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  1. What? There is no way it's been over a year since you've posted. How's it going? You doing alright?

  2. I thought you said you went inactive. You were on here Monday?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Maybe that is a way that Ishar could be cured? Take him into the highstorm when all 3 bondsmith spren are connected?
  4. You can more suddenly change directions and have quicker boosts of mobility compared to Lashings. It is also more efficient with the Investiture you use than stacking multiple Lashings
  5. Sorry, I guess that was unclear. I meant in flight or moving distances
  6. Allomancy is better in close quarters, and Gravitation is better at longer distances. Allomancy is better when there is lots of metals nearby (i.e. Luthadel), and Gravitation is better when it is open air and less metals. Allomancy includes both pushes and pulls, whereas Gravitation is more powerful but once it leaves your hand, it's gone I feel like it is the difference between a dagger and a spear. Both are better in some situations, and both are worse in some situations
  7. I think that he just considers the village as part of his family. He talks about how he feels a bond with them after healing their injuries and delivering their babies. He knows that they are misguided and ignorant, but he believes that is exactly why he needs to stay. He raises both of his children in a loving home, and teaches them a strong moral code. He believes in sacrifice and helping others. He does project a lot of that onto his children and lived a little through Kaladin, but he had good intentions. He is probably one of if not the best parents in the entire cosmere. His moral code and Kaladin's moral code start to fall apart in RoW, and that hurts him. He loves his children and wants them to be the best they can be. He firmly believes in his moral code. Yes he is a bit overbearing and disrespectful, but so is Kaladin.
  8. I chose a feruchemist with zinc compounding. I just think that feruchemy is much more versatile than allomancy, and I'm not going to be in a lot of combat situations, so zinc compounding seems best to me.
  9. Windrunner: Access to Basic, Full, and Reverse Lashings Basic Lashing- The most important of the Windrunner's powers in this fight, allows flight. Full Lashing- Much less usable than Basic Lashings, not used much in arial fights as one with a Skybreaker would be. Reverse Lashings- Still less useful than Basic Lashings, could be used to block projectiles. Increased squires- Probably not allowed to have squires in a 1v1 match Skybreaker- Access to Division and Basic Lashings Basic Lashing- same as Windrunner Division- We haven't seen much of Division. We know Dustbringers can burn and engrave things with their powers, but Skybreakers may be different. Overall, I think that a Skybreaker would win. Full and Reverse Lashings don't really offer much in a fight in the air. Dodging projectiles would be much more efficient than pulling them with a Reverse Lashing, and Full Lashings are very situational. We don't really know what Division does for Skybreakers, but that surge seems more offensive to me than Adhesion. Other than that, assuming equal skill, they are the same. Both have Sprenblades and Shardplate. Both can fly, and both are more combat focused orders, from what we've seen in the books. It comes down to what is more applicable in a 1v1- Division or Adhesion
  10. Not to mention that he pays specific attention to others around him that other Lighteyes would ignore. He jokes around and cares about darkeyes. He's like a perfect candidate for Edgedancers, as I've thought for a long time
  11. So we know that Nightblood bleeds out a dark, almost liquid smoke. What would happen if you were to collect this liquid-ish smoke? What kind of investiture would it be? Would it be similar to what was consumed, or would it be too corrupted to use? Would it immediately dissapate? What do you guys think?
  12. Man I love Adolin. It's refreshing to have a character that doesn't have a horrible, messed up backstory. He's just a good kid. He had access to things that the others didn't and he's still a spoiled rich kid. But he is nice to everyone, and he isn't some overpowered anime character like the other viewpoint characters. Personally, I think that his character arc is one of my favorites, and I can't wait to see what happens next with him. He's something new.
  13. I got that exact same jacket for Christmas! Down to the color. I also got the first 3 books of the Wax and Wayne series, and a shirt with the cosmere symbol on it. And 3 mistborn posters- table of feruchemy, table of allomancy, and the map of the final empire
  14. This actually terrifies me though. Imagine Sazed goes insane and descends into Discord. All of a sudden, all non-metal writing in the world goes haywire, shifting and changing infinitely. No one can read anything anymore. They would have to make ink with metal shavings in it or something
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