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Monthly Art Commission Posts Have Moved!


TL;DR: Our monthly art commissions will no longer show up under the website's news, you'll need to look for them on our socials, Discord, or Patreon.

Slightly longer story... hi, it's me, Argent, your friendly neighborhood "art director." I run our Patreon-funded monthly art commissions (if you don't know, we use a substantial chunk of our Patreon funds to commission fan artists to do fan art) - I come up with commission ideas, I find potential artists, I hire them, I direct the art, I write the image description, I schedule the art reveals. And that last bit, scheduling different posts for different places, that is unfun and takes a while (in part because I don't like saying just "here's the art", I want to say something about the piece or the artist). So I am cutting down on the number of places I'll be posting stuff - the commissions will still be happening, you just won't see them here. (In fact, that's already been the case for a few weeks now.) My plan is to continue putting them on Patreon, as public & free posts (you can just follow our account, no need to pay anything), and then crosspost that to our Discord's news channel and whichever social media website is no currently on fire (right now, X / Twitter is easy for me, but that might change). 

So that's just a quick PSA, in case you were wondering why art is no longer showing up in your news feeds here. Argent, out!


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