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    When the universe is broken, only one handyman can fix it.
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  1. Why are those trash bags chasing Vyz? Don’t worry ‘bout it, we got it all covered!
  2. When do I get my share of the toes we looted? they’re over there.
  3. Where exactly did you say the toe vault was? With this here dynamite, of course!
  4. I’m with you mate the pandemic was awesome I got to play video games for hours!
  5. Let’s go steal our toes back. *mission impossible theme*
  6. What are you eating? *Imperial March*
  7. Gust glances at the newcomer. “Oh, hello” He says, dropping the drunkenness.
  8. “Obviously, you have little experience with drunks.” Gust says, putting emphasis on the first word.
  9. What’s wrong with my toe skewers? That’s too small, nothing’s fit in it
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