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  1. I realized I never updated this with the minor Arcana, so here we go! The Suit of Spears, Swords to us, is associated with the element of air. This being Scadrial, it’s also associated with Mist. The suit is associated with power, change, knowledge, and action, oppression, ambition, courage sand conflict. The suit is centered around the mind and the intellect. It also about the balance between power and intellect and the constructive and destructive nature of actions. It’s negative aspects include anger, guilt, harsh judgement and a lack of compassion. Lord Kelsier’s position as the Mistborn (King) of Spears should surprise no one. With the suit bearing his symbol, and its traditional association with mist, it was almost inevitable. Upright this card symbolizes mental clarity, intellectual power, clarity and truth. Reversed it can mean quiet power, inner truth, misuse of power, and manipulation. Prior to the fall of the Final Empire, the Mistborn cards either held random figures or the Lord Ruler. Some decks shortly after the fall have Lord Kelsier appearing on all four Mistborn cards. Others placed Lord Kelsier on Spears or Metals, Lady Vin on the other, Emperor Elend on Bands or Boxings, and The Lord Ruler on whichever Elend did not appear. While it has become uncommon to see the Last Emperor and the Lord Ruler on Mistborn cards, The Survivor and the Ascendant Warrior have retained their place. Some versions of this card, particularly in the South, depict the Sovereign rather than the Survivor. The Survivor version of the card remains more common, however. The four Marewill flowers on the ground symbolize the four suits. Added to the four on the Survivor’s spear, they symbolize the 8 basic metals of the Final Empire. The symbol behind Lord Kelsier and in the lower right is Mah, for Mistborn. It is also the symbol for gold, the metal of introspection and healing. In the upper right is the symbol Kah*, for Kelsier. It is also Bendalloy, the metal of the future. Kah includes two crossed spears, as the Survivor was pierced by two spears. (This version of Kah is sometimes found in Survivorist imagery as well.) The Survivor wears a pale blue shirt, symbolizing the blue skies he restores. The brown of his pants symbolizes the brown plants of the World of Ash. He stands before a night sky, for he belongs to the nights. The spear is held in his right hand, symbolizing the rational mind, and rests on the ground, indicating stability. The spear points toward the sky, reminding us of the Survivor’s Ascension. Marewill winds along the shaft, representing intuition. The grass are the green plants the Survivor worked to restore, and he gazes to the right, looking toward the future. *Canonically, the Gold symbol is Mah. I accidentally kind-of confirmed that Electrum is Nah. Working off this, it seems the Metallic Alphabet is phonetic, so Bendalloy should be Kah. WIP images:
  2. Thank you! I’m currently working on something non-Cosmere related (gods of the Belgariad), but I plan to return to these after.
  3. Since you asked way back when… I had a crazy aluminum hat theory, that made no sense, that Shai would be a Ghostblood (which I was too embarrassed to mention, because it was such a ridiculous idea). Had I continued the comic, she would have been a member, thanks to the backstory I mentioned in my original response to you. This is probably the most out-there theory I’ve ever had turn out to be correct. I’m still in shock.
  4. I drew this as part of my Cosmere Inktober pieces. I’m not continuing the comic just now - I started working and have No. Time. Argh! - but this does take place in its universe, so I’m adding it here.
  5. It is not unsafe to name a child for Kelsier and if we were okay with his actions in TFE we should be okay with them going forward. Per WoB (That was given to me at JordanCon.) I specifically mentioned being concerned about Kell becoming a villain, for additional context. (In case you’re wondering: I named my daughter Vin. I did not know the gender when I asked the question.)
  6. Either that, or our questions led Dragonsteel to go ‘hmmm…that could work…’ Making this ascended fanon.
  7. Nope! 1) This person is a businessman 2) This person is not a gambler 3) This person makes a bargain to accept a partial payment and wipe the ledger on a debt. 4) This person appears in a flashback
  8. Nope! 1) This person is a businessman 2) This person is not a gambler 3) This person makes a bargain to accept a partial payment and wipe the ledger on a debt.
  9. Nope! 1) This person is a businessman 2) This person is not a gambler
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