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  1. Asian actors are the way to go, except for the Shin, a couple of the Heralds, and arguably worldhoppers, depending on how recognizable you want them to be between movies. It would be preferential to have the same actor portraying Vasher in both Stormlight and Warbreaker for example. As for casting choices, I will agree with OP that Sadie Sink would be a great Shallan if she was of matching ethnicity. I generally go with Hailee Steinfeld, but she is starting to become too old for the part. Other ideas in no particular order: *Dave Bautista as Dalinar (pretty sure Brandon himself suggested this once) *Charles Melton as Elhokar *Chiwetel Ejiofor as Nale *Gemma Chan as Jasnah *Simone Ashley as Shalash *Hugo Weaving as Ishar
  2. I think it is worth bringing up that Kaladins perception of Moash, and willingness to deal with him, might change after he learns of how Teft died. That might, so to speak, be the last push over the edge for Kaladins ability to forgive Moash or see him as someone deserving of help and/or mercy. Killing Teft might very well put Moash in the Amaram-section of Kaladins mind. It is incredibly difficult to capture someone like Moash, who has access to an Honorblade and Surgebinding. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kaladin does as far as I know not possess enough knowledge to do that and make it work.
  3. I have had similar stuff happening to me. Probably just an accident. As for the topic at hand, not really. I see what you are talking about, but they are really different in manners, appearance and personality as well as backstory.
  4. I don’t think it will be, and I do think some collaborations are a good idea. As long as Brandon is around to make sure that everything fits with the main vision things should be okay.
  5. I also think the theory is good, but I doubt that Brandon would do the same ending twice. If Dalinar becomes the Shard of War, it will have to be very different build-up and circumstances for it to work without feeling like a rehash of stuff we have already seen.
  6. I don't necessarily think Adolin should be punished for offing Sadeas. Not to condone murder, but given everything that had happened, and what Sadeas was saying, it was basically self-defense. I do however sometimes think that the plot would have been stronger if he faced some actual consequences for it, mostly because how it worked as something of a cliff-hanger ending in Book 2, and people spent three years debating what the fallout would be. The fact that everyone (except Ialai) basically shrugged and focused on other things was a bit of an anticlimax. But that has more to do with the storyline in general, and not so much Adolins character. I personally really like him. He is a good guy, and the journey from basically being one of the most important and powerful men in the world to having everyone and their mother powercreeping past him is pretty interesting.
  7. I'd argue the Cosmere would be a pretty fun place if Whimsy got to influence everything unchecked. But maybe that's just me.
  8. I saw the first two episodes of Wednesday and wasn't particularly amazed. It was well-made, but felt a lot like every other supernatural high-school-drama around. Jenna Ortega was good, but not really mindblowing in the way that the internet seems to think. She mostly just walks around with a straight face and drops dark one-liners (which is basically Wednesdays entire character, and it gets old/repetetive rather quickly). I wasn't particularly intrigued by any of the other characters either, they kind of felt like stereotypical characters from the high-school genre. Harry Potter did basically everything Wednesday did better.
  9. Whoops, thats right. My bad, forgot that part of it. I think that would be out of character for Adolin to be honest. He is not dumb enough to be tricked into becoming Odiums Champion, not for Rayse and not for Taravangian. He knows that Mr. T ordered a whole bunch of deaths, including his fathers and (indirectly) his own. I also think that Adolin is way to honorable to betray everyone just out of anger at Dalinar. He would have to let Shallan, Kaladin, Renarin and Navani down, which is something he wouldn't do. He is not that single-minded, or that hateful.
  10. For me it would have to be a three-way-tie between Mandalorian, Ahsoka and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. I love Star Wars, and I couldn't be more excited to see that story continue in season 3 of the Mandalorian, and then see Sabine and Thrawn in live-action in Ahsoka. And James Gunn is in my opinion the best comic book-movie director there is, and Guardians is one of Marvels best franchises. I have been waiting for the third one since 2017. What about everyone else?
  11. Obligatory Lord of the Rings mention. Tolkien was catholic, and his christianity defenitely shows.
  12. Agreed. Pre-Oathbringer, Adolin as Odiums Champion was a pretty popular theory, and a lot of people expected his character to go down a darker path after murdering Sadeas. If that is what Brandon wanted to do with Adolin, he would have done it then. That was not the route taken, and I do not see Adolin becoming an antagonist in any way. Besides, we already have Moash as the "friend turned enemy"-character. I agree with your self-awareness xD. Evis body is most likely a pile of ash scattered by the storms, and I doubt not even a Shard could create much from that.
  13. Shalash could presumably get better. Dalinar managed to temporarily heal Taln at Thaylen City, so it shouldn't be impossible. And, as @alder24said, the spren don't really appear to care about madness. Or at least, different kinds of spren have different views on it. The Highspren don't seem to care (ie, they still like Nale, and they bonded Szeth), for example.
  14. I like this reading of the Death Rattle. The one issue I have is that Brandon mentioned that Mr. T taking up Odium was something he didn't decide upon until writing RoW. He might have foreshadowed for that eventuality way back in WoK, sure, but it does hurt it's likelihood of being true a little for me. Reforging the Oathpact is a pretty popular theory, or was, at least. I myself like it, and think it would make a cool ending for SA5. I know a lot of people have issues with it though, and it might be too predictable, and would essentially reset the story to what it was at the start of WoK, but with people we know as Heralds instead and Taravangian as the holder of Odium instead of Rayse. Also, even if we get new Heralds in SA5, I strongly doubt that Lift or Jasnah would be among them. Lift is still a child, and I doubt she would be allowed to take up that kind of burden, and Jasnah is the queen of Alethkar. The people needs leaders and scholars, and she is both, and cannot be afforded to be lost to eternal damnation on Braize. Shalash has no surges, as far as we know. Her Honorblade grants Illumination and Transformation, but Nale was the only Herald to actually bond a spren and gain access to Surgebinding without his blade. It is feasible for Shalash to bond a spren of a different order than the Lightweavers if she so chooses/is deemed worthy. Common speculation pegs her as a potential Dustbringer, mostly because her recent penchant for destruction of various paintings and because the planned flashback-characters won't add up with the Orders of Radiants otherwise.
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