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Two years ago, when Brandon first announced the secret projects, people were surprised to hear the audiobooks wouldn't be available on Audible. Brandon had spoken out before about how he was worried about their business practices and what that would mean for authors with a lot less success than him, and for the secret projects––where the rights would initially be in his hands rather than going through Tor first, as Dragonsteel would be publishing the books themselves––he took a big risk, knowing most of his readership was through audio, and decided to promote other alternatives for audiobooks besides the Amazon-owned company. Now, after many conversations with the company, he's reached a historic deal, not aimed at himself, but to benefit indie authors in particular, who are the most affected by Audible's policies regarding royalties and exclusivity. 

Hello hello! The last couple of months saw an uptick in the membership of our Patreon page, in both free and paying members, so if you are one of those - welcome, welcome! (And of you are not, could we interest you?) Either way, hopefully you are enjoying your time here, on the 17th Shard, and hopefully the new year is treating you well. To increase the odds that everything is going peachy, we've got a Yumi and the Nightmare Painter fanart commission for you, right after the break!

Oh my goodness, everyone. We have SO many Words of Brandon episodes ahead of you. We're going out of order, with the Dragonsteel 2023 Spoiler Q&A! And sorry Lift-dragon enjoyers, that theory is dead! We also talk about a surprising amount of Warbreaker stuff, Zane, Mistborn: Birthright, and Alyx solves Silverlight. Some of those are even vaguely relevant to what we are talking about and not just nonsense.

Brandon read an absolutely insane interlude for Stormlight 5 (now officially Wind and Truth) at Dragonsteel 2023, and so it's only fitting that we have our actually most unhinged Shardcast ever on it. This episode goes places, everyone. Are they insane tangents? Most of them... I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I had in editing it!

Oh, whee, it's been a minute, hasn't it? Since we showed you art? Well, the end of the year is always a little crazy for everyone - between conventions, new books, exams, holidays, everyone is just a little busier, and things take just a little longer. But! Things are still moving along, and what better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays than with our October fanart commission - a piece as spooky as it is spoilery, so proceed with caution!
Spoilers for Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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