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  2. Happy birthday, Weiry!

  3. Sorry for the late replies! Yeah, these should all be under the final release title so #dawnshard novella and #cytonic book (to help distinguish from #cytonics the "magic systems"). So, for these I do like the longer names for both, but I'm going to make opposite rulings. #wan shailu is probably overkill (I just really like how it flows), so let's go with #shai. I definitely think it should be #shalash though, as just #ash is potentially ambiguous with stuff for Scadrial. By rights this should probably be #sibling. I like #the sibling but that sets certain precedents that I'm not sure I want set... This is hard, since they do technically refer to separate things. Let's just go with #church of the survivor. Now that we know they are the same person, we should just use #kelsier. Should be #way of kings prime. These were always intended to have the period, there was just a recurring bug that stripped punctuation from tags. So this is an artifact from before we had the term "singer" in Oathbringer. At that point Brandon had indicated that "listener" was the species name and Parshendi was just a group of listeners. Then Brandon added singer as the species name in the actual text and screwed with everything. I agree that #parshendi should be depreciated in favor of #listeners. This sort of tag should be plural. Should be the first in both cases, since we do know the true title. Should just be Hoid. Should be the one with the apostrophe Hmm, I guess the "bracers" probably do need a tag. #bands of mourning for the bracers and #the bands of mourning book for the book (just to help distinguish them from each other). And now that Lost Metal has actually been written and the title is unlikely to change, it should really be #the lost metal. As mentioned above, tags should generally be pluralized. I don't think this currently requires a tag. Yep, #upcoming works should be used for this. We currently don't have expressed guidelines for this sort of thing. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. the problem is that while IPA is useful, not everyone is able to read/write in it. I will open this as a topic to be discussed. I don't think the research journal currently needs a tag, but if at some point it becomes necessary we do have the precedent of #<book> in-world with #the way of kings in-world. It looks like these were already fixed on the entries themselves, but they are still showing up. I will check with Mestiv about fixing the issue that is causing this.
  4. Hello, hello! As the last rays of the Scadr-- er, Northern Hemisphere's summer touch down upon the land, and fall's rains and mists come to conquer the land, we have a (mostly)... somber piece for you. Our patrons wanted to see Wax's breakdown from the end of Shadows of Self, and that's what we have here. August's art commission comes to you from the ever-amazing-to-work-with Eli Gardor, who not only did a fantastic job at capturing Wax and Steris, but managed to sneak a bunch of little details in the background too, for the thorough observer. See how many you can spot (See the original post on our Patreon)
  5. It feels like it's been some time since we did a bigger piece here, with the May one taking a while (while we'll stop bringing up; it's shaping up to be as good as many of the paintings you see inside the leatherbounds, so it'll take as long as it needs to), and the June one being a series of small subjects. So why don't we slingshot in the other direction and go big? Our patrons voted for New Seran in the July art poll, and New Seran we deliver! The city is not awfully important for the plot of The Bands of Mourning, and is usually mostly known as the location of The Hotel Scene (though it is also where Wax meets with Kelesina Shores), but it is a visually stunning location, with its tiers of rocky plateaus and cascading waterfalls. We've wanted to get Lyraina (Twitter) to paint an environment for us for a long time, and this was as good of an opportunity as we were ever going to get - especially since she graciously gave us a massive discount for this one piece. So, enjoy the city whose people think that Harmony must've been showing off when he was shaping it.
  6. All good things must come to an end, friends, and - since the June commissions have definitely been good - we must bring this art reveal season to a close. So feast your eyes upon the Bands of Mourning, which are definitely bands that were definitely worn by the Lord Ruler, everything about the legends is true, don't worry about-- hey, what are you doing with that statue's spearhead?! Oh well. Wayne broke it, sorry. No Bands, I guess, but have this nifty definitely aluminum spearhead - plus one of ReLuur's photographs evanotypes, as a bonus over on our public Patreon post. This final June commission is brought to you by a fan artist who needs no introduction, it's Shuravf (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr), whose work already graces many a Coppermind page. You know the deal, go give her thumbs ups and hearts and stuff.
  7. Another week goes by (not that we are committing to a weekly schedule!), and another June illustration rises over the horizon. Like a moon. On planets that have one. Of which Sel is one. Anyway, no one comes to these posts for the witty commentary, so as you’ve likely cleverly deduced, this piece is the Moon Scepter of the Rose Empire - a subject we absolutely had to give to Botanica (Twitter, Tumblr) whose iconic work has been in the fandom since its very early days, and you can most recently find in the Kaladin album (digital) art book. They are present on pretty much every art-related website, so go give them a thumbs up and a heart!
  8. Those June art pieces just keep on coming, don't they? Let us know if you'd like us to do more of these simpler but more numerous art commissions in the future - we were thinking we'd those maybe once or twice a year, but art reveal season is fun season! And speaking of, this week we've got the King's Drop for you all! Paintweaver (Instagram, Tumblr) is another artist we've wanted to work with for a long time, and the relative simplicity of this illustration (plus scheduling luck) finally gave us this opportunity. The illustration is absolutely gorgeous, and the shifting smoky images inside it are an amazing representation of the captured Thrill. Fingers crossed that the Kholins keep this safe and don't go and, I don't know, throw it in the ocean or something! We've got a few more versions of this, with slightly different colors and backgrounds, and we'll release those to our supporters some time in the future, once art reveal season relaxes a bit.
