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  1. It seems to me that you are thinking too minimalist in that regard. You are asking how to build spaceships with a set of technologies. But that makes relatively little sense. The Rosharans do not want to build space ships. They want to get to other planets. Why build a ship if you can build better oath gates? Why cure diseases if you can conjure a new body and transfer the soul? And so on.
  2. At first it seemed to me like you are right. But pondering it seems to me that Autonomy being Autonomy she and her avatars do value ambition, but the protection of that valuation is limited to individual ambition. Why else would she be able to enslave people and not just anybody but members of the elite?
  3. I should have addressed this part. Leshwi has shown us that Fused can outright betray Odium. There seems to be no influence on their character or mind. Moash serves Odium by another mechanism.
  4. I am sorry, but that does not work purely numerically. There are at most 12 systems with Shards in residence. Shadesmar is still their primary means of trade. These numbers preclude perpendicularities to be mostly limited to worlds with Shards. (Sunlit Man)
  5. We must assume that many worlds form perpendicularities just as a part of the natural environment without any special intervention. Yes, a Shard residing on a planet guarantees that a perpendicularity will form, but that's it. Just as many worlds must have very high levels of Investiture without a Shard being present. (Sunlit Man) The Ghostbloods were in contact with a large number of worlds. The economy described in SP#5 will not work with perpendicularities confined to worlds with Shards or Aethers. That seems a bit lke jumping to conclusions. Spores can die without repercussions to the core aether. Why couldn't a full symbiont?
  6. So the one who is against intervention sends out a dragon who has a very good reason to be angry and is driven by relative powerlessness to action?
  7. Allomancy and Feruchemy grant a strictly limited set of abilities The other powers require an external fuel (Stormlight, purified Dor, Breaths) Aethers bound you to a core aether and are not fully usable without extra fuel on many worlds Spren need Stormlight. Without it a spren gives you only a blade and maybe armour, no powers. But in that case she already would have left Yolen.
  8. Frost seems to be quite influential, having a palace, a throne and personal priests. You are raising an important question. Who dared put his niece in shackles? Do dragons have a government powerful enough to do that? If so, what was important enough to antagonize Frost? And we have a lot of open questions: How does the crew know that she is a dragon? Has she told them? How come they have prejudices about dragons? Does that mean that Yolen has come out of seclusion? What has happened on Threnody? Why does Xisis sink low enough to own a ship crewed with misfits? And even more fundamental, why has the avatar not reacted to Scadrians enroaching on the autonomy of First of the Sun?
  9. Either method would need fuel That they are able to do so does not mean that they are willing to do so Nor does it mean that such people exist on a backwater world Nor do we know the side effects of losing your perpendicularity, respectively the means this happened by
  10. If two Shards found no better way than the cycle of Desolations and one of them was splintered thereby, we must take the possibility that Hoid is correct and only those two alternatives exist, seriously. Yet that does not change the fact that we do not actually know his goals, let alone his plans to achieve them. Exactly. Yet, frankly, to create an uncontrolable power you need a very good reason. It isn't stable. Odium is going to break lose sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. Autonomy is expanding and duplicating herself while acting as the technological police. Harmony is going insane. Cultivation and Mercy are on very dubious paths. The current era of stability is doomed. One might see Shards as warping the mind to follow a narrow Intent without other considerations. Basically taking up a Shard is kind of accepting brain damage in exchange for divine powers. The problem with that is obvious. It seems to me that the better solution, if it came to that, would be to splinter all Shards. Personally, if I had to join anybody, it would be Kelsier, because his motivations are rational and understandable, albeit not very nice.
  11. It seems to me that Hoid, being one of the original 16, ought to know the answer to that question. This sounds more like wondering what the consequences would be and, thereby, whether this should be done. Looking at Hoid I would tend to dismiss the idea that they shattered Adonalsium only for the power. If they had a good reason, undoing what they did isa bad idea all things being equal. Or alternatively, he is talking about Honor.
  12. I'd see it as stupid to create your own overlord. If I may speculate I think the fundamental conflict of the Cosmere will be between Reuniters and Shatterers, the latter wanting to bring the Shattering to its logical conclusion.
  13. It depends on how specific the Intent has to be. Possible sequence You stab somebody who has a healing power with an aluminium weapon or you use your healing fabrial on somebody wounded with an aluminium spike The power or fabrial fails You conclude from that that you want to systematically research the interaction of metals and Investiture You want to find out whether any effects are changing the metal. So you reuse a spike.
  14. Brandon was forced to limit himself. The main protagonists were not cosmere aware (one exception of course). The far future stories were set on remote planets without permanent connections to other worlds. Will Honor be reforged? - A dragon or a core aether must know. Will Discord be defeated? - A dragon or a core aether must know. Will Odium be free of the Rosharan system? - A dragon or a core aether must know. Is Autonomy waging war? - A dragon or a core aether must know. It is the same issue as having Jasnah PoV chapters. If you have a dragon protagonist running a big corporation, they need to consider these things.
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