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  1. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to bonds 2 radiant spren and even to belong to 2 different orders. As long as you could find spren who were cool with it and could maintain oaths on both sides, it’d be possible. Alternatively, you could probably be a squire to another order, even as a full Radiaint. At the most extreme point, you could theoretically bond every order, though it’d be practically impossible to keep your oaths at that point. Nevertheless, I thought I’d ask to see how far you guys would go For the purposes of this exercise, let’s handwave away any mechanical difficulties of forging more than bonds and imagine they can be established just as if they were seperate. Would you be willing to bond multiple spren? Or be a knight of one to more order and a squire in others? Which orders would those be? Keep in mind that you may not be able to be a squire for Edgedancers, Elsecallers, or Truthwatchers. https://www.brandonsanderson.com/the-ten-orders-of-knights-radiant/
  2. Got 81% Truthwatcher as first place. Second and third were Edgedancer and Windrunner. So a lot of different Surge options there, though I had a feeling Truthwatcher would fit best even before the quiz. Such is the way of the nerd. Also, being a Windrunner seems like it could be scary at times and not just by learning to fly. I could see plenty worrying about either getting themselves killed by biting off more than they could chew or about getting their honorspren killed by not protecting enough.
  3. The common concensous of the amount of Mistings for every Mistborn is 1 to 18 in Era 1, based on WoA stating Straff had 18 misting children out of an unknown number. However, that is not completely accurate. A more accurate description would be 1 Mistborn to every 18 mistings of the known types. Since Straff’s bastards were kept secret, I find it extremely unlikely any of them would’ve been tested for metals known only to the Steel Ministry. Given that there are 8 possible Mistings that couldn’t be easily tested for, it’s reasonable to assume that at least one of Straff’s kids was a stealth Misting. In fact, Elend himself could’ve been a Misting of almost any unknown metal . The only ones that would be potentially noticeable are gold, electrum and Atium, as those metals could probably breach the Spiritual Realm if Elend had lerasium and a natural ability. Given these facts, we can still assume 1:18 is an accurate minimum ratio, but the real number is probably higher. Of course, the 1:18 ratio is more useful for estimating how many active Mistings there were in Era 1 (though not all, as some Ministry members used hidden metals). But even that number doesn’t represent every potential Misting at the time, especially since some stealth Mistings could find jobs with the Ministry, as Yomen did. Regardless, if anyone has estimates about how many hidden Mistings were in the Ministry or who existed all together, I’d certainly be interested in hearing them
  4. In Era 1, the Mists were coded by Preservation to avoid Ruin. Hence, why Hemalurgy repels the Mists and why a certain earring became so useful. But there’s also another way to use Ruin’s power that made me think: Era 1 Atium. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we’ve ever seen what the Mists actually do when a non spiked Allomancer burns Atium. Maybe there’s a mention in scenes with Kelsier or Shan, but I can’t remember any off the top of my head. That suggests Atium might also repel the Mists. It is powered by Ruin, just as with Hemalurgy But the ramifications that I’m most interested in are what happens if you burn Atium while actively drawing on the Mists. My best example for this thought experiment is Vin at the end of HoA, when she starts drawing in the Mists but before she fully Ascends. What would happen if she tried to burn Atium at this point? I see a few possibilites 1. Burning Atium would act like a spike, immediately dispelling the Mists as a sort of safety measure 2. The Atium is treated like any other metal and simply gives Vin a view of the Spiritual Realm, as if she was doing the Duralumin combo 3. The power of the Mists rejects the Atium and causes feedback, like when Vin tried to use the Well with a spike. It’s unclear exactly how harmful this would be, but probably can’t cause any more injuries than a spike attempt would. 4. Similar to option 3, except the Mists override Ruin’s power and perhaps hijacks it, adding it to Preservation 5. The hack provides some sort of gateway for Ruin’s influence, just like spikes do. That would be horrifically bad. However, I don’t think this one is super likely. If Ruin could do that, I imagine he would’ve plotted for Vin to have Atium as she Ascended (unless Atium also blocks the Mists). Plus, Ruin can’t directly interface with Atium. He needs to burn it before it belongs to him again Assuming that Vin could ascend with an Atium reserve, it also makes me wonder if she could keep it once she fully Ascended. Even then, it probably doesn’t have enough meaning since it’s so small. But it’d also be really cool if it were possible to somehow hijack Preservation’s Intent by burning Atium. Something like that could even be part of why Preservation blocked spiked people from getting the Mists, though the bigger issue is preventing a pawn of Ruin from acting on his behalf I don’t know exactly. I just think it’s an interesting possibility since Atium provides more potential to “disrupt” the Mists while they act. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Seeing these discussions about random twin orbs, I had an idea of one Twinborn concept that seemed like a good fit for Era 3. We haven’t seen really any of the Spiritual Feruchemy in action or a proper usage of A-Elecrtum. So a combo that could be neat is A-Electrum and F-Chromium. The former gives you short range but probably more precise future sight, while the latter does more long term prediction. I also think they’d probably have interesting synergy, kinda like how Wax can manipulate his Steelpushes with weight shifting. I imagine that this Twinborn could probably direct their shadows far better than any other Oracle. Maybe tapping Fortune makes the electrum shadows less chaotic. You might even be able to guide electrum shadows without recalling thinking about it, which would achieve an Atium like effect for yourself. As for Resonance, my favorite idea is “detaching” an electrum shadow and having one travel around doing stuff, guided by Fortune. I’d call this Twinborn a Diviner. But I’m also curious about what else it could do. Based on what we know of Electrum and Fortune, does this combo seem like it would work well? What sort of ways could you use its future sight?
