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  1. Sometimes the thing that makes it most difficult for me to be a Christian is the behaviour, both past and present, of other Christians. The only consolation I can offer is that Yeshua made it clear to those who follow Him that just because they pay lip service to Him doesn't mean He considers them to actually be His followers. You have every right to be harsh. It should be a lesson to us all that our goal is not conquest and pride of place, but love and humility.
  2. I'd better check back in this and read them then! This is a very interesting topic and series And about procrastination, I wouldn't know anything about that ... That sounds awesome No rush, do it when you can, but when you post it just send me a message in case I miss the notification. I should probably send you my regular email as well in case I'm off the Shard for a while, too.
  3. I need to log in again more often. This is very interesting @Trutharchivist How many of these have I missed?!? (Also, I promise you, before the end of the weekend I'll have responded to our outstanding PM(s) - I'll try to get it done before the end of today!)
  4. Can't believe I forgot to wish you for your birthday! Happy birthday man, I hope you had a great one!

    1. AquaRegia


      It was fine, tempered by a family hospitalization... but I was able to help and she's out now.  Thank you kindly!  I wish I could have got a new Sanderson novel as a gift, but I have them all already. 😉

    2. Ixthos


      Sorry to hear about the hospitalisation, but I'm glad all is well, now 🙂 and yup, novels make great presents, though I hope whatever you got instead was still a nice gift 😀

  5. Thanks! And thanks for the link, I'll check it out Also, just a heads up, you can tag people using the @ symbol, so if you type it and start typing a user name, it'll offer you the option to make it a tag that will notify them, like this @Klaught
  6. Happy birthday!!! Have a beautiful day!🥳

    1. Ixthos


      Thank you Dagger! I hope you also have a beautiful day today (and have a slice of cake for me, too 😉)

    2. Little_Dagger


      Always happy with an excuse to have cake!😉

  7. Happy birthday, Ixthos! ❤️

    1. Ixthos


      Thank you so much Robin! I hope you're having an awesome day today - a day nearly as awesome as you are! ❤️

  8. Happy birthday! You're cool!

    1. Ixthos


      Thanks Thaidakar! You're cool, too! 😎

  9. Merry Christmas everyone! This is slightly belated for me (it's just after 21:00 here at the moment), but I hope you are all enjoying this holiday and are having a blessed time with family and friends, in fellowship and in love. Though this probably isn't the actual day He was born (and I've heard a good argument it is actually Nissan 1, which is late March / early April), it is still good to remember that He came and WHY He came. May you all know the peace and blessings and favour of the LORD God, and may this time be a blessing to you all!

  10. Thank you If you'd like to do that it would be appreciated the reason I did a SU and a post in General Discussion was to spread that greeting and wish and blessing as far as possible on the 'Shard, so if you would, I'd be grateful! Hmmm ... with regards to the General Jewish Discussion thread, commenting there sounds nice, but as I'm a Goy I don't know if it would be appropriate. Still, thank you
  11. I already did a private PM, and a status update, about this, and I know I'm still a few hours early in my time zone, but to all the 'Shard's Jewish and Israeli members, Happy Chanukkah! I pray you are safe and blessed during this time, and that the LORD G-d is with you and blesses you, your friends, and your family. May these eight days truly be a blessing to you.
  12. !חג אורים שמח

    I know I'm a few hours early (at least in my time zone), but still: to every Jewish and Israeli member of the 'Shard, may you have a blessed Chanukkah! I pray for your peace and your safety, and that this may be a time of joy for you. May the LORD G-d be with you all! Have a blessed holiday!

  13. Amen to your safety! I'll be praying for you and yours - I hope you stay safe and this conflict ends soon. The LORD God be with you!
  14. Very belated congratulations! I pray your marriage will be a blessing! The LORD bless you and your spouse and your life together!
  15. Thank you, though I'm not quiet back yet Unfortunately no, or at least I don't think so. Chuck apparently originally started out doing text reviews, but all his stuff over the past several years as far as I can tell is video only, though I usually listen to them rather than watch them, especially when he covers books. Gotcha, and done. Sorry about that! You too
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