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  1. @TheRavenHasLanded, the bar is Bendalloy Bar in the Mistwarrens.
  2. Chloris winced slightly. “I’m in between jobs at the moment.” Is that another way of saying that you thought it was more important to look into the backstory of your previous employer than take the money he was giving you, and then ending up getting involved in the Tin Street Mafia? Minthe replied icily. not helpful, Chloris replied mentally. Right. Asylum was employed by someone, weren’t they? I wonder if I could get hired by them as well… Chloris, brain finally catching up, put two and two together. Hold on. Hemalurgist? Building leveler? Great. Asylum’s in league with the newest crime lord on the block. Wait…Is this bar in danger?
  3. Chloris’ MAPID was going haywire. This was unfortunately what happened when she met new people. She mumbled a voice command to move the visual pop-ups when new data was being added to the database to the corners of her vision. As she was paying attention to her own thoughts and her MAPID, she realized that she had once again missed someone talking to her. Deciding to bite the bullet, Chlo replied. “Could you repeat that? I was a bit distracted.” She realized that she could just have the MAPID play back the conversation, but that would just lead to further spacing out. And she wanted to at least appear slightly normal.
  4. Sorry that I’ve been absent as of late! I will hopefully post something tomorrow, but the week has been busy.
  5. Alright I am so excited to hear this question. I worked hard on my vocal range, so Lord Ruler help me, I will show it off when I can. my vocal range at the moment is a G1 to a B5, which is a bit over a 3 octave voice range.
  6. Alright, it’s time to share my view on this. to start, I think it’s important to define how I see gender. Keep in mind that “gender” is largely nebulous, and is not easily defined by a universally agreed definition. To me, gender is the association with certain traits and characteristics with a certain lifestyle and group of people. Basically, it is a method of us sorting people into more mentally digestible boxes. If we see someone with short hair, a mustache, and a deep voice, we will assume they are strong, like women, play video games, and could be more aggressive. If we see someone with long hair, a higher voice, and wearing a dress, we will assume that they like fashion, are weaker, and are more submissive. Obviously this is an inaccurate look at people, but it is an averaging. Men on average are more interested in gaming than women, and women on average are more interested in fashion than men. Non-binary identities, genders that are outside of male or female. Generally, they have traits and qualities that are strongly associated with a certain gender, and have another trait that goes directly against that. Basically, they don’t fit into that typical mold, and choose to outwardly express that. To me, my main starter point in my transition was that I didn’t want to be seen as male. It was incongruent with how I saw myself, and I wanted to change that. At first, I didn’t have any interest in being seen as female. It was something that was largely unimportant to me. I just didnt want to be seen as male. And so, I labeled myself as agender, meaning I didn’t identify with any gender. I wanted to be myself without others immediately assuming qualities to me. However, as time went on, I realized I liked feminine looks and traits. I wanted to have a feminine voice, wear feminine things, and be seen as a girl. And so, here I am. I am a trans woman, with a name that matches my inner self, have been on feminizing hormones for over 2 years, and I have as feminine a voice as any other woman. And I couldn’t be happier. Now, I still have non-feminine traits. I like women and am an avid gamer. These do not make me not a woman, but they go against what people expect a woman to be like. To wrinkle that further, I actually really like that I still have the ability to talk in my masculine voice. I enjoy the vocal control I have, and I appreciate that I can still sing in my lower range. I don’t like constantly speaking in my masculine voice, but I do like singing in it (as well as singing in a feminine voice). Does that make me less of a woman? I don’t think so. However, I still don’t feel like I am fully a woman. I think of myself as being around 75% feminine, with some masculine traits. That’s why I am also comfortably in that non-binary umbrella. However, there are those that have those qualities that wouldn’t consider that they’re nonbinary. In the end, that comes down to personal preference. Many in the nonbinary umbrella want to be themselves, free of societal expectations on gender. Many feel joy from having clear masculine and feminine traits, and that’s awesome. And sure, they could still call themselves a man or a woman, but that goes against what they seek to be; someone without those annoying societal stereotypes.
  7. Chloris took in what was going on. This Asylum was working for a Hemalurgist, and was decidedly odd. The radiant, however, seemed quite calm of the insults Asylum hurls. A fight looked like it was about to break out. For now, however, Chlo turned to Eza. “Do you also work for Asylum’s boss? Do you know who they are?” Val, you should not be digging into this. This is none of our business. We should just leave. However, the food had not yet arrived, and she was getting hungry. It was worth staying for that, if nothing else. @Lunamor @Scars of Hathsin @Ravenclawjedi42 @Stormlightsong
  8. At the moment, we have left your character in the scene, just not interacted with them. It’s all good! This little roleplay is nowhere near as important as the majority of life things. And I do appreciate the update, even if it’s a tad late.
  9. This is an interesting thought! Now, Ruin’s big magic system is Hemalurgy, and while it doesn’t really involve his signature black, it is still connected to him. And there, It is corrupting through grafting someone’s spiritweb onto someone else’s. Now, you could argue that it has to remove something to add to it, but I think the biggest thing with Hemalurgy is the augmentation, not the excising. and @alder24, would that mean that Ruin is the shard of (black oriented) Corruption? I’m frankly a fan of this notion.
  10. I’m right there with ya @Returned. Is Wayne sexist? Maybe. Is he self centered and doesn’t respect boundaries? Certainly. Does that make him a bad person? I wouldn’t say so. He’s a flawed character, and that’s a good thing. Personally, he’s one of my faves. A silly guy that has issues. Does the fact that I like his character mean that I have to agree with all of his actions and personality traits? Of course not. Personally, I like that he has those traits, and I appreciate that he’s problematic. And I like that Brandon is careful to address that he is problematic. Fictional characters have that luxury where real people don’t. Fictional characters’ beliefs are stemmed directly from a real person, and in this case Brandon has established those personality traits as flaws, not good qualities. Wayne, sexist or not, is a little guy, and I appreciate how Sanderson built him.
  11. Woah! Alder not shutting down one of my theories! A rarity indeed . Do you have any theories on how Midnight Essence and Ruin are connected?
  12. Counterpoint: that’s an 11 year old WoB that might not be reflective of current shenanigans. Also, he’s kinda set up the trend of having shards correspond to different colors. It is completely possible that Ruin’s color is some color other than black, but from the books, that’s the clearest color he’s associated with. Nonetheless, I think that the point still stands. Nightblood and the Father Machine have some sort of connection to Ruin, likely through nature of their command and intent, and they are also associated with black. They also seem to have connection to Midnight Essence, with shared themes of mimicry and corruption, in addition to being jet black. Something’s going on with these four ideas, and I haven’t quite figured out what it is.
  13. well, if we're getting into the weeds, the problem comes from assuming that because you are a man, you would know better than them because they are a woman. The generalization that gender is the main determining factor is what's the sexist part, not the patronizing of the person in general. If you want real world examples, look no further than any sort of women running for any sort of government office. There are a whole lot of questions regarding qualifications and capability of the person, which is really not questioned with as much fervor in male politicians. A very common talking point is "oh, this person is gaining office or getting voted for just because they are a woman, not because she is qualified for the job." That sort of thinking is indirectly stating that being a woman makes you inherently less likely to be qualified than men. But I digress. Wayne has unconscious sexist tenancies, and it was probably put in there because Brandon wanted to accurately portray the time period he was emulating, and also kind of act as an example of a character with much less overt sexism in stories.
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