Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about spoilers on the Coppermind and some things we are doing on the Coppermind to assist here. 

    Turns out a whole lot of you really would like to refresh your mind on details as you read the book. Now, the Coppermind has always been a site with spoilers, as wikis often do, and so we kind of played this release with our business-as-usual attitude. I'll talk a little bit about why have done things this way historically a bit later in this post. But given the server load, and the amount of comments we've had regarding spoilers, we've made some changes that I think will help everyone a bunch.

    After several months of intensive work, we're happy to finally announce our interactive map and timeline of Roshar! Use it as a refresher on the events of the books before Rhythm of War is released or simply explore the world of Roshar. If you have any issues using the map or have suggestions for us, feel free to comment here, use our feedback thread, or approach us on Discord. Read on to find out more about the map's creation, its features, and what the future holds!

    Ten years ago today, 17th Shard opened, with myself as its first account. I can't believe our tenth anniversary is right now; 2010 feels like ten thousand years ago.Think about how many books we've gotten since that June--The Way of Kings wasn't even out yet! Now we're three massive tomes through the Stormlight Archive with the next one coming so soon. This site and community has evolved so much over this decade. So many of us were brought together through Brandon's books. If you'll excuse me for getting sentimental, I'd like to take you down memory lane now, and celebrate all of us together. 

    Today, we are launching a Patreon for 17th Shard and our content creation efforts. We have long had a well-hidden donate button on our About page, and it was hidden for a reason: we don't want to beg for money. However, people have asked for an effective way to donate to 17th Shard, and so this is a good way to do that. Nothing with us is changing with our content release schedule. We will not timegate content or paywall content. This will just be a tip jar if you happen to really like the site, or want to support our content. If you're willing to put some of your hard-earned money into this venture, that is extremely humbling and we are insanely grateful for it, but make sure your financial situation is solid before you do. Don't feel obligated to do this; only do this if you really like what we do here and feel in your heart you want to support us.

    This month, we are beginning a brand-new initiative for the Coppermind. The Coppermind is a living, breathing thing, and there's so much to write that it's impossible to have the wiki succeed without your help. But often, people are interested in writing for the Coppermind but don't know where to start. To this end we are going to have monthly objectives to help guide people towards what should be done.

    Hey everyone! It’s finally the day we have all been waiting fo-- Oh wait. No, not that day. You still have to wait a week for Oathbringer. But it is the day that I have been working towards for a couple years now. The idea that it is finally out is a tiny bit terrifying, but Harmony is it exciting as well.

    Here it is. Arcanum, the Brandon Sanderson Archive:


    Good morning, Sharders! Things look quite a bit different today, don't they? It gives me and everyone on the staff great pleasure to reveal the new 17th Shard--our fourth major iteration since we launched in 2010. I've referenced this for so long, worked on this for what seems like an eternity, that it feels unreal to finally show it to you. We hope you love it. 

    With this version of the site, we've updated our software to version 4.1, from our previous 3.4. That jump from 3 to 4 is a huge one and a massive overhaul of many site systems. Things will be different, but that's okay! It's different in (hopefully) a good way. Let's talk about what 17th Shard 4 has in store for you.

    It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. There will be some forums on Brandon's unpublished novels, where they can at last be discussed. In particular, we now have forums on the prose version of White Sand and Aether of Night. Additionally, we now have a forum that is just called White Sand, which will be the canonical graphic novel discussion board.

    Thus far we at 17th Shard have needed to censor people posting info from unpublished works. This was for a number of reasons. First, these books are not canonical and so basing big theoretical discussion on them was unwise and misleading. More importantly, not everyone had access to these manuscripts, and we didn't want people spoiled about the contents of these books. But now the solution is here.

    Hey Everyone.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just hours away from premiering, and I know people here on the site are going to want to talk about the movie after they've seen it. For that purpose, there's a thread up (linked here), for all discussion of the movie. Any discussion regarding spoilers of any kind need to stay in that thread until AT LEAST the new year (the admins are still discussing when exactly we'll end the moratorium on spoilers). Even if you have a new theory that is sparked by the movie, if you need to reference something in the movie, please hold off on posting the theory as its own thread until this spoiler-free period is up.

    UPDATE: All right, we're finished at a much too late at 7am! But it's here and we hope you like it. Tell us how you feel here!

    Original post: Hey guys, if all goes according to plan, we will be performing fairly major software maintenance very late Wednesday. Currently we intend to begin at 11pm Mountain Daylight Time (so 10pm Pacific), and will probably go into Thursday morning until about 3am (with any luck).