  9. Hey, in case you missed our news post earlier this week, Brandon has released a new novel! Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel is out now, exclusively on Audible. Lux was co-written with Steven Michael Bohls and produced by Mainframe, Brandon’s audiobook company with Max Epstein. The first four chapters are up on Brandon's youtube channel, alongside a short "behind the scenes" video with Brandon, Steven, and Max where they discuss the making of this Audible Original. Steven also appeared as a guest on one of Brandon's livestreamed signing sessions. As with most of his releases, Brandon sent out a newsletter to announce the new book, but he slipped in a few other juicy tidbits as well. Most notably is the "Newsletter Exclusive Fiction" segment, where Brandon shared an early draft of the Prologue of The Lost Metal. He also read the prologue at JordanCon last weekend (which has been transcribed over on Arcanum). Next, the Brandon Sanderson online store is no more! In its place a new contender has arrived, Dragonsteel Books. The rebranding is still in progress but keep an eye on the store and its communication channels over the next few weeks. (Which communication channels these are exactly isn't entirely clear, but it probably would not hurt to follow Brandon's twitter account.) Also, with the Kickstarter fulfillment being largely wrapped-up, (unsigned) hardcovers for Dawnshard and The Way of Kings Prime are available now! If you missed out on the Kickstarter and want to pick one or both of these up, act fast. Dragonsteel will not be reprinting these. However, Brandon said they will be coming to UK websites at a later point (and I suspect, like Edgedancer, Tor will eventually release it).
  10. Friends, this week we have a treat for you! Nozomi Matsuoka (Instagram, DeviantArt) might not have the largest of Cosmere fanart portfolios, but the quality of her work speaks for itself. You might have seen the commissions she’s done for Argent (Jasnah, because of course he is going to commission a Jasnah, but also this excellent Maya from a critical Rhythm of War scene), and this time we wanted to see what painterly wonders she will come up with if we gave her what was arguably the most challenging June commission - the gems and spheres from Roshar. We had high hopes for her, and she easily exceeded them in a pair of illustrations - one showing a myriad of gems and spheres carelessly spilled over a desk that might be Navani’s (which you can see below); and one that shows off a lot of the intricate details of each denomination, plus a few different types of Light... You can check that one out over on our public Patreon post, along with all the other artwork we've commissioned thus far!
  11. Hey all, just wanted to respond to some of these things, so that we have "official" guidance in place. That is a mislabeling. #rafo explanation is meant to be the meta around what "RAFO" means. For a wob where Brandon explains why he is RAFOing something in particular (or gives some other relevant information) #rafo-plus should be used. These should be the ones with punctuation. If it is auto-deleting the punctuation that is a bug that needs to get fixed. (I know we've run into this before and I thought it had gotten fixed). Thank you for collecting these. Most, fortunately, seem to be dead tags (as in they have been fixed in the actual entries, but they still show up in the aggregated tag list and in searches). Dead tags not being deleted is a code issue that will need to be addressed. According to my original plan, none of these should have existed. They all should have just been #knights radiant, however it appears people really want them. Going forward they should be standardized to #order of blank. So this is an example of us not having the name for a book (or the book name not being confirmed) when we were doing the tagging. This is something we should go back update to the actual name. I believe Mestiv can mass replace this sort of thing. I concur that it should get renamed to #dawnshard novella. I am 100% going to abuse my power and standardize this at #ettmetal. These could really go either way. I had it as #unkalaki because that is what they refer to themselves as, but they are more often referred to as horneaters. And #the dor is because I don't like super short tags, like #dor would be (and because the dor is always referred to with the definite article). I'm interested in what people have to say for these. These are simple, they should be the latter. I think I would prefer to keep #intention, especially now that Shardic intent has been canonized, because we have two related but distinct things that are given the same name in-universe. These are dead tags. #ai is actually a dead tag, so no conflict here. This is another outgrowth me not liking super short tags, I'd prefer to keep it #waxillium. Tags in general should be pluralized. #cognitive entities is actually not intended to be a duplicate. The idea was for a wider bucket, to include broader topics for cognitive shadows, spren, and whathaveyou. Do people think this is actually needed/helpful? I don't think either of these tags actually need to exist. I don't really see a reason for these to change. I think they are fine. But it is always good to reassess, so thank you. Ha.
  12. It’s but a few days until JordanCon, and with a lot of the Staff going, we thought the time was right to treat you to another one of our June art commissions. We’ve been fans of Elisgardor’s art (Instagram, Twitter), and have wanted to commission her for an illustration (i.e. Argent has been itching to get his greedy grubby grabby hands on some of her art), but she’s been busy… until recently. When we approached her with the list of winners, she immediately gravitated towards the idea of painting Vindication on a backdrop that looks like her blueprints, and friends, she blew our socks off! Not only was her artwork incredible and timely, she was also a joy to work with, so make sure you press all the Internet buttons on her socials. We’ll have a lot of behind the scenes and progress shots from this commission for all of our patrons too, so you have that to look forward to! If you want to get a better look at the blueprint itself, or if you want to get in on the action of choosing what we commission, check out our Patreon!
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