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  1. “so cal, how’s music going?”

    ”oh you know… in order to upload a small EP, i had to bypass four different security/restrictive measures just so my distributor could access the Spotify API and i could select my artist profile.”

    ”hopefully that was the only stressful thing tonight?”

    ”nope, had to go through and pick the few google docs i want to keep from my school email account because it’s being terminated july 15th. then i had to separately export the data i wanted, ensure that any third party services that i held accounts with using my school email were appropriately edited, and i had to navigate google photos as i deleted nearly 4,000 photos that for some reason backed up from my phone ever though i never even wanted that.”

    ”…have you had a long day?”


    1. Crowstavern


      I watched this all happen live while I was sewing.

      safe to say, incredibly entertaining but I felt so bad

  2. better keep the OG height club. that’s my height club. i’ll die before i see it fall /hj







    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Your mother is awesome

    3. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Keep us posted!

    4. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      We'll make sure you get to all the staples of the Midwest.

  4. people often ask me

    ”cal, how did you manage to pull such a hot girlfriend?”

    and i always respond with one word:


    1. Edema Rue
    2. Crowstavern


      You’re not wrong-

      but also 

      I pulled you.


      i guess im also that good B)

    3. Lego Mistborn
  5. considering pulling an all nighter


    1. Cinnamon


      Depends... look after your physical and mental health. If its to study/something stressful I'd say no. If it just cause you want to or to read a good book, my thoughts would be go for it as long as you don't have anything too intense tomorrow. 
      Ultimately its up to you, you know your schedule, your mind and the amount of rest your body needs.

      Sorry that was preachy, take care!  

    2. Cash67


      Not a great idea... it's gonna throw you off for a while. Sleep do be important

  6. 8 minutes into june 1st.

    which means 8 minutes into PRIDE MONTH.

    i am a proud omnisexual and genderfluid individual, a solid ally to all those just trying to exist and be good and live a life worth living.

    happy pride month everybody. love you all so much, NEVER stop being you.

  7. okay so i know that like

    a bunch of yall are Nebraska folks.

    now, with that in mind, how about this:

    i turn 18 at the end of june, so what if i were to take a road trip in like mid-july, and come up and visit yall? thoughts?

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    2. Kajsa


      @The cheeseman cal’s a texan

    3. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      The Joslyn Art Museum is also super cool, but that's more expensive.

    4. Kajsa


      downtown is cool too

  8. wanna see more random crap from me?

    follow my whatsapp channel


    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      He’s just a girllllll

  9. okay chat so like

    i graduated high school

    thirteen long years, same campus, i’ve watched it grow so much over that time. been one hell of a ride, you guys.

    but i did it. im free now.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Through The Living Glass

      Through The Living Glass

      Yoooo congrats, dude!

      What do you plan to do now?

    3. Medium


      my mission papers are submitted and i’m planning to leave sometime this fall.

      ive been accepted to BYU Idaho and im gonna go there afterwards 

    4. Through The Living Glass

      Through The Living Glass

      Woah, congrats dude!

  10. seons are just

    Floating Butler Balls

  11. ladies and gentlemen

    today my mission papers were officially submitted.

    the wait begins.

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    2. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      I'm totally not putting off my own papers until I'm not drowning in end-of-year schoolwork...

      That's great for you though!



      What if we end up in the same place?


    3. Crowstavern


      Didnt think id hear about this from shard- 💀🥲

    4. ΨιτιsτηεΒέsτ



      not international please please please not international.

      You know that you will now go international right?

  12. last night i went to the Austin stop on AJRs The Maybe Man Tour. Floor seats. Great view, great sound, i cried three times.

    Shared the evening with my beloved @Crowstavern, and i was screaming all the words. it was a night to remember, i’ll never forget it. the whole show was a work of art.

    i wish i was me, whoever that is.

    i could just be, and not give a sh*t

    hey, ill be whatever makes you a fan

    cause i dont know who the hell i am

    i think its too late to figure this out

    if i could be me i would’ve been it by now

    maybe im a stone

    or big as my house

    it looks like our time is running out

    so if this is me, then ill do my best

    ill take all the sh*t, so you never have to

    you can be you

    and i’ll be the rest

    yeah, maybe that’s who the hell i am

  13. happy to report i’ve successfully defeated Tears of the Kingdom

    defeated the Demon King

    all three stages 

    one try

    week long grind for this

  14. there is pain

    and there is sorrow

    but nothing compares

    to watching the light leave somebody’s eyes

    when they say,

    ”you know,

    i don’t think i ever loved you.”


    there is pain behind that.

    because not even a month ago you said to them,

    ”look into my eyes,

    see my pain. my sins. my horrors.

    look there, into my eyes,

    and love me.”

    and they said,

    ”i will.”

    and now

    they see you with contempt

    with hatred 

    with regret and animosity

    and they just want you gone.

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    2. Spark of Hope

      Spark of Hope

      Think it is…

      Telling whether writers are okay or not can be complicated lol

    3. shortcake


      cal how are you so good at getting people to cry over your writing it isn't fair

      I want this power too 😭

    4. Medium


      chat i’m just cool like that 😎

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