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    Serving a mission for the LDS church in Texas!
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  1. On July 22, I begin mission service for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been called to serve in the Texas Dallas East Mission, Spanish Speaking. I haven’t been very active for the past while, but especially for the next two years I will not be active. I’ve loved Sanderson for years, and will miss reading his works for the next two years, but I trust in God to support me! If someone I've interacted with over the years is interested in being on my email list, then DM me directly and I’ll add you if I feel I know you well enough. 

    Journey Before Destination,


    1. Slowswift


      Good luck! :D

  2. 314 digits. Idk if I can still repeat them all, but at one point I could. I chose that many because… pi. TPBM can do a backflip
  3. I tread the endless paths and ways,

    Through mist unyielding stride-

    The gritty soil beneath my steps,

    My jog, a tempered glide.


    Approaching wayfarers I spy,

    Their journeys meet their close-

    Their joyful banter echoes clear

    Excitement, fully prose.


    In ancient peaks where whispers sigh,

    Bands of color unfold,

    Beauty, like pages, softly lies-

    Nature’s tales, scripts of old.


    Under the softly burning glow,

    Gazing on quilted skies,

    Clouds weaving dreams in cosmic flow,

    Infinite lullabies.


    My confidence - regained and sure,

    Breath under measured toll-

    A summit gleams before my gaze,

    Glinting in the zephyr.

  4. My official guess: 17 temples 1 in Brazil 1 in Panama 2 in the Caribbean 1 in Canada 2 in Utah 3 in Pacific Islands 1 in Florida 1 in South Africa 2 somewhere else in Africa 1 in Southeast Asia 1 in Illinois 1 in Europe
  5. 5 on AP Calc AB

    5 on AP Bio

    5 on AP World

    5 on AP Environmental

    4 on AP Physics

    4 on AP Lang

    3 on AP Seminar

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    2. Chinkoln


      I’ve been doing pretty good, went to AFY, am about to go on a cruise with my family!

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Awesome! Haven't been to AFY, but I should go sometime.

    4. Frustration
  6. I took my first AP exam of this school year yesterday, AP Seminar, and it was the easiest one I’ve ever taken. It was so much easier than APES and AP World last year.

    I literally wrote three full pages for Part A, and then 6 full pages spilling onto the 7th for Part B. I had already read two of the four sources before, and I had so much evidence I was able to pull in and cite to support my argument. I literally quoted from memory things psychologists had said in academic journals and articles, it was so good. 
    Now I just have to get through AP Calc, AP Lang, AP Bio, and AP Physics next week


    Its late, but May the Fourth be with you

    Today is Revenge of the Fifth. 
    I loved the most recent Mandalorian season.

    I PRed on deadlift with 405

    I sprinted the 400 in 47.09 seconds


    I think that’s about it, have fun y’all 

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Revenge of the fifth... *pulls out Darth Maul lightsaber* 

  7. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I present to you, your 6000th reputation point!

    1. Chinkoln


      You are now a herald of the almighty 

    2. Frustration


      Dang, thanks man.

      I'm honestly rather impressed that you noticed that.

  8. I competed at my state championship yesterday for gymnastics. These were the results!

    Three gold medals
    Three event state champion trophies
    All around gold
    All around state champion 
    Qualified for nationals

  9. I’m a few days late, but Twas my Shardiversary. 
    With a deep sense of gratitude, I humbly express my sincerest thanks to all of the wonderful individuals who have supported me and shown their appreciation for my posts. Your encouragement and unwavering kindness have been a source of motivation and inspiration for me. It is a privilege to be part of such a nurturing community that fosters positivity and goodwill.

    Despite being absent for a few months, please know that you have not been forgotten. I often think of this site and all the wonderful people who make it so special. The moments spent here have been invaluable, and I cherish the memories that we have created together.

    As life's journey takes me on a winding path, I look forward to returning to this platform when the time is right. I hope to be able to contribute to this community once again, and continue to grow and learn alongside all of you. The future is uncertain, but I am filled with optimism and faith that the best is yet to come.

    As I reflect on the past four years that I have spent on the Shard, I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I have grown and evolved as a person, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. With the support of this community, I hope to continue on this journey and make it another four years, and beyond. Thank you again to everyone for being a part of this incredible journey with me.

  10. My philosophy is one of destruction and despair. Duty is but a feeble excuse for the atrocities I have committed. The crown upon my head is stained with the blood of the guilty, and the throne upon which I sit is but a symbol of all that I have destroyed. The sword in my hand is the tool of my destruction, wielded by my own hand. But alas, there are too many rules that bind me. The human form is a curse, a constant reminder of my own inadequacies. I look upon myself and see only failure. I have done my best, yet it was never enough. I tried, and failed, and tried again, yet still it was not enough. I had the power to change the world, yet I left it worse than I found it. I am nothing but a bringer of chaos, a harbinger of death.
    But there is a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Somewhere, there is a home that awaits me, a place of peace where I may find solace. I enter towns, make them mine, yet when I leave, I leave them broken. The words "come and be human with me" spoken by Keaton Henson are a beacon of love in the darkness. But the one who hurt me still haunts me, and in my nightmares they say "I forgive you." Anger is a feeling I cannot escape, but it is also one I cannot accept. It is an ugly thing, and I cannot bear to look upon it. The sun rises and sets, and God teaches me of guilt. When I die, I will be tired, and it will not matter where I go, as long as it is not here. If I were to go to Hell, I know it would be a place of doubt and despair. My only hope is to be free, to let go of all that I have done. I often ask "how can you love me with all that I have done?" But I am not a king, nor a ruler or a lowly commoner. I am not a poet or an educated man. I am death and chaos, the universal force of entropy. I am Scrios.

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    2. Chinkoln


      It originated in my mind, except Scrios which is destruction in Irish, and the quotes I quoted. The quotes came from other people… cause they are quotes 

    3. Frustration


      That do be how quotes work.

      This is some pretty good work man good job. Glad to have you back.

    4. Chinkoln


      Not sure if I’ll be back for long or again, life is life, and sometimes life doesn’t want to be life, so life takes matters into its own hands

  11. I just finished a wonderful cruise on the Disney Dream. Went to Cozumel, Mexico and Disney’s Castaway Cay. 10/10 would do it again. Had a lot of fun and met some great people!

  12. Not religiously, but at times we decide to take a step back and “fast” from the internet of social media. We do this to help recenter our focus on God and Jesus. Also, we do religiously abstain from alcohol, drugs, smoking, wine, swearing, and premarital relations of a… personal nature. I’m probably forgetting some embarrassingly obvious thing we don’t do, but those are the big ones.
  13. The entire time I was watching the BoM video, I was just thinking “Imagine they cast Jason Momoa as Jesus Christ.”
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