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  1. I'd dispute that. Medallions are composed of multiple parts, of which only the nicrosil is special (as it grants you powers you don't have), and as far as I know, using Medallion you cannot modify the Nicrosil component. The rest of Medallion is simply just a piece of relevant metal, into which you store. As such, since Honorblades are self-aware (so I think they are alive enough for Cosmere), you would be unable to store in them.
  2. No problem, we all make mistakes (as can be evidenced by my misreading of parts of your post). I simply don't think there are any differences that matter. Of the top of my head the only differences between Stormlight and Mists are Mists linger, Stormlight evaporates Mists don't glow, Stormlight does Mists cannot be easily captured in gems, Stormlight naturally is Two of those can be explained via nature of the Shard Mists linger because they are of Preservation, and hence persevere Stormlight naturally 'bonds' to gems because Honor is shard of Connection and bonds Other than that, both can be used to power Invested art, both provide the same feeling to user, both can be drawn in if you have appropriate Connection (e.g. Nahel bond), both can be somewhat controlled by respective Shards. Additionally, we know Tineye can see through Mists, as if they were not there at all. If they were partly regular matter that makes little sense. But if they are pure Preservation Investiture, than it makes a bit more sense. And per this WoB that is something they could do with other Gaseous manifestations of Investiture (possibly with some shenanigans) Breaths are far more different than either Stormlight or Mists, yet it is Gaseous Investiture as well. As such, I don't see much evidence to suggest Mists are anything more than another gaseous manifestation. Storytelling wise, there is also little need to have them be anything else than that. But I am open to discussion.
  3. That is it. I don't think we have ever seen Investiture become physical matter of gas. Well, Soulcasting would be example, but that is something else. But Mists are not that, Mists are the same as Stormlight, i.e. gaseous Investiture. They are both gas in the same sense as air is gas, just with different properties because they are not ordinary matter. No, Mists within Vin act exactly like Stormlight. They power her Invested art (she has run out of metals by the point she starts draws them in HoA), they heal her (she is literally dying when she breathes them in, and then is healed and kills Inquisitors), and they leak out of her. Her body does not convert it to Investiture, it is Investiture already. Edit: Misunderstood here, you don't say she converts Mists to Investiture, but that Mists convert Vin to Investiture. Though I will say I don't think that happens till the end of the fight where she does fully Ascend. The lack of glow can be down to any number of things, for example the simple fact that Mists don't glow at all, whereas Stormlight always glows, even when not contained. Edit: Vin even describes nearly the same sensation as Radiants do, i.e. feeling urge to move, as if light flooded her body etc. Also, Stormlight does not give off heat at all, it is not like plasma.
  4. That is not true, Stormlight is Gaseous Investiture (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/76/#e6353 ), as are Breaths. It is affected by environment, if not to the same extent as regular matter (because it is not). Mists also don't behave as you would expect. It acting in body also does not have to do with its phase state, but with its nature. Mists act similarly when Vin draws them in, https://wob.coppermind.net/events/467/#e14782, because they are the same gaseous state of Investiture. Trapped Light responds to proper sounds, i.e. sounds created with Intent, not to any sounds. And neither sunlight nor electricity is a gas...well, electron gas is a thing, and it actually can interact with phonon (quasi-particles of sound) https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19938-9 . Photons can also interact with phonons (and technically, also can sunlight and sound). Investiture is the third (and fictional) part of Matter and Energy, so Investiture is not matter or energy but its own thing, including when manifesting physically. Godmetals are not regular physical matter that is Invested, they are Investiture in solid state (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/314/#e8929). And in the same way Mists/Lights are Investiture in gaseous state.
  5. I'd lean towards expressed more profoundly and altered a bit, but still recognizably the same resonance (i.e. Windrunner who is Savant of Adhesion might have extra tight-nit group of squires, whereas Windrunner who is Savant of Gravitation would attract more people to their orbit than usual, but that 'surpluss' would also leave more easily). Possibly. The original idea of resonance stems from constructive interference, so greater peak of wave (more power) more pronounced resonance. Though remember that Resonances are more 'metaphysical' than direct powers, so the greater power would not be necessarily that noticeable. I'd say this is similar to effect Savantism would have, so yes. Different means, but similar outcome.
