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  1. moment when you realize you posted something twice :P

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    2. Doomstick


      you didn't post this twice, how could you?

    3. BitBitio


      nno i didnt i dunno what you’re talking about

    4. BitBitio


      nno i didnt i dunno what you’re talking about

  2. Hiya friends, got some ADHD over here. It doesn’t really affect me as much as most mental illnesses affect most people, so I do hesitate to post here as I definitely have not had nearly the major struggles many people have had with mental illness. Mostly I have a really hard time focusing on certain things, I can never remember what I’m going to say in conversations so I have to interrupt people to get a word in edgewise, and I get random intruding thoughts all the time that are completely off topic. Oh yeah and also (probably unrelated to the ADHD) I feel like a complete failure on a daily basis but I’m working on that, so all in all really not too bad. I’m also lucky in that I have a really amazing support system with friends and family irl and online. Glad to be here and I want y’all to know I’m here for you
  3. fee fy fo fum 

    yours truly sort of forgot

    Bit’s 4th Shardiversary was like 5 days ago but he’s dumb

    at least he’s not a bot

  4. fee fy fo fum 

    yours truly sort of forgot

    Bit’s 4th Shardiversary was like 5 days ago but he’s dumb

    at least he’s not a bot

  5. Dang, that was unfortunate. Someone upvoted a post of mine in this thread from like 4 years ago and I consequently have lost the game. I had a pretty strong streak going too, especially for someone who’s lost the game at some point in their life.
  6. I got it in 6 but hey, I’d rather get it in 6 than not at all. It was pretty tricky because I’d forgotten that word entirely but luckily
  7. Thank you! And double thank you On a separate note, you know that awkward moment where you create a poll to decide your pfp and it’s a 50/50 tie? …
  8. I’d say that this is unlikely given the fact that Dragonsteel is already confirmed to be Hoid’s origin story, and that it wouldn’t be written until after Stormlight is completed.
  9. easy, bring a soulcaster and use it to produce lots of gold and buy Breath with that.
  10. Thank you! Thanks! Yeah, definitely has been. STICK Heck yeah! k but at least you were never middle-school Bit level-cringe glad to be back.
  11. hey so basically hi everyone, your favorite tryhard/spaz/mediocre comedic relief has returned to activity. probably mostly gonna be lurking around but it's good to be back. I got Rhythm of War and Cytonic both right as they came out but proceeded to read neither one until early 2022 (cue the gasps of horror as everyone realizes I had a whole Stormlight and didn't read past the prologue for over a year. a travesty I know). I actually pretty much completely stopped reading any books at all from late 2019 all the way up till this past December and now oh gosh help I'm obsessed with Brandon's works once again. I'm basically all the way caught up except I do still need to read all the Cytoverse novellas and I'm afraid I'm gonna end up missing out on The Lost Metal, Alcatraz 6, Defiant, Stormlight 5, and SP's 1-4 whilst on my church mission to Germany that I'm starting this summer. I can't promise too much activity and obviously I am going to completely disappear again in July but hey! This is March
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