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  1. Happy birthday Fire! 

  2. Dear me, you have no idea how much this excites me! We are bringing Borio's reality farther into our own! Soon an incursion will be upon us as the realities bleed into one another! Seriously, I'm really looking forward to your Storio and am excited to see how your sticker projects turn out! Also, I have a couple new stories to share! These ones were written by a friend of mine with no access to this site, so I'm reposting them here with his permission so the rest of y'all can enjoy them! They've been revised and edited for spelling, grammar, and detail (with his permission), so I kind of co-authored them a bit, but they're still his story ideas. He's actually written tons of them, but here are the first two! Borio Singaldi and Exhibit A Borio and the Locked Janitor's Closet To give credit where it's due, my little sister had a little input on this story's resolution, suggesting Borio be stuck in the closet for an hour before realizing the obvious solution. So... it's a three-way story! He's written more of these in the museum setting, so stay tuned!
  3. I present to you all a new Borio Storio! This one serves as introduction to a new villain character because worldbuilding, yay! And without further ado... Borio Singaldi and the Cynical Perspective Garius Penskrower and the Wisdom of the World I even made a theme song for Garius Penskrower a while back, might as well share it on here now.
  4. Hahaha! Dear me, these are brilliant! I love them! That hippy's mustache almost makes him look Borio-like!
  5. And here is yet another one to be added to our anthology of questionable canon! As the first of many works in progress I'm finally finishing up, I proudly present to you... Borio Singaldi is Not the Star of This Story About Death This short story was inspired by a conversation/story idea a fellow missionary and I came up with that I finally took the effort to pen. Yes, even when I try to write flash fiction, it's still over 2000 words long. Tee hee!
  6. Firerust had been summoned twelve pages ago, but was busy eating cupcakes. He grumpily stomped back into the Longest Thread, grumbling about his Eagersmart Applegrove Swirl eating being interrupted and yanked into yet another misadventure.
  7. The Black Piper has launched their newest project on Backerkit today! This group of incredible musicians is in the process of raising money to afford creating a book soundtrack for the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, starting with the first book, "The Black Prism". Yes, I said book soundtrack. These guys are in the business of creating original scores for works of fiction that have not left the medium of novels, premiering with their debut album "Kaladin" a few years ago, based on The Way of Kings. Support these guys on Backerkit and make this album a reality! I am not a member or an official representative of the Black Piper, nor have I ever even read the Lightbringer series. I just love these guys and want to help support them in their efforts to make this music a reality! So I implore any and all of you who may be interested to check it out! Let's help make this happen! You can find it here: https://www.backerkit.com/c/the-black-piper/the-black-prism
  8. I'm not done yet! So long as this is my thread that I've started and double-posting or even triple-posting is allowed, I'm going to keep on sharing these songs in the desperate hope that anyone will notice them! And here's a big brain moment... it's not a double post if people respond... So here is a compilation of the past three songs I've shared on here... And then for the REAL new song... This one! This one is very different from any other Mistborn song I've done, since I wanted to go for an ethereal, out of this world sound for the Cognitive Realm. I really hope you guys enjoy this one!
  9. And here is the third and final song I made for the prologue of The Final Empire: New Days Are Coming! Based on the scene where Mennis and the other skaa get up in the morning to find that Kelsier has killed their noble lord and all his soldiers and burned his mansion down, effectively forcing the skaa into freedom. I hope you guys enjoy the music!
  10. I was worried no one would notice this, so thank you for that. For your kind words and the fact that you said anything at all. It means a lot to me. And now that I'm back and have a new video released since the last post, here is the next and newest track in the series, set during the prologue of The Final Empire! Featuring amazing artwork by the fabulously talented Deandra Scicluna, this is Visit From the Survivor!
  11. I'M BACK, YOU GUYS!!! IT'S TIME FOR MORIO OF BORIO!!! (I asked if it was okay to necro a thread I made and they said it's okay.) Dear me, it's good to be back. I hoped more Borio Storios (yes, that is what they are called) would be written while I was gone on my two-year mission, and while there are but few, they are delightful and I love them. Thank you guys for participating in this fun little dream of mine. The longer it goes on and the more people we can bring into it, the better, I think. I have several Borio Storios in the making that I look forward to posting when they're done. And I hope bringing this thread back to the front can get more people to join in again or for the first time. I don't want this mustachioed dream to die! Fortunately, I have one thrilling tale ready to share. I'm only sorry I didn't share it with you all sooner. It has come far, far too late, but I now present (what may be) the conclusion to a Storio I posted the first part of precisely three years and one day ago. So now enjoy the thrilling life-or-death chase that ensues in... Borio Singaldi and the Date That Goes West... PART 2!
  12. HELLO, EVERYBODY! It's been, what, three years since I last posted on here? Ooh, that's been a while. Let's go over this again from the top. I'm happy to say that I've done a lot of work on my Fanmade Mistborn Soundtrack in that space of time. I want to share every single song, but that would be double-posting upon triple-posting galore, so for starters, I'm just going to share the YouTube playlist I made that has every single publicly released Mistborn song I've ever made. And every new song I post will be linked in this thread hereafter. I know it's been a while and it's understandable if y'all forgot this ever happened, haha, but I am back and I want to plug this music wherever I can! I love Mistborn, I love music, and I love making Mistborn music. It's my dream to one day compose the official soundtrack to a Mistborn movie series. Or if that doesn't happen, at the very least a concept album or seven. So, here we are with the updated and still updating Fanmade Mistborn Soundtrack!!! Any and all feedback and song-sharing is most welcome and appreciated.
  13. Two Steps From Hell's newest album Myth, woot woot!
  14. Avatar Aang couldn't let this stand and set out to destroy the Cabbage Nation for no good reason. But he was stopped by Ahvatar Ong, who had never interacted with cabbages and saw no reason in destroying them, or doing anything for any reason for that matter. So they argued over tattoos and the Cabbage Nation was left to rise to its peak with no interference from it's greatest threat.
  15. So one of my old, unused pairs of glasses had its lenses popped out and were left sitting around, so someone set them down on this book of mine that was also sitting around, and it's been sitting on the kitchen table for days. Only upon moving them off the table today did I realize the absolutely hilarious coincidence it is that those dislocated Lenses were on top of that particular book.


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