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  3. Outside the Departyment building, Adren waited for the rest to arrive. In his head a high pitched voice was practically screaming, Mercy was so excited to finally be allowed to visit the Departyment and Jethro was less thrilled, but didn't want to miss anything funny that may happen. "I don't know why you would never let me come and party. You didn't even need to take me. I could have gone with anyone, but you wouldn't take me out of your ear, just for one night. There are plenty of nice people, like the ones we're waiting for." Mercy trilled into Adren's skull and anyone around who was willing to listen to her. "Why don't we be a little quieter and then we can be loud when we go into the party" "spoilsport"
  4. Not plot here, but I didn't know where to put it. From the depths of the archives comes an ancient document. Lost for the last few hundred years it just turned up behind a cabinet in the R&D lab. The original recipe.
  5. This thread is out of the canon plot, any characters can visit at any time. On the edge of the business district in the Alleycity is a large office building, no one is particularly sure of its size. The top of the building is obscured in a multicolored cloud, not unlike a fog cloud that shimmers like a mirage, and anyone that has tried to walk to the top loses count on the way up and gets waylaid as they go. The building itself is a fairly standard office in design, but it seems to be in the process of deconstruction, with doors enlarged and the lower windows broken and repaired with any materials possible. The entire block leading up to the building has been abandoned, not because of the look of the building, but the rhythmic thumping coming from the building around the clock. The windows of this building are constantly flashing and shaking in time with the beat of the music. Entering the building you immediately are bombarded with the sweet smell of a ransacked table covered in platters of cookies, constantly being replenished by a flow of department staff. The sweet smell of pastries is in full war with the other smells, coming from the mass of jumping, moshing, dancing, sweating bodies, coming from the floor and the ceiling. The room is coated in a light fog coming from the DJ booth, with a set of covering the entire back wall of the room and wrapping around the corner to the next wall. The DJ himself, a tall man, with sharp hawk-like features standing behind the fog machines and flashing lights, just working with his mixing table and discs to create the soundtrack for the party. The pale lines on his arms flashing in the changing lights of the rave, His light blond hair shaking every time the bass hits. Each floor of the building is much the same minus the DJ, rows of speakers, tables everywhere with all kinds of confections and bowls of metal powder and an impossibly large amount of people. To accommodate a party of this size the interior walls of the building were removed, although not by a contractor, just by the party goers as the party got too big for the space it was inhabiting. At one point the elevator was broken by the rave and removed along with the walls, but the shaft was kept as a means of transport. The walls having their own gravity that everyone can walk on, the same method that allows the party to extend to the ceilings of the building. Coming in and taking the sights of this place in is a shock to the senses but a welcome one. Welcome to the DA Departyment.
  6. Holding the helmet of under his right arm, Adren nodded to the other denizens. "Here is the atium we gathered." Walking over to the leader and slightly wincing from the movement on his left arm, whispering, "Professionally, everyone here worked hard to get here, and through pain and loss to obtain the atium." Gesturing to his arm covered in the recent gouges from the crystals. "I am going to keep a few beads for awakening research, and I would highly advise that all the members of the expedition are allowed to keep some, it will help keep everyone content, and could be seen as a gesture of goodwill to the other guilds." "Once this is over then what will we do? Can we go find more monsters?" Mercy said to Adren. Subvocalizing his words back, "Maybe we can. You need to ask Jethro if he is up to fighting one though." @kenod @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent
  7. Reaching out with his injured arm, Adren accepted the painkillers, tucking them into the bandage on his wrist. Making eye contact, he nodded a thanks. "The bio-luminescent plants here are very interesting, there aren't many others. I wonder if they are related to the fungus in the field of rebirth." "Isn't that fungus called perchwither?" Still speaking out loud, "That's right, it is perchwither, thanks Jeth."
  8. "The DA is the only place I can think of that it would not upset the balance besides destroying it. And even to do that I believe we would need Voidus." Adren ran his right fingers over the bandages on his arm as he spoke, causing his hand to curl at the small spikes of pain. "I would also like to get some more samples on the way out of the caves. Maybe take a bath in that hot spring." Looking down at the beads in AIthea's helmet, and smiling slightly, "I suppose we should get counting then, " "Why do you keep touching your bandages, doesn't it hurt? "I always do it with scars. it makes them go numb." "But doesn't it hurt?" "Not anymore" @Ookla the Dreamer @ZincAboutIt
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