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  1. last night i went to the Austin stop on AJRs The Maybe Man Tour. Floor seats. Great view, great sound, i cried three times.

    Shared the evening with my beloved @Crowstavern, and i was screaming all the words. it was a night to remember, i’ll never forget it. the whole show was a work of art.

    i wish i was me, whoever that is.

    i could just be, and not give a sh*t

    hey, ill be whatever makes you a fan

    cause i dont know who the hell i am

    i think its too late to figure this out

    if i could be me i would’ve been it by now

    maybe im a stone

    or big as my house

    it looks like our time is running out

    so if this is me, then ill do my best

    ill take all the sh*t, so you never have to

    you can be you

    and i’ll be the rest

    yeah, maybe that’s who the hell i am

  2. happy to report i’ve successfully defeated Tears of the Kingdom

    defeated the Demon King

    all three stages 

    one try

    week long grind for this

  3. there is pain

    and there is sorrow

    but nothing compares

    to watching the light leave somebody’s eyes

    when they say,

    ”you know,

    i don’t think i ever loved you.”


    there is pain behind that.

    because not even a month ago you said to them,

    ”look into my eyes,

    see my pain. my sins. my horrors.

    look there, into my eyes,

    and love me.”

    and they said,

    ”i will.”

    and now

    they see you with contempt

    with hatred 

    with regret and animosity

    and they just want you gone.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Spark of Hope

      Spark of Hope

      Think it is…

      Telling whether writers are okay or not can be complicated lol

    3. shortcake


      cal how are you so good at getting people to cry over your writing it isn't fair

      I want this power too 😭

    4. Medium


      chat i’m just cool like that 😎

  4. song idea maybe????:

    bay blue

    baby blue

    sky blue eyes

    my girl, my love

    with eyes like stars,

    could never tell me lies



    If love is so fragile, then why continue to repair it after it cracks?

    Once it has filled its surface with this many cracks, wouldn’t it be easier to leave it be and let it decay and shatter and fall apart over time?

    Yes. It would be easier.

    But that doesn’t mean it’s the correct thing to do.

    Love is so fragile because it needs to be constantly repaired. It is an essential part of love, that need for constant repair, for maintenance, for reassurance of devotion.

    Some may wonder why to keep that lamp on, to keep its ornate ceramic looking beautiful, despite the cracks.

    “Look at your lamp,” They say, “It is cracked and flawed. Shouldn’t you discard it and put a new flawless copy in its place?”

    And I say to them, “You know nothing of this. This lamp has seen much. Endured much. It’s stories are nestled in the cracks spreading across its ceramic. It’s journey is weaved into the stone it is made of as if a testament of all it has seen and heard. Is this not a sign of flawless and perfect existence? Perfection in imperfection?”

    This lamp, this love..

    It will dim. It will brighten. Sometimes the power will blink out, leaving us in the dark.


    But the lights will come back on. And we will fight to love. We will choose to love, and to live, and we will nurture the cracks. Let them settle. And when someone asks about them, we will tell that story.


    I will engrave bluebirds into our lamp. I will stamp ravens to the surface, let crows flutter onto the stone. I will put roses, and chrysanthemums, and moonflowers and sunflowers, and I will sprinkle it in color so that when it is finished, it will be colorful in ways you only could have dreamed of.


    I have made mistakes. I have cracked our lamp. I will mend the crack. I will transform it into something beautiful. I will build on it, and build into a future with you. 

    This is my vow to you.

    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue


      Cal you angel, I'm gonna cry

    2. Crowstavern


      I’m going to cry as well.

