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  1. Missing you lately, Fadran! Come baaaack!

    1. justice magician

      justice magician

      Yes, we miss you! But we also understand if you need the space.

  2. Hey everyone. I know that some of you are confused or concerned about Fadran's disappearance from the Shard. I've been able to talk to him a bit recently, and he gave me permission to tell everyone what he told me. I figured this would be a convenient place to do it, so people can see it whenever they check his profile.

    He doesn't have a particular reason for leaving, it seems like he just generally needed a break. It's helped him be more productive so far. Whether he'll be returning at all is uncertain. I wouldn't say it's an impossibility, but there is a chance that he's left the Shard for good.

    If anyone has some sort of message they'd like me to pass along, I can do that, though I'd ask that you be respectful of his decision if you do. I know I probably don't have to say that, but I figured I'd make it clear. If you happen to play Minecraft Java, he's on the Shard's server sometimes at Sharders.minehut.gg.

  3. Did a yearly subscription thing expire that I didn’t know about???

    Where did you go bud?

    1. Aeoryi


      Me when I can't post on channelknightfadran's account might be related to his... Disappearance 

    2. Scars of Hathsin

      Scars of Hathsin

      Please do come back Fadran

  4. Fadran? Where are you?

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    2. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      I believe it’s because he bullied Aeo

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood


      still am wondering about that whole situation.

    4. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      Me too, and I couldn’t even comment on it 💀

      I do hope he comes back, he’s a big part of the shard, and while I don’t particularly hang around him much I know many do. 


      I really got figure the shard out


  5. We miss you Fadracula!! I hope you're doing okay!

  6. Fadraculaaaaaaaa

    In the last year you've gained exactly 3333 rep. Be proud.

  7. I apologize in advance and on behalf of all other Sharders for the sheer quantity of notifications you are about to receive

    1. SmilingPanda19


      I really do apologize for that part... whoops

      (Sorry not sorry, WE LOVE YOU-)

  8. Re: Server


    I will join posthaste; that is to say, "as soon as I figure out how to use mods through this launcher"

    1. Scars of Hathsin

      Scars of Hathsin

      If you need help figuring it out, I can help, I can only make it through the launcher because of certain issues, but the app is used by many youtubers as well.

  9. Blood dripped from the stump where his arm had once been - and speckled over his face where Feisyyd's had spread. "Exactly what I'll do to everyone else," Krarik cackled, his grin as wild and maniacal as ever, "once I'm through with all of you."
  10. Well… extradition was extradition. The hinox brushed off his hands and meandered back to the dig site.
  11. A force - cold, powerful, unyielding - pushed the others away. It emanated from the severed arm; the flesh began to decay. Krarik switched his grip, then ripped the blade down through Feisyyd’s torso. The Voidsaber came out cleanly - almost ironically so. Blood did not follow. Why… why couldn’t I have taught them more? Her lungs had all but given out, leaving not enough air even to grunt. She tried to break her fall, but… well, by now it didn’t really matter. If there was any pain, she wasn’t feeling it - or maybe her body just hadn’t caught up yet. All things considered, her last words shouldn’t have been spoken. No voice or sign or gaze should have been able to emanate from the limp, dying form. In fact, the only reason any message was portrayed at all was by pure, unrelenting need. ”Don’t… hold… back.”
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