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Shardcast: Hemalurgy


It's time for a Mistborn Shardcast! We have learned a lot of new stuff of Hemalurgy in The Lost Metal, so let's talk in extensive detail about those two chapters, and then talk about Hemalurgy implications for the future!

This episode has Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), and David (Windrunner).


00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell
4:18 Hemalurgy Fundamentals 
16:08 Partial Hemalurgy Spikes
1:03:25 Ars Arcanum
1:55:08 Trellium 
2:11:41 Other Thoughts 
2:17:50 Who's That Cosmere Character 

Here are some of the other episodes and videos we referred to in this podcast:

Hemalurgy 2018: https://youtu.be/hLM7hql2zFo?si=TgTkBe-wRblY_3_A
White Sand Omnibus: https://youtu.be/BEm5TmHAKw4?si=lpScba-QPBRjikjM
Our Brandon Interview: https://youtu.be/rkCP04Wo1Ho?si=ZAmOuSu7mlvZLJ60
Black Smoke / Midnight Essence: https://youtu.be/7o5DVWANF64?si=ypq2m9TR1gQ8qvOy
Harmony: https://youtu.be/C-Qa5zNS57Q?si=X280mEKTNBpOpwRS

Secrets in Stained Glass (our Mistborn actual-play): https://youtu.be/VneUfsu3RrU?si=KppT1qPDLXh8x4Vh

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Let's be honest with ourselves, we all knew that the pandora's box which is Hemalurgy had to be opened all the way eventually the moment we first laid eyes on it. Many thanks to the 17th Sharders for exploring depths that few others dare to walk!

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Posted (edited)

Woo hoo! We finally get to hear the big guys talk about the most interesting magic system! 😄

I will say, I hadn't considered the possibility of the Donor's Bindpoint effecting the spike's Identity before.

Edit: just finished listening to the podcast (it was really good, thanks guys :D) and there were a couple questions you had that I found WoBs to answer:

1. Hemalurgic donors are actually worse off than Drabs (WoB). Perhaps this has to do with the process of ripping off their latent Investiture than the amount taken compared to a Nalthian Breath, but regardless, it doesn't leave them in good condition at all.

2. Steel Inquisitors don't all age more quickly than normal (WoB). Some do, but some live longer depending on the specific power set they receive.

I also thought the idea of Identity decaying off of pre Catacendre spikes to allow for Compounding to be quite interesting.

My personal hypothesis for it as of right now is that since Ruin was actively pushing into the Spritwebs of people in any way he could, that made more pathways in the Spiritwebs of Hemalurgists to mix and meld together, which consequently allowed for Compounding. However, when Ruin became subservient to Preservation, those pressures from Ruin's Investiture stopped, meaning that the spikes lost those extra avenues in the soul and became more separated from the rest of the Hemalurgist's Spritweb, so Identity contamination would become an issue.

I hope you really cool guys find this at least a little useful :)

Edited by Trusk'our

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One thought I had: the black mist and the red mist do seem to be from the same thing - corrupted investiture - but the hion lines are cyan and magenta, representing a push and a pull. Maybe the two styles of corrupted investiture have something to do with a push and a pull/two sides of the same coin?

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Child of Hodor

Posted (edited)

I think you are on the right track with what the one weird trick to compounding is (Arcanists hate him!). Essentially vampiric compounding. Drain someone else's health and burn it to compound it then store it. Somehow it needs to be unkeyed or whatever the word is for removing the identity lock. Is it as simple as order of operations, you drain it with Hemalurgy and compound it with allomancy then you can store it as your own with Feruchemy?



Edited by Child of Hodor

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My assumption is that they've discovered something that's more practical than 'keep the spike in blood' thing. Like a way trick the spike so that it thinks it's in a body no matter what's actually happening. Or maybe you can do something weird with Intent or a bind point or the spike itself where the decay just doesn't happen period. 

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