  6. Are we sure that Atium and Malatium were swapped for cadmium and bendalloy? There is a more recent 2016 WoB that initially said chromium was subbed out, but then claimed Atium instead. Not sure what the caveat is. If malatium is still there, that suggests Duralumin Mistings were also bumped. Maybe because they could t use a power even if they did get that rare metal. Or to stop Ruin from sneaking more Duralumin by tracking Preservation’s forced Snapping. Let me make sure I’m on the same page with you for a moment. I’m suggesting that Preservation knew he wanted mechanical electrum for the Atium mistings. but had just enough future sight to know he couldn’t just have them be sick for the same amount of time as everyone else. So he faked it. He made two 1/16 groups of Electrum Mistings, but made 1 Group extra sick so that Elend would assume they were for Atium. That accounts for how exactly 1/16 of mistfallen became super sick. They didn’t necessarily have to be, but Preservation knew he needed Elend to draw the proper conclusion about them. The other Electrum Mistings just got sick for a few days because that was the minimum for Snapping to work. Now, meta wise, I don’t see this as highly plausible. If I stepped in Brandon’s shoes, I imagine they were truly God Metal Mistings, even with the retcon (though a hack that would never exist naturally). But I also don’t think we know very little about what happened to the Snapped with unknown or Era 2 metals. So I’m just trying to see if it is impossible for the “Atium Mistings are tricked Electrum Mistings” logic to work
  7. The term shadow is still used for gold. It is “gold shadow”. Check the Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum entry for gold. I imagine it’s more a matter of detail that distinguishes gold and electrum. That both have the same “base” shadow, but gold fills it in with more past details. I accept that the metals have very different functions, but the principles are the same. Also, I do like the idea that Era 1 Atium can be used as either electrum or a lesser refined atium. However, the really annoying part is Preservation’s 16 scheme. 1/16th of the Mistings got super sick and became Atium Mistings. There should’ve also been 1/16 Electrum Mistings. But that being said, I don’t believe we excplictly see electrum mistings get found in HoA. So it is technically possible that Preservation did double up and made one group of electrum Mistings extra sick to make them seem like “Atium Mistings”. He does have future sight, so maybe he could still translate that. But I don’t know if there’s more concrete proof for either side of that argument.
  8. Gold still works by showing you shadow versions of the thing beyond time. I’m not saying gold functions exactly the same as electrum. I’m saying that gold, electrum, Atium, and malatium all use shadows as a medium. Gold and malatium give you more information from that past version plus a few other things. Electrum and Atium are the ones that’s see the future and share their own common traits (splitting into tons of shadows against another person seeing the future). I just don’t see the point you’re exactly trying to make by saying Era 1 Atium provides electrum shadows. It just provides shadows of the future. It’s possible that electrum does help shape the more limited Atium, but that doesn’t soildly confirm Era 1 Atium is comparable to electrum.
  9. You get future shadows because that’s how Metallic Arts future sight works. You see shadows. It happens with gold too. There’s no real justification to say that the Atium shadows must be the same as electrum
  10. Yeah. The only things we’ve seen that can meaningfully interact with a Shard’s full power are other Shards. You might be able to do stuff to the Vessel if they manifest, kinda like… (ROW) That being said, you might be able to spike a full power Shard if another Shard were helping you out. Part of me suspects that all Shards have a power similar to Soulcasting, just by having so much Investuture and influence in the Cognitive Realm. So maybe they could turn most of their being into a massive spike and use it in the PR or CR, especially if it included Ruin. That would take a large bite out of the targeted Shard, and perhaps overwhelm it if the Hemalurgy Shard is stronger. But I doubt that mortal Hemalurgy can do anything meaningful to a Shard: only an exposed Vessel.
