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    I like D&D, writing, reading, coding, graphic design, web design and chess. Pronouns: he/him. Member of the Reformed Pesbetyrian Church of America.

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  1. 291. Having very, very strong political ideas that you share with anyone who will listen - or even people who don't want to listen.
  2. White What is something that your mother used to punish you with as a child?
  3. Granted. Your body now only absorbs nutrients from very very soggy bread. I wish to ace my chemistry final.
  4. Probably Sel. Maybe Scadrial era 2. What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoons?
  5. The hill stands up, because it turned out that it was a massive turtle and not a hill, and swallows the sandwich, delivering it to me inside the turtle's stomach.
  6. Granted. Everyone you ever met forgets who you are entirely. I wish I could play video games and lifeguard simultaneously and just hear a buzzer go off whenever someone was drowning.
  7. Granted. Your eyes turn red. Your entire eye, including the pupils turn totally red. I wish for six potatoes.
  8. Weirdly enough, my dad regularly asks me that question, so I learned the answer. (the answer) 118. Speaking softly and carrying a big stick
  9. A morning star. I have no ide what it is but it sounds cool. Do you like Guns n' Roses?
  10. Kiss rock, marry folk, kill jazz Video games, board games, card games
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