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  1. The other Lightling raised its hand to silence the other. "No. You are no Lightling."
  2. Yes, you may make multiple epics, but I would advise against making your own faction mainly consisting of your own characters. It's not that fun (and I speak from experience here). Generally, I would recommend if you make another character, have them join another person's faction.
  3. this is the sky realm. What rules apply transcend The Light of All Spectrums.
  4. This Lightling seems to have a Firey hue that shifts tones gently. "Follow me." The Lightling says softly.
  5. A few questions! Darkness: does this include shadows? Maybe is it if he can't see? What are his ranges for his gravity ability? Is he able to change gravity for objects, or just himself? Other people? How many things at once? How much control does he have over his abilities? (Does he basically have telekinesis?)
  6. The problem with this is that several epics will be very Territorial about the water (and also you can't evaporate large lakes hopefully). There's a planned water epic and a plant epic who also wouldn't like him, so you'll have to keep this in mind. Heat and fire are great starting points, but you also have to consider how your epic's powers will interact with their weakness. Does contact with frozen water instantly surpress their powers? Just some things to consider!
  7. I don't think that this is a conversation that should continue in this thread. PM me and I'll respond there.
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