  11. I hope that the coppermind trait is unique to medallions. If not, that makes the idea of F-nicrosil really annoying. The whole point of Feruchemy is that you’re supposed to get more of an attribute by forgoing it in the moment. Copper is an exception because we can intuitively understand why it would make sense to store memories as they are. F-Nicrosil doesn’t have that. It’s not even like aluminum either, because aluminum makes sense as an Allomantic pairing to duralumin and it doesn’t break the normal rules of Allomancy either. You could probably do some things like that and I’m sure artificial souls will come up again at some point. However, I don’t get the impression that it’s what the F-duralumin does. Look at the word choice of that WoB again The tone sounds like Brandon trying to justify a story decision that doesn’t fit perfectly. Especially when he says “we’ll just say”. That sounds like a sort of handwave to me. To clarify, I’m not saying this as an insult. Brandon is an amazing author and I find Mistborn to be especially addictive. But at the end of the day, authors do have to make choices. I don’t think this is a major breach of Cosmere rules and it allows massive storytelling potential in return. I could see Brandon making that trade. However, I could also be reading this wrong. If I am, then my best guess is that the mechanics are complicated in a way Brandon doesn’t want to explain. Or he’s leaving us with a more vague explanation to be expanded upon. But I really think this is a mostly meta decision. On an unrelated note, I have a question. If excisors are spikes, how would you guess F-Duralumin fits in? Do you just have to use the Duralumin Ferring to store in the medallion? Do medallions have Duralumin alongside Duralumin? I do want to know what general ideas you have in mind for the medallions.
  12. I did actually have my own theory about the Duralumin connection (pun intended). In my theory, it’s possible for a Duralumin Feruchemist to tap Connection directly from a God Metal, even though it’s not a metalmind. Mostly because the God Metal is still very Invested and Connected to a Shard. So an Excisor is harmonium hacked to act as pure Investuture, allowing free usage of stored powers similar to lerasium. Here’s the full theory
  13. Decent theory. However, I do have one other question about it. Per WoB, creating unsealed metalminds involves F-Duralumin. It was hesitant, but Brandon did say yes and clarified he had the steps listed out. So my question is, where does F-Duralumin fit into your theory? How would it help make an unsealed metalmind?
  14. I think thats a very real possibility. It depends on how you interpret the differences between gold and malatium. Atium’s effect. Refined Atium grants a more expansive view of the future than it would otherwise. That expansive could mean a burst of extra power more in line with Duralumin. However, it could also simply mean that you can see another target (more expansive, beyond yourself) Given that malatium at a regular burn seems to work almost exactly the same as A-gold, I’d say the probability is high that flaring effectively does the same thing. So it would let you see a historical event, but for an alternate self. Duralumin might let you see the Spiritual Realm but only based on those alternate selves, in the same manner as Elend. Alternatively, duralumin may create visions like… (SA) However, we don’t know exactly what effect Atium has on seeing through time beyond targeting other people. WoB did say replicating the Atium-Duralumin combo would be harder for electrum because there would be “more interference to fight through”. But I don’t know if that means you couldn’t see the Spiritual Realm altogether or if you would only get more limited/contradictory info (seeing multiple possibilites at once) Good point. That sensory distortion is brutal and probably not solvable with just A-Gold. But maybe you could make fabrials to help filter out useless info. There are so many cool ways to do A-Gold fabrials! Which would also be fitting for my Everything, Everywhere, All at Once references.
  15. I did do some basic Googling. It seems like gold has a few specific things going for it. It’s easily recognizable for currency, generally looks good, ages well, and is just rare enough to be used but in demand. Most of these things are still true in Scadrial and gold is referenced as valuable to some extent. In AoL, Miles specifically needs a wealthy patron for more gold (though he does use a lot) and boxings were made of gold (Vin got her first taste of gold Allomancy using one). I’m also pretty sure that one AoL chapter states that using aluminum was like having gold plated guns or bullets, though that could be for our benefit as much as an actual in universe perspective However, there is a big difference in how gold is perceived. In Era 1, gold was seems as a “high metal”, so it probably got a value boost from that. Of course, it would still be vastly overshadowed by atium, but gold was seen as special Era 2 is really what would make gold drop. At that point, people would learn gold is useless for metallic arts, once Allomancy is effectively public knowledge. There may be some Allomantic metals that are more valuable. Aluminum would be before electrolysis and Wayne notes that bendalloy is hard to get. So maybe those metals would be more expensive, but gold still has most of the things we Earthlings could plausibly value. Not to mention a world that finds choice metals to be far more meaningful than we do. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/071114/why-gold-has-always-had-value.asp
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