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  1. Hello all! Long time no see. Doozy of an article to return for, though! Let's cut right to the chase: Roaring Brook Press will be releasing a kid's picture book titled The Most Boring Book Ever, written by Brandon and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi (who you may know from his Amulet series of graphic novels). It will be 48 pages long, targeted at children aged 4-8, and is expected to release September 24th, 2024. And now without further ado, here's the official blurb: The book is up for preorder in the usual places: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books, and probably wherever else you usually get your fix from. It appears to be separate from Super Awesome Danger, the so-called "Secret Project Zero"—see State of the Sanderson 2023 for more information on that. And yes, if you're keeping track, that makes this the tenth book since he started the Secret Projects three years ago, or more if you count co-written stories. At least this one shouldn't cause nearly as much havoc for spoiler policy... So um, how do you all feel about this news? Let us know in the comments below, I suppose... For my part, all I have to say is *confusion noises*. But hey, all for anything getting us closer to a The Dog and the Dragon storybook!
  2. If marching down there and blowing the place up counts as "natural processes", literally anything does. Drop a bomb? Everyone dying due to fire is a natural process! Shut down the sun? Everyone freezing is a natural process! Set up a forcefield in Shadesmar? People being blocked by it is a natural process! I just can't see that expansive of a meaning being the intent. Especially as that ignores the other part, where he says "'how' is the wrong term". If you were to ask how Kell destroyed the Pits, there's a clear answer: he went and destroyed all the crystals. But apparently if you were to ask how Autonomy isolated Taldain it just doesn't make sense as a question.
  3. This WoB seems to suggest it's more complicated than that, since apparently "how did she do it?" is not a valid question:
  4. In the highstorm it's from the Spiritual Realm through the Stormfather, so for the perpendicularity it's presumably straight from the Spiritual. This would be my guess, personally. You can brute force a perpendicularity with enough Investiture, but Elsecallers are also able to create them with significantly less power in order to transition, so that's not the only way. Dalinar describes it as grabbing a Realm in each hand and bringing them together, so probably a Bondsmith perpendicularity works off different mechanics.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this varies by planet. Roshar has Radiants who can transition between the Realms pretty simply, but Scadrial's magics could be better suited to screwing around with spacetime (the time bubble Alcubierre drive theories mentioned above). We also don't know the limits on Elsecalling objects/other people, so it might be you can send individuals through Shadesmar but have to use space if you want a big vehicle. I think you're right that the perception-shaped nature of the Cognitive could cause issues that drive people to prefer Physical Realm FTL though, both by expanding but also by just making things really unstable over the long term. More and more people viewing their planets as round will affect things too, for example: It is:
  6. Ah right, fair enough. I suspect this is someone conflating the warping with Voidlight's normal visual effect (which I've seen happen a few times) since I can't find anything either, but hard to be sure without asking whoever wrote that line what they meant. Personally, my running theory has been similar: that it's minuscule amounts of anti-Light leaking and reacting with ambient Investiture left over from highstorms and such that's just kind of latently hanging around the environment.
  7. Yeah that's the self-contradictory WoB I'm talking about. It both says that there would be no reaction and that it would explode. I'm not sure how else to interpret him saying it's not from the division of the metals. Can you elaborate on how you're reading it? Sure, but that wasn't the claim, it was that two regular Investitures can in some cases react the same way (which we seemingly also see with Vin killing Ati in Era 1). Wdym?
