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  1. Yep, what exp said. Also, do you guys have PMs in the Games? Because I’d need to be included in them.
  2. Recruiting for another Hunger Games impartial moderator; lmk if you’re interested 

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    2. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      Okay, yeah 

      I totally understand and I was just pissed earlier cuz of some other crap that was going on so I’m sorry for the rude remarks

    3. Lotus Blossom

      Lotus Blossom


      I know questioning isn’t the way to deal with control freaks

      pls dont call my friend a control freak :(
      the GMs just have to be super duper organized and run the whole show which is rlly impressive (kudos to them) <33

      it would be fun to have an IM tho!! i can't wait for the next hunger games (i'm not a GM so i can't give/deny approval) ❤️ 

    4. The Stormfather

      The Stormfather

      Just don't call people control freaks.


      There's like, two rules on the shard. Be nice, and like sanderson.

      You broke rule #1.

  3. I understand. As long as we can find another person to help that’s great, but I assure you, I will be true to my task and stay very impartial. I don’t think it would be smart to start the next Games without an IM.
  4. I suggested that as well. I am very curious, however, what problems you think it would cause. Please go into more depth.
  5. Alrighty, I’m going to address these one at a time. And don’t say sorry! You’re just asking clarifying questions, that I’m happy to answer. I don’t think it would be terribly hard to figure out the gist of the Games. I also think that most of the IMs would probably have more experience than I do, and I’m fully confident in my abilities to properly IM the Hunger Games. I think the IM would be required to keep up with the game, reading through the thread and such. In SE the IM takes a backseat role. There often (to my knowledge) isn’t much for them to do. That certainly does not make their role any less important. They would be an impartial moderator. I can’t see how a GM could be that. That means whenever there are issues they are the last authority, and they find the middle ground by letting players/GMs work their way through it civilly. I think it would be a mistake to not have IMs be a part of the game. I really do. If there are any other questions you have, let me know. Yes, this. As well as if a player needs to vent their emotions to someone the IM is there.
  6. I personally disagree with that, but if it works it works. And as long as everyone has fun and can feel included that’s fine in my book.
  7. This actually reminds me of something else. Are we using the same GMs every time? Just a little bit of feedback from someone only minimally involved: wouldn’t it be better to cycle through quite a bit? Giving more people the spotlight to give the Games a little bit of their unique spin. I don’t know lol
  8. I also think it won’t be as much of a time commitment (which is a lot of my problem with RPing) I definitely wouldn’t want to underestimate how much time it will take. But as long as you can check in every day and make sure any issues you have are resolved, you should be able to do it without much trouble.
  9. Yeah, but I’m sure there are people who can help out. Maybe someone who GMs a lot can take a break from that and help. I personally hate RPing, but have a little bit of FOMO from how big these have gotten. We’ll figure out a way to make it work, even if it means I have to solo IM a game or two.
  10. My thoughts exactly. I just need the go-ahead (and the addition to PMs) and I’ll get started with the next one.
  11. Hello Hungry Competitors, I want to pose something. In SE there are these things called impartial moderators. They are who you go to with complaints about other players or GMs. They are included in every PM to make sure everything stays civil, and their No.1 job is to remain impartial. So far as I can tell, nothing like that had been instituted in HGs. And I’ve noticed that there have been inter-personal issues whose only resolution was whatever the GM said to do or liked, even if the GM was on one side of the argument. My proposal is that we introduce these to the HGs, and I will volunteer to be the first one. I also think it would be a good idea to have 2-4 IMs a game, due to the massiveness of the Games. What do you guys think?
  12. I’m on a Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares kick. It’s an extremely entertaining show. 

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