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  1. Hear ye, hear ye, here comes another Patreon fanart commission from last November - once again, full of spoilers for The Sunlit Man! Just like before, your artist for the evening is Max, aka MadxMellonArt on places like Instagram and Tumblr. The scene, should it not be instantly recognizable, is the epic moment when Nomad realizes that the last ship of Beacon will not make to the safety of the shadow of the mountain before the sun incinerates it, so he dumps all of his Investiture into Aux's shield form, making the spren large enough to protect the people for a few seconds until they get to safety. Beautiful color work on the illustration too!
  2. Hello, users. Look at your mod. Now back to me. Now back to your mod. Now back to me. Sadly, they aren't me, but if they stopped doing... whatever it is that they are doing, they could act like me. Ah, to be in fifth grade again, doing the thing where you stand in front of the class and tell them about yourself. I got into Brandon's books by way of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. I went through a few big fantasy series in my early teens (Lord of the Rings, Riftwar, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time... I think Malazan came later), and so when I heard that RJ had passed away and some unknown upstart author was going to be finishing his books... well, I was upset, dear listener! I did eventually relent and pick up Elantris sometime in 2009, in the leadup to the release of The Gathering Storm, and got a little bit hooked on that sweet sweet Brandon avalanche (back in my day we didn't abbreviate it to Sanderlanche!). From then on I became an active member of the community, and avid theorycrafter, and regular visitor and question-asker at Brandon's Chicago events. Eventually my presence in the community resulted in a mod role, and my presence at signings (presumably combined with my brilliant intellect and irresistible charisma) resulted in a beta reader's status. And I continue to stick my nose in all sorts of fandom places - Shardcast, a little bit of Copperminding my own business, a bit of Arcanum work, running our Patreon's monthly fanart commissions (that's right, dear viewer, we take your hard earned money and use them to feed starving artists and get pretty fanart out of the whole deal!). Find me on Discord and tell me how you love me. Spare no detail, I can take it!
  3. Hello hello! The last couple of months saw an uptick in the membership of our Patreon page, in both free and paying members, so if you are one of those - welcome, welcome! (And of you are not, could we interest you?) Either way, hopefully you are enjoying your time here, on the 17th Shard, and hopefully the new year is treating you well. To increase the odds that everything is going peachy, we've got a Yumi and the Nightmare Painter fanart commission for you, coming right up! We bring you an art commission from last year, all the way back from August! Yumi and the Nightmare Painter had just come out in July, and we had decided to dedicate the next commission to the book. It was a close call, but Yumi and Nikaro at the Kilahito carnival beat Nikaro painting Yumi back to life (or whatever actually happened there) by a single vote, so that's what we did! We knew we had to bring Botanica Xu back for this piece, as their distinctive style was a perfect match for this book. Real life obligations made this piece take a bit longer than usual (turns out being an artist, editor, and translator makes for a busy life) but we couldn't be happier with it. Hopefully you like it too
  4. Happy New Year, everybody! In the spirit of the whole "new year, new me" mantra, we are turning a new leaf and... well, not really changing anything! We know you like these monthly fanart commissions, we like these monthly fanart commissions, so why break what isn't broken? Spoilers for The Sunlit Man So why don't we take a look at this amazing character piece by Max, aka madxmellonart on Instagram or Tumblr? We tried to trick our patrons into voting for a Nomad piece by stacking the November poll in his favor, featuring him in 4 out of the 5 options, but people were adamant - they wanted the Night Brigade admiral, and that was that! Well, joke's on you, patrons, we are very happy with this outcome too! Max did a great job capturing the no-nonsense stern character of the Admiral, and the shade behind her is the absolute stuff of nightmares, the Night Brigade certainly lives up to its reputation. And - yes, we know we say this every time - Max was great to work with, so we'll definitely bring them back for a future commission!
  5. Oh, whee, it's been a minute, hasn't it? Since we showed you art? Well, the end of the year is always a little crazy for everyone - between conventions, new books, exams, holidays, everyone is just a little busier, and things take just a little longer. But! Things are still moving along, and what better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays than with our October fanart commission - a piece as spooky as it is spoilery, so proceed with caution! If you haven't read all of Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, begone! Come back once when you've done your homework. But for everyone else... ... this is obviously the moment Yumi realizes she, just like everyone else in Torio, is a nightmare. Your artist for this heartbreaking piece is Megan Murphy, aka comiclysmic, whose iconic style you might recognize from a series of meme-y posts (like this Hoid being very upset with Design's stance on spoilers), but also "proper" fanart (like this Sja-anat). Regardless, familiar or not, Megan did a great job with this piece, just like she does with all her pieces (oh, do make sure you check out this Dustbringer OC), and we are all very happy to have worked with her on this, and are very much looking forward to working with her again in the future!
  6. Short answer: they are different, but they do the same thing. Slightly longer answer: for a long time BackerKit was just a company that helped Kickstarter projects with fulfillment, shipment, and things like that. Recently they launched their own crowdfunding platform that functions a lot like Kickstarter, or any other crowdfunding platform - there's a goal, different tiers of support, stretch goals, etc. So some projects have started using that instead of Kickstarter (I think KS got involved with NFTs at one point? there was something shady there). Practically speaking, at most you'll need to register a different account.
  7. I wish I'd known it was you, we should've chatted some more!
  8. Penguin Random House has released a new Look Inside feature for Defiant, which includes the prologue and the first eight chapters of the book. You can read it right here! Keep in mind, though, if you're on the phone - for some reason, the Look Inside is not available in the mobile view of the site. You will have to switch to desktop view in order to open it.
  9. Just like you can configure the website to send you an email or a website notification when certain things happen (e.g. you get a DM), you can have the browser send you a push notification - which is like a tiny pop-up if you are on desktop, or a regular phone notification if you are on a smartphone.
  10. For anyone curious about the new features, you can read through the changelog of the last ~60 version upgrades on Invision's website
  11. No new reputation levels for now, anything that requires thinking or custom configuration will have to wait. But there has been some interest in the ranks, so we'll have to consider that.
  12. It's been a little bit of a radio silence here as we work on a couple of commissions (your July and August pieces are still coming, just... slowly), but we come with a peace offering - a Yumi piece! If you've been keeping up with the Cosmere fanart scene from the last several months, you will likely have run into our September artist, Gar Leyva (available in places like "Twitter" and Instagram). He's been an absolute powerhouse when it comes to fanart, sporting dozens of pieces, all gorgeous, versatile. From this Tress landscape, to this Virtuosity portrait, to Wax and Marasi as Barbenhaimer, browsing his portfolio is an absolute delight. And today we add to this portfolio - with this stunning illustration of Design reading Yumi's Spiritual Connection (with a little creative license, because it's way more fun to have Design hold the Connection than to feed it into a fabrial). Enjoy! (Also, it's October in a couple of days, which means 1) we'll be doing a horror-themed commission once again, but also 2) Inktober is about to start, but also also 3) Secret Project 4 comes out. Gonna be a busy month...)
  13. The images look good, I think they are well cropped to just what is topical, so that's great. It's actually the text that seems a bit much to me - we put the epigraphs there verbatim, but this feels like a lot more copyrighted material. My intuition is that it's better to use the contents of the journal to update the appropriate pages (e.g. Taldain's, or Dayside's, etc), and use this page as more of a hub or reference page that includes brief summaries of all the journal pages, and then sends the reader to different places for more details. We'll discuss and get back to you.
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