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  1. before the fires

    i saw them, elder and younger,

    standing before skuld’s bier

    as if to ponder the weaving

    cast-off, the last thread snipped


    skuld sleeping, whose hand

    held the shears? who is weeping?

    I saw them, taking their measure

    of her death shroud, every last

    thread where it had always been


    was always meant to be.

    every strand leads us here.

    every strand bears in itself

    the memory of the knife


    recoils with the sharp

    intuition of the parting


    i dreamed last night.

    i watched you drown in roses

    buried one by one in blood-red

    thorns and thought:


    this is right. love lies bleeding.

    love carries in itself the seeds

    of an ending.


    i dreamed you were drowning

    in roses, and then the roses

    were burning, every last

    one of them. you returned

    to fire


    as i must imagine

    even the distant stars, now cold,

    still burning.

  2. Would pass to Sart. He already has a game approved and ready to run so lag is minimal. I don’t have the bandwidth to fix the last set of patches with Devo at present. Edited to add: If Sart doesn't take it soon and we still want to decrease lull, I have a relatively simple ruleset that can be run on short notice. I'll just leave the Star Wars game for some other time.
  3. Wasn't this the conclusion of MR67? Archer in MR67: "I'll follow Kas on E!JNV as Kas seems to have a sixth sense for JNV." Archer in QF70b: "Nah V!JNV it is" I think my conclusion is: -IDK how tf I read JNV and it bothers me that IDK -IDK how tf I read Aman and I'm starting to think this is the same Insane Troll Logic (thanks Drake) category as my JNV read because Aman was pretty clearly V for me -IDK how tf I read Drake and it Also Bothers Me because he abused this to get me to claim Seeker N0 without scanning him and I'm never letting him live this down And also read him V via Insane Troll Logic pretty much off the bat here. Therefore I know nothing Therefore I have arrived at the beginning of wisdom
  4. Nulled - I think Neil has a point wrt lack of TMI (would expect player like Raven to overcredence) but I also just feel that Raven's early reads certainty felt off and Raven still ain't doing a usual Raven thing. Uhhh ah crem gotta rush to get this out - basically would not go today feelsbad to exe players trying for self-improvement (if this is what it is) but otherwise...ehhhhhhh
  5. Edited to add 2: I feel this. Uh, it's a swear Aman used in AG10 that I thought was really entertaining. You might not have noticed as you died pretty early that game. Either AG10 or MR67. Not remembering atm. I just like the sound of the word. It's got a certain cachet/flair compared to sibilants or fricatives.
  6. Edited to add: I'll just say right out that my Aeo grounds aren't strong but I've been in this situation with V!Aeo too many bloody times to not want to retract when this happens, having just stayed on target...twice? At least twice? Thrice? Like cool, if I'm wrong I'm wrong ig. Maybe E!her will also abuse this against me at some point.
  7. If you don't like it, you can vote Aeo to tiebreak. I'd rather JNV but since Aeo is in the lead and I don't really feel she's a hit, Archer ig.
  8. Sir are you trying to bait Alv again Between JNV and Aeo, I lean slightly towards JNV. I kind of want to read Archer's first post as V, but I also really should know better by now cf. Archer and rules, and Stick mentioned this last game wrt half the Elim doc mixing up Insider v. Informant. Hrmm. Disagreeing with the Aman flashwagon. A lot of Drake's takes just feel off this game but I also don't really quite think he's Evil - I feel E!him is a bit less train-assertive, bracketing Elim doc politics issues. I guess there's a JNV theory here but eh. Aman probably might be fooling me but I like his thread energy compared to last game and I liked the Contact claim. Certainly he's not leaning into it so maybe I'm overcrediting him for it - I'd expect E!him to abuse it against me one game after getting V!cred from it in another. Not fond of Aeo's energy but also don't think she's a hit. I still don't have much of a Neil read but I didn't mind the Raven point ig - so probably eh on Raven for now. I don't feel confident of a Sart V!read but attention to the thread felt good in light of Aeo's response - it doesn't feel like the sort of thing you'd expect from an E/E byplay and I kind of don't feel E!Sart tends to be this attentive/has incentive to be this attentive. <Royal, Archer, JNV, Faerie>??? Stick??? Edited to add: Jebiga then. Archer
  9. Theoretically, but MR67 sort of shattered that because they were busy dealing with French kings, so E!them fooled me enough that I hesitated about them for three cycles. I'd also argue E!them would be even more split/engaged this game because of the doc, but ultimately just don't like their post. Basically I just don't think it's as effective a tell anymore. >> How do I read Sart anymore.
  10. Any chance you can cash that out more? Having a crisis of confidence in my ability to read Quokka Buddy since MR67.
  11. Sis, he claimed Contact. That horse has left the barn Edited to add: Also I think it's worth asking when Raven made that extremely specific read - it felt like TMI territory. Theoretically even if you were minded to look, Informant (and Insider) should be the hardest to pick out. Archer's votes on Royal didn't count because we haven't fixed Tallybot but I have two reports due tomorrow and a conference on Friday so it's going to continue not to get fixed. I think Royal is probably acceptable but yeah. That and niel. I'll work something out for that eventually ig.
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