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  1. Excuse me what? Also I lost the game @shortcake @Spark of Hope @TheRavenHasLanded
  2. In case anyone wants to listen to new music, apparently these are my suggestions. (Context: Winter 2024 wrapped)


    1. Kajsa


      eyyy three of my favorite songs are on there

      i wonder why 🤔

    2. shortcake


      ooh imma listen to them

      is there a way you can see your most-listened-to songs and artists when it's not Spotify Wrapped season?

  3. As the field faded away, so did her parents. Panic rose up in Lundyn's throat as she lost her sources of stability, love, and hope. Pain began to flare everywhere; a burning sensation crept over every limb and digit. A sharp pain suddenly spiked in her back, and she gasped. Turning around, she saw Uncle, face malevolent and intense, smiling at the fire that engulfed them both. He yanked his arm away from her back, and in his hand was a knife that dripped blood. In anguish, she screamed. Her scream released a perfect blaze from her lips, one that had arrived to consume all. The ghosts of her parents crumbled to ash, Uncle quickly disintegrated, and the fire completed even Lundyn's consumption, rushing up her body towards her head - Lundyn woke up.
  4. He bumps into Pic at the center of the town. He is humming, and wandering around the well-lit streets.
  5. From a distance away, Lundyn's father and uncle walk up to the scene. Lundyn's father was a well-built man, able to intimidate people even without the powers his bloodline granted. His younger brother, known only as Uncle to Lundyn, had a slimmer frame, yet still packed almost as much muscle as her father. His dexterity and survival skills made him invaluable to living away from everyone else, despite his lack of powers. "Let's get you home and bundle you up," her father said, placing her on his shoulders. He placed a hand on Uncle's shoulder to ferry them both home, and Lundyn could have sworn Uncle flinched. What was there to worry about, though? Father was simply taking them home; to their safe place.
  6. I cannot tell you how much joy these things bring me! I looooove these *peers closer* sketches?! Nah these are masterpieces, and if these are only sketches then I am floored.
  7. Pic sighs. “Alright,” he hums, and walks through the town. He doesn’t really run across many people, as he sticks to the more commonly trodden and semi lit areas of town.
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