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  1. Of course you can join! The thread is a hair dead, but the ideals still live on. F-Tin is the way to achieve your dreams.
  2. Hey all! Sorry things are going so slowly. It's nearing the end of the academic year, so I know that I've been quite busy. Hopefully things will pick back up once the summer begins. If you need to scratch the roleplaying itch, I've heard good things about Sanderson Elimination. I know that many of you hail from there, but those that have not checked it out probably should (including me ). I hope we haven't lost any of y'all, and I urge you be patient.
  3. Neil Gaiman, one of the best authors out there. Gaiman truly knows how to book.
  4. Edgedancer. the word reverberated through her. She used to be an Edgedancer….what had happened to that poor girl? Get a hold of yourself! Get. Up! “Don’t say that word in front of me. Please.” Chloris’ voice was barely a whisper, and the voices in her head were so loud. Her midnight essence didn’t die down, the ripples still emanating from her.
  5. I think this looks good! The only wondering I have is the level of adeptness that Eighth is with his motivator. But either way, I think it’s fairly safe to approve this. He’s in depth, interesting, unique, and about the power level of a radiant, without the healing. Approved!
  6. No, more of the mysterious being that is influencing Perses
  7. Hmmm. It is certainly an interesting concept! I generally like it a lot. The only issue I can spot with it is that loner aspect of the character. However, that can be overcome if there is some reason for him to be engaged in the plot. Actually, there might be a way for me to lock your character in the Alleyverse that would be plot relevant, if you would be interested… That could both solve the problem of not socializing (as he would have to get to the bottom of what’s going on with his power before he can actually escape), as well as giving him something to work towards past just leaving the Alleyverse. If you’re interested, I can go into more depth in PMs
  8. Brief update to all of y’all, especially @RoyalBeeMage, as I’m RPing with them: I am really bogged down with work this week and the next. I’ll try my best to post, and I will still be available to moderate and help out, but my actual RPing will take longer than usual. Hopefully I’ll have the time over the weekend though!
  9. It’s actually insane how I went from “yeah, I like girls, typical straight things” to “omg GIRLS. I am way too gay to even be on the same planet as women, I need a gf so baaaad” It is wild how coming out gender-wise can affect how you express your sexuality.
  10. hmmm. I honestly don't see how that wouldn't work! However, I would imagine it would either be sporadic or extremely metal consuming. Say you wanted even a minute of pewter strength. Either you have it fire every other second or every five seconds, which would lead to inconsistent bursts of strength, or you go for the consistent route, firing every second. In that case, you would need to have 60 separate chunks of a metal. I imagine it would be tough to create a machine that could both hold that many chunks (even if we're talking pez sized or smaller) and not be clunky as all hell. What would the injection and storage combo of such a device look like?
  11. Chloris, The Mistwarrens. Chloris had wandered. Again. You seem to find a new way of escaping a job every time you get hired, Minthe said. She was right. This time, she had managed to tear up the shop’s insides through a freak reaction with midnight essence and an angry customer. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but the shop was ruined. She just felt…disconnected lately. As she walked, Chloris quickly realized she had reached the end of this part of the warrens. She was promptly met with a shelter for those that couldn’t afford housing, or were otherwise dispossessed. A strike of recognition hit her. Edgedancers were the ones helping these people. She should be helping these people. Her body turned ink black. No! Don’t you remember? Did you forget why you walked away? Why you broke your oaths? You weren’t enough. You couldn’t protect them. You were not made for that life. It will only lead to more people getting hurt. Chloris fell to the floor. She couldn’t do it. She wasn’t enough. She had failed them. She will fail others. Ripples of midnight black spikes shot out around her body, with the spikes erratically jutting out, oscillating and shifting across her skin. I have failed you. @RoyalBeeMage
  12. I mean, repression is one hell of a drug. But yeah, folks really need to be educated younger, because boy does knowing that you can actually be who you want to be helps.
  13. Ah, that’s where you’re wrong. They were using the almighty Tinmind. Pain is, at least for Mistborn purposes, a sense!
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