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Key/Comprehension Guide

Sections: 1. Overview 2. Terminology 3. Rating systems and Problem Management   Overview: Sanderson Elimination is a Subforum in the RP section that runs Brandon Sanderson-flavoured Mafia games. Founded by Metacognition, it has blossomed into it's own special community. Anyone can sign up to run a game, and most ideas are welcome! In order to run a game, you must be next on the GM wait-list as well as have your game approved by 2 committee members or IMs.

Ookla the Resolute

Ookla the Resolute in Guides


Hi, so as you should all know by now I won't be on the shard for a while, so I put this blog together because it turns out you can have delayed publication on these things. So yeah, I'll try to have at least one for each month I'm gone to remind you all that I exist and what not So yeah, look forward to that.



The infernal laws of social media preservation.

1. you only remember something right before, or after something bad has happened. 1a. (often archival will be needed because of OP's family failing to recognize the poster's talent, and/or someone being attacked on the internet.) 1b. (if you find ANY media based on Nintendo's ips, archive it as fast as you can.) 2. archiving something will take forever, and will often be in a low quality. 3. finding an archive will take more effort than you want to give, but not enough that i

tldr; I feel like an idiot!

“man, that was ez. why didn’t I do that in the first place?” in hindsight, I shouldn’t be viewing my friend’s memes in class, not only do they distract me from my work that I need to do, but my seeing of them on school property means the school is more aware of them and they are more likely to delete them, or, given the size of the file, have them be somewhat griefed by my school. I also might get in trouble with my folks at home because some of the memes are  gross, political, out of context, a


Just_a_Fan in panic!

oh no

I just realised, that the school has accese to ALL of my friend's memes.  several thousands of memes. years of work between multiple friends. all. gone. Not today. nope, telling him to save to personal device.


Just_a_Fan in panic!

Neomagifex & Monsters

I renamed it! Why? Because Other didn't feel like the right name, so I tossed this together. I debated scraping some features and reworking the combat system (what's here is still my first combat system). I have started redesigning the magic system, so I might throw that out there. Without further Ado here are handful of features: Initiative System: You have an initiative value that every action you take will cost some initiative, once you hit 0 you lose a round. You lose a small am

I think I'm famous.

I am starting to think that I am the famous kid in school. everyone knows my name and thinks I know theirs. spoiler alert, I don't. so no, mam' I don't remember that time where I supposedly shoved you down the 3 or so steps back in 3rd grade, but I DO remember someone like you wailing like a spoiled 4 year old after I walked by you on the other side of the hall because you acted like every male peer was a steriotypical h*rny teenager, and goodness, I forgave you and your clique for that a minute

Rundown of My Plans

Core Concepts: Extreme Versatility Easy to learn Complex, learnable, practical magic systems Able host both a Medieval setting and a Sci Fi setting without needing home rules Magic System Design: These are one of my favorite aspects of Other to think about. I do have to say the premise of these magic systems have been shaped by my reading of the Cosmere, though you won't see any Surgebinders or Mistborn I bet some of you will be able to make them.

Ookla the Mad

Ookla the Mad in Other

school peers not big smart.

I have several imaginary friends, and watch Paw Patrol because nothing else is on, and read dictionary entries for fun. I'm a teen. a male, non-trans teen who does not give a crem-brick that it's "childish", and is very happy with his strait, f*ttish-less, non-toxic christian, anti-w*nker (sense 1) life, thank you very much.




so far: kris is Owen (EEeEE, Prevention of evolution)  ut characters get swapped for their AU counterparts, with an added area for the og characters. (bowser, kamek, etc.) susie is blue (jurassic world) ralsie is undetermined. birdley is boyfriend hatsune (pico's school, though most recently known for his appearance as the player character of FNF) noelle is also undetermined. Times New Roman makes an appearance, as "Red Sheep" ideas be welcome.



Weird stuff I'm doing in my D&D campaign

Basically, I'm playing with a bunch of noobs. My brother and I have played D&D for years now, but our friends are less experienced - and to be completely honest, I'm okay with that. There are a lot of flaws and holes in the D&D system that kinda just don't work. Also I suck at running planned campaigns. I've tried in the past and it's always gone horribly. The problem is that my ideas are always way too specific and hardwired into my Autism/ADHD 5000 Neural Network (brain), but trying to

Interlude: Why This Period?

Hello! Welcome again to my blog. I'm still Trutharchivist - that's not changing until Ookla season comes by, or until I find a better name (unlikely). I'm sorry to tell you, though, this isn't the expected essay about Modern-Orthodox Judaism, neither it is one about Conservative Judaism. Rather, it's an elaboration on why I chose this period, what you might expect from future posts here, what periods I won't be talking about and why. I'm writing this because I've just watched a video that explai

Emptiness is cliche

I don’t want to say “there’s a hole in my heart” or “a void where my heart should be” because that implies that I’m the protagonist of a b-list hallmark romance movie just a few minutes before the big reconciliation scene. Instead I think it’s more like my body and mind have stagnated, such that my heart has been left behind. It doesn’t fight anymore, because it does not think there is anything left fighting for

D&D - Movie

Again: I really liked Honor Among Thieves. Baller movie. 9/10, would recommend. But what would make a 10/10 D&D movie? E d g a r          W r i g h t   and by that I mean his writing style, which is god-tier in every respect. He's the mastermind behind Scott Pilgrim (the movie), Shaun of the Dead, and those are the only ones of his I've seen but THEY'RE REALLY GOOD. Basically he's the best comedy director on the market, because his style is so damn good. For a D&

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism

Hello, Trutharchivist speaking. This is my blog, I’m happy to see you here! This is my new (third so far) post about the history of Judaism during the Age of Enlightenment forward. Specifically I’m talking about the scale of conservation vs change in religion - so far I’ve talked about the Haskalah and the beginning of breaching the walls of the ghetto (that existed way before World War 2, calm down), and of how this breach led, eventually, to the forming of the Reform Jewish movement. In the po

Reform Judaism

Hello, and welcome (back) to my random ramble/blog! Still Trutharchivist here, and continuing from the last entry, today I want to talk about Reform Judaism, how it began and what it resulted.  Just one clarification for the previous entry: I realized I might have indicated that the Haskalah movement caused religious degradation directly. This is not completely accurate; while secularity was caused by the Enlightenment in Jews just as much as it did with Christians, the Haskalah movement wa

Beyond Lightspeed

This is where things start getting really theoretical. Pushing past lightspeed is more than just pushing past lightspeed: it's pushing past the constraints of time. After all, there isn't really any point in giving Beyond Lightspeed its own post if we're only looking at going 1.01x or 1.25x or even double or triple. Beyond Lightspeed means you can jump into hyperspace and cross the galaxy in just thirty minutes (according to Star Wars, anyways), making the distance between worlds akin to th
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