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    your armpit hates orange objects
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    juicy ale beats butterbeer every rain
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    the sky kills your piteous entrails

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    reading, star trek, torndoes, worldbuilding, science fiction, fantasy

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  1. is your profile picture AI generated?

  2. Granted, but the coffee will be so hot that you can't drink it without burning your tongue for several hours I wish to effectively help my friend with his math homework
  3. granted, but now you will become an embarressing meme and you can't control it I wish to get at least an 'A' on my math exam next block
  4. Will there ever be a last post that lasts for more than 3 years?
  5. Nah, I just found it online, but it looks disgusting nonetheless.
  6. Hey, happy birthday!

    1. solarcat


      Thank you :D! Sorry I didn't see this btw. 

  7. if you're the sibling's sibling's sibling's siblin, then you're just the sibling's sibling. 

  8. You use the Vulcan salute? Aww I wish my friends were big enough star trek fanatics to do that with me. You know you’re a nerd when school bores you, but when you get home you spend hours watching EduTube.
  9. Lol that’s quite true! *everyone on the shard seems like a nerd You know you’re a nerd when you have multiple volumes of notebooks/documents of random crap you’ve learned online.
  10. You know you’re a nerd when you create a hard sci-fi based worldbuild.
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