

Jordan Werner (JWerner): The Witch and the Ostrich (hijinks ensue with a newspaper-critic witch and a cursed necromancer warlord - novella)

N.L. Bates (Silk): Lofty Mountains (short fiction)

Katie Cordy (Snakenaps): Cover artist for Junk Junction and The Rosewood Penny, illustrator for Lofty Mountains 

As well as some other excellent indie authors: 

Reese Hogan: My Heart is Human (a trans man fights an AI in his head to save his daughter)

Caye Marsh: Peace In The Sky (a neurodivergent amnesiac guides her daughter through a wasteland) 

Chaitanya Murali: Ajakava (an indigenous man dreams of a giant scorpion to banish colonizers)

The Lofty Mountains anthology will contain stories by 17th Shard authors:

William C. Tracy, J.S. Fields, Robin C.M. Duncan, Sara Codair, N.L. Bates, as well as the excellent authors L.R. Gould, Melissa McArthur, Carmen Loup, Rosiee Thor, Rebecca Kim Wells, Maya Gittelman...

and... Seanan McGuire!

And, if you want more books by Shard authors, you can get any of Space Wizard’s back catalogue as part of the Kickstarter too, including Mandamon’s Dissolutionverse and first two Biomass Conflux books, Robinksi’s first two Quirk and Moth books, and kais’s Ardulum books. Plus all three of the previous Spac Wizard anthologies (Distant Gardens, Farther Reefs and the World of Juno) feature stories by Shard authors! 

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Thanks for posting this, and feel free to ask any questions about the Kickstarter. We have some great books coming out!

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We have also resumed the fine tradition of posting silly videos to celebrate hitting our funding milestones! You know, like this one, in which I promise to do even more ridiculous things later:


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