  8. We did learn about a month after the last post in this thread that the Stormfather did know about Jezrien's death, so either Stormfather mentioning it got skipped for redundancy reasons or he never said anything. Hard to say which, given Brandon also skips over Adolin and Renarin learning about Evi's death or Wax telling everyone he had a memory from Kelsier's perspective in the coin, so it would not be unprecedented. On this, I will note that the below quote from Oathbringer chapter 65 suggests he temporarily grants the power of Adhesion to anyone he gives a vision to. So it does seem to me that Gavilar probably would have a bond to the Stormfather at that point, even if he says otherwise. (As a side note, he's oddly reticent about telling Dalinar that tidbit. I'm not really sure why, but it stood out to me.) I definitely think this is a lie, regardless of whether it's the Stormfather or a faker, because of the hesitation when he speaks about it: Regarding this, I will point to Words of Radiance chapters 82 & 83 where the Stormfather speaks normally (no caps) to Dalinar even before the bond. It's a long exchange, so I'll just quote the part where it switches to showcase that he uses both modes: I will more generally add that we know the Stormfather's behavior in recent years is different from how he was before, because according to Rhythm of War chapter 87 the honorspren and Kalak believe him to be "erratic" nowadays: This is actually entirely plausible to me because of what the W&W Ars Arcanum says about Connection: That said, this is one of the stronger posts I've seen on the Stormfaker theory so far, so props @teknopathetic for that. Also, sorry about replying to an old thread, but since someone else already rezzed it I figured this was the best place to continue discussing the idea for now. Edit: Why the heck are the next page buttons in my post?? They aren't shown in the editor... Technology is bizarre sometimes. Edit 2: Oh, it's paginating the comment at the horizontal line. Well that's new. Guess I'm removing it.
  9. Do we know this? The only WoB I remember on the topic contradicts itself and says both ways, but I may have missed another. It feels notable to me that the anti-tones sound completely normal to people not Invested by the Shard it opposes, though. The book specifically says the opposite: Related thing I've been wondering about—we know that the reason Stormlight glows in a gem is because it's plugged into the Spiritual and drawing stuff out: Presumably it's "screwed into" the Shard... but if so what is anti-Stormlight screwed into?
  10. Asked Brandon about this during the spoiler stream and his reaction was all but confirmation! Didn't even let the question get past the first sentence ("In Way of Kings, Hoid's monologue talks about three great talents: invention, artistry, and intellect.") before saying he knew where it was headed and whoever made that observation should pat themselves on the back because they're very smart, lol. (I think you're the first person I saw suggest the theory, going off search results by date.)
  11. Even then I could buy us just not having seen the effects yet, but that still wouldn't answer how he got it without raising the other questions above about if Leras had access, and I have a hard time seeing Kelsier giving up a god-killer weapon to Hoid in time for Hoid to give it to Sigzil. (My current wild guess is that Frost has it and will bring it over in Book Five, based on a couple odd wordings, but most likely Hoid just has it tucked away somewhere or even bears it still.)
  12. Perhaps relevant: in the center of the highstorm, singer viewpoints describe all of the Rhythms as playing the same steady beat. I could easily see this being Honor's tone and it resonating with the gemstones in a way that allows Light to Invest them like you suggest. I'd guess this is more to do with infusing gemhearts than Adonalsium specifically planning for people to store Light in spheres, though.
  13. I will say, just speaking from my own personal observations: I have seen more new readers upset because they think they're missing out due to how the fandom overemphasizes connections than because they actually are. I've run across several posts from people complaining about not understanding Restares/Kalak because of lack of exposure to wider Cosmere lore, yet I've never run across anyone complain about not understanding Thaidakar for that reason unless they've already been told they should feel that way. And I regularly saw posts complaining about not understanding TwinSoul because they hadn't read [insert some series they assume he's from here], but very few about Moonlight. Generally Brandon writes the actual cross-series references in a way that goes over new readers' heads and so when they keep hearing "you need X, Y, and Z to understand A" they attribute legitimate questions within the individual series themselves to "crossovers" instead of enjoying the mystery for what it is. [Secret Project Four general stuff:] Obviously this is a broad generalization, and I'm sure there are a nonzero amount of people who have genuinely felt the experience was hurt by this, but I think it's significantly fewer than it's made out to be and to an extent a lot of this concern ironically causes that FOMO where it wasn't otherwise present. (Lost Metal does have a lot of flaws, but I think for the most part they have to do with a) Brandon dropping all of Bands's plotlines and b) the ending being Era 3 setup, not the crossover content.)
  14. Agreed, TwinSoul refers to Dlavil's "sister who ran amok on Roshar" and they consider Roshar one of the systems they can't safely access (but phrased in the odd way of "if you count Roshar"... perhaps because the danger is less something inherent and more a rogue wing of the organization hunting them if they visit?).
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