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    Oh my goodness, everyone. We have SO many Words of Brandon episodes ahead of you. We're going out of order, with the Dragonsteel 2023 Spoiler Q&A! And sorry Lift-dragon enjoyers, that theory is dead! We also talk about a surprising amount of Warbreaker stuff, Zane, Mistborn: Birthright, and Alyx solves Silverlight. Some of those are even vaguely relevant to what we are talking about and not just nonsense.

    Brandon read an absolutely insane interlude for Stormlight 5 (now officially Wind and Truth) at Dragonsteel 2023, and so it's only fitting that we have our actually most unhinged Shardcast ever on it. This episode goes places, everyone. Are they insane tangents? Most of them... I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I had in editing it!

    So much happened in The Sunlit Man, that... well, we needed a second lore episodes discussing all of it. And here it is! In this one, we talk about the what's going on with Aux, how you get from Threnody to Canticle, and how some of Canticle's crazy invested geography really works. Also, we start out with a round of shots, so you know it's all going to go downhill from there.

    So much happened in The Sunlit Man, that we recorded two lore episodes discussing all of it, and honestly, we probably could have done more. In this one, we talk about the Charred, sunhearts, Nomad's abilities, and the Torment. But really, this episode is maybe the most off-the-rails and unhinged we have ever been, while also being the most in-depth lore-wise ever. Get your bingo cards. We open with "Can the Charred talk?" and it goes from there. 

    Brandon's back on Shardcast! In this episode we discuss all sorts of spoiler questions from The Lost Metal, Tress of the Emerald Sea, and Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, and other cosmere questions. Brandon is awesome as always and we really thank him for his time here! Enjoy, there are some very interesting new things here, like a title for Era 3 and... more dragons than you would expect.

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