  6. And The Almighty is just another name for Shard Honor. That is why Heralds are sacred. Heralds were also elevated, so having assistance of Herald to elevate someone would not be sacrilege, at least not in eyes of all. You asked for possible reasons for restoring Honor, this is one reason. Them choosing another option to fight, does not mean this is not a possible reason. Not to mention that contest of champions works only because Dalinar acts as if he was Honor (by virtue of being bonded to Stormfather who merged with cognitive aspect of Honor). If you think that is rational you were not paying attention. Odium has little reason to negotiate if he is in position of strength, which he is so long as Honor is dead. Only because Rayse is impatient (and Shard is struggling against him) did he agree to Contest. Smart Odium would simply continue crushing humans till either Dalinar agreed, or he could manipulate e.g. Ishar to stealing Bondsmith and freeing Odium. You seem to be missing the fact that Odium is malicious by nature, and his plan is to basically enslave the entire Rosharan civilization as his slave armies for Cosmere conquest. That is no desirable outcome. No, that was Odium quite likely in both cases. Regarding point one, we have zero information on the circumstances of what happened after Ashynites arrived. Only that within ~20ish years after arriving, Honor has switched to supporting Humans, Odium supported Singers, and Honor created Heralds to protect humans. (You might notice that basically all acts of Honor are in order to protect something or someone). Desolation are result of Odium trying to escape, and Honor being blinded by Intent. And the reason Odium is there, is that he wanted to kill both Honor and Cultivation. Odium is the aggressor who arrived into the system intending to kill and splinter Shards, so it is Odium that plunged Roshar into Desolations. No Odium, no Desolations. No Honor, destroyed or enslaved Roshar. I have no idea how you got that from reading the books. Without Honor there would be no humans or singers left on Roshar! They would be enslaved as Fused to Odium, waging war on everything in Cosmere, killing civilizations and Shards. If you seriously think they should be happy about the sole reason for their continued survival being dead, then will all due respect (and I honestly don't know how else to phrase this) you might have some issues with reading comprehension. Honor is the primary reason humans (and free Singers) even have a chance of survival, not to mention being the reason e.g. Scadrial was not wiped out by Odium millenia ago. Blaming effectively a murder victim for not protecting everyone else but themselves well enough (since they you know...got killed protecting others), is certainly a bold statement.
  7. Because Honor is their god, and many believe in it? Because enemy (Singers) have Shard on their side, so having one would help level the playing field? Because it is better than alternative (see The Evil, Dor plasma storm, etc.)? Because they might feel compelled by their Oaths (Unite, etc.)? Take your pick, there is a lot of reasons. Enemy has a Shard on their side, having one to counter it is vital. At first sure. Eventually, checked by the Intent. And handing that power to someone might be better alternative. Ehm, there is some difference between undirect power of god and broken chair. One cannot get sentience on its own, nor create plasma storms. It is altruism, because Honor has provable history of helping people (as far as we know). They helped save humans after they destroyed Ashyn, they protected humans from Singers and Odium (Oathpact), and they are protecting wider Cosmere from Odium. So yeah, restoring Honor is potentially altruistic act, both on Roshar level, and on Cosmere level. And saying ''no one'' wants a Shard, is rather ridiculous statement. @Quantus answered that rather well. Either she had to wait for optimal conditions for proper Vessel (which is not unusual for Shards), or it required Desolation to start again (so that Stormfather would be willing to Bond someone), in which case this is literally the first time she could even try this plan. Honor is the only reason humans (on Roshar) are still alive, if not for them they would be wiped out after Singers turned on them. So no, Splintering of Honor is not the best outcome for humans, and in-fact restoring Honor would help. Who knows what horrors unchecked Odium would wreak upon Cosmere.
  8. There are Bondsmiths, and they are no longer restricted as they used to be. Unrestricted Bondsmiths are the most dangerous thing in Cosmere. And we already have a scene of Bondsmith repairing a broken temple, which could be foreshadowing. People (and dragons) can do things that are not of benefit to themselves, it is called altruism. And Cultivation is about improving things, growing them. Cultivating Vessels seems right in her ballpark.
  9. Honestly, I think the answer will be stalemate (based on the Emberdark readings). But I'd give slight edge to Roshar. Individually they are stronger, thought at the cost of reliance on more exotic fuel (i.e. Investiture), compared to more self-sufficient Scadrian technology. We know that Connection issue of Radiants will be resolved, and that their technology (fabrials) can run on various kinds of Investiture (fabrials using voidlight). Also, I'd think that Roshar will have an edge in the earlier stages, as they will have easier time moving between systems, since they have much easier access to Cognitive Realm (Oathgates + Radiants + perpendicularities). But eventually Scadrian will have better mobility, as space-ships will be more flexible and possibly faster, which will move the balance on the other side. It is also notable that Scadrians sent ship to First of the Sun, but Trellium bomb would probably not doo much, it is still 'just' a nuke. It might hurt Sibling, but they would regenerate. And Urithirue is gigantic, so you would need something like Tsar bomb to even do proper damage. But it would not hurt it spiritually, so it would not disable the Investiture generation. Also, while theoretically Bondsmith can generate infinite Light, they are limited by 'throughput', i.e. they generate finite amount per second, and it tires them out. Not sure what is 'handwavy' about using pre-established facets of the world? Connection and issues it presents to cognitive entities was established in Secret History, and at the same time we saw there are workarounds, as Ire had Dor there. From the very first Stormlight book we also knew that the answer to these issues exists (Vasher on Roshar), and also that people on Roshar are actively researching it (Gavilar and experiments with moving Voidspren from Braize). Both the problem and its solution have been heavily foreshadowed, so I don't see how it is handwavy at all. Stormlight is one of the prime pillars of Cosmere, one that is more 'magic' heavy than Scadrial. So presence of few supremely powerful individuals should not be surprising.