  6. straight chilling 

    metro boomin

    across the spider verse album 

    oooooo bangers all around

  7. update:

    taking the day off school

    slept in a bit more

    doing much better

    gonna eat a good meal, then get some work done

    1. Kajsa


      good plan! we love you cal ❤️

  8. chat what do i do if it’s all becoming Too Much?

    if im dissociating and the world just feels Off

    like why is everything just Agh

    like why do i want to go to sleep and never Wake Up Again

    like bro

    everything is just No right now

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    2. Crowstavern


      Life is incredibly hard. 
      dissociating can be hard to come out of when you’re in it. I understand those feelings. Reality can be fickle to stay grounded to. Find an anchor, something that reminds you why to stay. Hold on to it. 
      texture help me, rougher ones for my hands to just use to go over the edges. Rocks are good.
      but you also have people who care, that you can talk to. You’re not alone, you never have been. 
      I love you ❤️ 

    3. Experience


      Talk to somebody, anybody really, about how you're feeling. That was my first step to getting out of the rut.

    4. Kajsa


      aw man how come i only just saw this?

      i’m so sorry you’re feeling this way right now. it sucks. if you ever wanna talk you know how to reach me :) 

      *all the hugs and kittens ever*

  9. A day or two had passed since the crow first came, with that missive about a dead world. When again it came, Calano was doing the dishes while his wife Emma entertained the girls. The crow rapped on the window with its beak, cawing once. ”Love, could you open the window?” Calano asked. Emma obliged, and the crow hopped onto the counter. ”Is this the one you told me about?” She asked, “The message from old friends at the Clinic?” The crow looked at Calano and nodded. ”Aye, it is.” Calano dried his hands on a towel. “Give your message, my friend.” The bird recounted his message. Emma looked thoughtful. ”Something on your mind?” Calano asked her. ”Just concerned,” She said, “I’m worried you’ll throw yourself into this battle. Like all the ones before.” Calano smiled reassuringly, “Not to worry, I already have vowed not to.” Emma nodded. Calano composed his response. My advice is this: Find a way to trap the Cult on the dead world. Once they are trapped, at the very least temporarily, remove the sigil from your friend in a manner that seals the magic from it to the dead world. Included in this response is a vial. Once you are ready, shatter it at your feet, and it will alert me to seal the world permanently. No one will get in or out. Your friend will be healed, the Cult will be sealed, and all will be well. @Spark of Hope
  10. Calano read the missive, and his brow furrowed. A dead world… And the sealing thereof… But part of the missive was unclear. He wrote back swiftly: This is the Creator. Not many know the ancient methods of contacting me, but I shouldn’t be surprised that those who did came from the Clinic. I’m surprised it’s still up and running, after I’ve been gone so long. It’s comforting to know it’s in good hands. Part of your missive was… unclear. Your friend with the sigil… would he be sealed on the dead world? Or would you travel there, remove his sigil, wait for the cult to arrive, and then seal them there? Sealing a dead world is a delicate process, and not something that can be rushed. I need more information, and a better plan. This crow will remember how to get to me, you won’t have to enchant it again for your response to reach me. He launched the crow back into the sky, where it quickly vanished from view. He shouldn’t have been surprised that people’s stories had continued at the Clinic. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise to know it was still thriving. He looked towards his girls. He had… a lot to lose. Even more now than before he became a God. He would try his best to only play adviser and not front line warrior with this particular interaction. He had his girls to look after, after all. And a wife to love. And a family to build up. @Spark of Hope
  11. The crow arrived while Calano was having a picnic with his girls in the backyard. Ev was happily munching on a PB&J, and Kat was picking at the seams in the blanket. The both of them were growing faster than ordinary girls, but they were, after all, the daughters of Gods. The crow laughed on Calano’s shoulders, scaring Ev slightly, causing a bit of jelly to drip onto her dress. ”One moment,” Calano said softly to the corvid, who nodded slightly, and Calano cleaned up the small stain on his daughters dress. “There we are,” He said, poking Evelyn’s cheeks for a giggle in return, “Now take your sister and go play on the swings, Daddy has to see what this is.” Ev leaped to her feet, and beckoned Kat to follow. She did ”Now,” Calano said, turning to the bird on his shoulder, “What is it? Few can find me here. You’re enchanted, aren’t you?” The bird squaked affirmatively. ”Very well,” Calano said, “Your missive, then?” @Spark of Hope
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