Aah, summer is finally rising over the horizon, the US enjoys a long weekend, students are getting ready to relax during their summer break... but we, we do not rest. Having wrapped up the March batch of commissions, it is time for the April piece (May is in progress), and boy is it a good one!
Spoilers for The Lost Metal below!

The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England is HERE, and over on the Coppermind Wiki we are back in action! The novel dropped on April 1st for Kickstarter backers and today it is now available for anyone to purchase. We've been hit with two cosmere releases over the last six months, and two more are coming in 2023, so this will continue to be a busy year for the wiki. And we need your help! Veteran editors and newbies are all appreciated!

We're kicking off the official Frugal Wiki's Tournament for Surviving the Year of Sanderson, in which we'll be trying to knock out as many Frugal Wizard-related updates as possible. This competition will run for one month--starting today. You can find the list of objectives here. Each objective has been assigned a point value based on how difficult we feel it will be. The person with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner! The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a one-time-only Frugal Wiki Wizard Award to show off on their user page! And that's to say nothing of the self-satisfaction I can guarantee as well as the undying gratitude of countless Sanderson fans!

The tournament begins NOW! Let's do this!

Hello, hello! 

As many of you likely know, a key perk of the 17th Shard Patreon are the monthly art commissions - we take a good chunk of the money our supporters graciously donate to us, and invest (heh, Invest) them right back into the community in the form of fanart we commission from artists from the fandom. And, since we got our our final 2022 commission just a few days ago, it's once again time to take a brief look back, a quick stroll down Memory Lane, and enjoy all the gorgeous art this awesome and wholesome community has made possible. As always, thank you for being a part of this crazy ride, and double thank you to those of you who are specifically making us keep this going with your hard-earned clips, boxings, and spheres. We commissioned 22 full illustrations (plus a Discord emoji and a Shardcast thumbnail) costing a total of nearly $5,000, and almost none of them would've happened without your support!

The previews below the break include scenes from the Skyward Flight novellas, Warbreaker, all of Stormlight, all of Mistborn, including The Lost Metal, and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. If you haven't read some of these books, maybe don't look closely into the previews :) Links to the full images will be behind spoiler tags, however, so you can pick and choose which ones to take a(nother) closer look at.

It's been Spoiler City up on this Patreon, and that's not changing anytime soon (can you believe Secret Project #2 is less than a month away??). We are all mostly hunkered down here in 17S HQ, cooking up things both secret and not, and honestly, recovering from all the content Brandon is blasting our way with some face masks and spas. But you are not here for our morning routines, you are here to see pretty art, and this month you are in for a treat!

Follow us after the break for some spoilers for Tress of the Emerald Sea in the form of some gorgeous art!

It's been only a few months since The Lost Metal came out, but there's been so much going on with the Year of Sanderson that it's hard to believe. Time flies like a Coinshot, as they say (they don't say that), and so you've waited long enough to see the art you voted on (assuming you are a patron; if you are not, may we interest you in joining the ranks? Look at what cool stuff those kind patrons make happen).

So let's take a look at it! Spoilers for The Lost Metal below!

On today's news roundup, do you like covers? There are tons of new covers, for Skyward, Mistborn's rerelease, and the Tor edition of Tress. Let's start with Skyward news! Hot off the press, we have a cover reveal for Defiant, the fourth Skyward book, which comes out November 21st, 2023. We also have a synopsis! 

The White Sand Omnibus is here, and so it's time for another episode of Shardcast where we go into extensive detail on things. There's character stuff, lore stuff, talking about the Indiegogo failure, as well as astrophysics and complex cosmere stuff. Oh, and infesting sand! This is a very weird and extremely nerdy episode, even for us.

This one is coming to you all the way from September of last year, so apologies for the long wait but we like to give the artists we work with as much time as they need with these commissions - we are under no deadline, and we don't want to impose one either. In this case - and in all other cases - the wait has been worth it, as this illustration turned out beyond great!

Open the post to see the full piece!