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  1. hey Stag, where've you been? I've missed you.

  2. “We need a distraction. Stephen, go grab a pokey ball thing. Trevor, stop arguing and get Isabelle. I’ll grab professor X. Sound good?”
  3. “No need to thank me. But that was quite a jump back there. I envy your reflexes.” Merl again peeked over the top of the desk, looking with interest at the new arrivals. Isabelle’s creatures looked small compared to what he was used to, but fierce enough he supposed. @Isabelle6060
  4. Merl quickly got over his immediate shock and dove behind some desks and equipment, beckoning Trevor to follow. Merl peeked over the top with staff in hand. “Are you okay?” He asked Trevor.
  5. I’ll maybe accept one punch man. But every other anime I’ve tried to watch, I’ve thoroughly disliked. Also Pokémon is accepted.
  6. “It has been a very, VERY long time since I was inside a cave,” Merl spun in place, getting a good look at everything around him. “or… whatever this is, I guess. It’s very comfortable.”
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