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!חג אורים שמח


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I already did a private PM, and a status update, about this, and I know I'm still a few hours early in my time zone, but to all the 'Shard's Jewish and Israeli members, Happy Chanukkah! I pray you are safe and blessed during this time, and that the LORD G-d is with you and blesses you, your friends, and your family. May these eight days truly be a blessing to you.

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15 minutes ago, Ookla the Hyperpotamian said:

Thank you. Not sure if I currently have much more to say.

If you'd like, I can tag a couple of other Jews I know here. Technically there's a General Jewish Discussion thread somewhere around here, but basically no one comments on it so it's fine.

Thank you 😃 If you'd like to do that it would be appreciated 🙂 the reason I did a SU and a post in General Discussion was to spread that greeting and wish and blessing as far as possible on the 'Shard, so if you would, I'd be grateful! 

Hmmm ... with regards to the General Jewish Discussion thread, commenting there sounds nice, but as I'm a Goy I don't know if it would be appropriate. Still, thank you 🙂

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