  10. Nothing in the WoBs you quote supports that Godmetals are not burnable by anyone, they solely talk about Mistborn and Hoid. This WoB is rather clear that there are other Godmetals anyone could burn (and it might be all of them, since Atium should be burnable by anyone as well)
  11. Or more likely Brandon changed his mind, as based on Pattern's description it is 'sort-of' a place, he even literally calls it a place. And since basically all the info on SR is WoB, it would not even be a retcon. If anything, just because of that description I do expect Shallan do actually go there. Hmm...could 'Unite them', have been BAM all along? In that she is calling to him, because she wants to 'unite' deadeyed spren (or singers) with their fragments to restore them? That was by far the best surprise of the chapter Maya deserves the best. That is just Kelek's opinion, and he has not been in contact with Mishram for literally millenia. Sure, it is likely bet, but things change. Perhaps having the vantage point of SR granted her some 'perspective'? Reasonable assumption I think.
  12. They are pretty decentralized, basically only connecting through Kelsier, but he is rather hands-off (if Roshar is evidence of anything). And regarding communication, they uses Seon boxes (Roshar), possibly Tamu Keks (were considered by Brandon as the means of communication) and some trusted couriers would be also an option.
  13. Just because character is sure does not mean they are right. Wax was hundred percent sure Lessie was dead, and he was dead wrong. As such I'd trust Ars Arcanum over the story, since Ars Arcanum has been used to provide us, the readers, with additional information. Or even more accurate information, like in the case of Allomantic table from hardcover HoA which contained the effect of Pure Atium long before most readers realized Atium in Era 1 was alloy. Harmony cannot interfere much if at all, what he let slip is that moving pictures are possible, but absolutely no details about how to make it. Letting Marsh know about how exactly to hack together multiple Invested Arts is rather different sort of information, equivalent information would be letting it slip that Hemalurgic compounding is possible but no other details. And nowhere did such information help them save the world, in fact saving the world was completely independent of knowing how to Compound with Hemalurgy. In fact, Wax was Harmony's chosen agent to save the world (what with being his Sword), so if he was to provide someone with that knowledge Wax makes more sense (especially since he is weak Mistborn and has Hemalurgic spikes). Yup, which makes it more likely that Identity is not the only problem with Hemalurgic compounding. Yeah, but we are talking about Hemalurgic Compounding, i.e. when someone makes themselves (or someone) Compounders on purpose. They absolutely would make themselves OP Compounder, why would they do anything else? Imagine Miles with C-Steel, Wax would be dead. Metalborn while rare are still something like 1:100 if I recall right. So Elendel alone has ~10000 -ish Mistings. And there were multiple Steelrunners in the Terris Village (still probably in single digits), the one Bleeder killed was among the few that left and as such was plausible target. You mean like Set went through the cumbersome process of kidnapping Spooks descedents, and then keeping them in a hidden villlage underground for breeding purposes? Kidnapping two people and spiking them is far easier. Hell, Set are experimenting with Hemalurgy so this is rather close to what they are already doing regularly. Yeah, this thread is talking about future technology. If Hemalurgic compounders became a regular thing, Hemalurgy absolutely is public.
  14. With what tools could he study it? Terris and even Kandra are barely starting to crack spiritual metals, and unlike Marsh, some Kandra are scientifically inclined. Plus Harmony is not sharing information regarding basically anything (and kinda cant), so he would certainly not communicate it. And Harmony is not really sharing info, not with Kandra, or Wax, or Kelsier, and most likely not with Marsh. And even after the interview, she did not include Marshes speculation that Compounding issue was due to Identity Contamination. So he either did not mention it (which would be odd), or it was dismissed. You could spike the donor with 4-5 spikes, then break into them via the Flaw (with assistance of some Nicrosil misting) and control them to store away Identity, before spiking what you want. Kinda cumbersome, but theoretically doable. Yep, it is interesting piece of info. 1-1 Compounders would be still kind of game breaking, F-Steel and F-Gold in one person is quite dangerous combination. But primarily the issue would be societal, not personal. Any society in which such level of power is just two murders away would be quite...different.
  15. Marsh is not necessarily the most knowledgeable on the subject, unless he became scientifically inclined. Marsh is not exactly a scholar, so we should not take him at his word. In fact Ars Arcanum (i.e. Khriss) just says it is no longer possible, and makes no note of possible reason for it. Marsh could speculate it is due to Identity, as he was aware of issues with burning metalminds of others, but that does not mean he is correct. From IRL perspective Compounding is too powerful to be available 'freely', it would distort in-world dynamics too much. Set would be unbeatable, any villain (Trellist in Era 3) would have gigantic advantage (especially if they had access to Trellium to shield from influence). Why would Brandon close this option, only to open it up again? I suspect if it will turn out to be possibly, it will be rather risky and complicated process, and as a result only very few will be capable of it. There is no additional step needed there, if you spike Feruchemist, you can use their metalminds. So Identity is not nearly as much of an issue in Feruchemy as it is within Compounding.
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