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  1. Ugh, aren't we in the literal last 5 minutes of the cycle? I would move to RBM if necessary to break a tie but otherwise I'd like to avoid it out of principle. I don't even remember any of their posts.
  2. I agree Cash67 is not actually a good option. I don't have anything in particular against TheRavenHasLanded but I'm not voting out of actual reads at this point anyways, I would have to do more rereading than I have time for. So yes, since I have a moderate V read on you, this is fine.
  3. Cash67. Given the current distribution and the fact that it seems like Kas will understand my reasoning if I explain more (although it was admittedly a silly interpretation of Cash's statement) I think a chance of hitting an elim is the better shot here. Edit: Kas, it is also worth mentioning that when I forgot the lovers rule I had just gotten on the thread for the first time.
  4. In terms of the "we automatically lose"-I was interpreting Cash's statement, I intended it as an obviously impossible scenario. Like, the way they phrased it would imply that the elim would become returned and still count as alive, therefore making it impossible for the village to win. I'm considering whether I should vote for one of the 2s. It would increase our chances of hitting an elim, but it might also cost us some discussion time since I'm worried too much of cycle 2 would be focused on me if I didn't flip. Oh, I just realized Kas switched to Weaver. Maybe this is less important then.
  5. See the below post. Vote Tally Ark1002 (2): Aeternum, RoyalBeeMage Cash67 (2): TheRavenHasLanded, Wierdo Wierdo (2): Cash67, Kidpen Eternum (1): Weaver of Lies Archer (1): Kasimir TheRavenHasLanded (1): Archer ... I think the name matching got messed up here, though. https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1ZwRj0HIU8poLFf0MY1MUqQG9zuz0CBoU?usp=drive_link#scrollTo=dnNn6UO8PfH- see the link for the actual votes and unvotes.
  6. "their elimination no longer counts towards win con" was the particular phrasing. I didn't mean it as a serious possibility.
  7. Wouldn't this imply that we lose automatically if the first vote is a Heretic? Since they are dead, I definitely think the last two would be considered "the last two" and become lovers. I feel okay about Cash's explanation. Cash67. Wierdo. Edit: Current tally btw. Vote Tally Cash67 (2): TheRavenHasLanded, Wierdo TheRavenHasLanded (2): Archer, RoyalBeeMage Wierdo (2): Cash67, Kidpen Eternum (1): Spark of Hope Kidpen (1): Weaver of Lies Archer (1): Kasimir Aeoryi (1): Aeternum
  8. No, I'm not assuming anything in particular. I'd like Cash to explain why they said that without saying it was an assumption or anything else. It feels opportunistic. I am generally suspicious of votes that quickly hop on with others, especially if they make that person the current majority vote and especially if it has fairly little justification. Is Wierdo fairly new btw? Obviously I haven't been around in a long time so there are lots of "new" faces I wouldn't recognize. That's alright. Consider sharing some thoughts on the discussion that is going on. Archer has a lot of interaction going on with a lot of people, maybe you should start talking to them and split their attention even more Edit: ... well thats new. Is there a way to disable the thread summary on the right?
  9. Because villagers dying helps the elims win, and elims dying helps the villagers win. So in terms of direct affect, me dying hurts my (and the villager's) wincon, even if there are some positive affects for a villager dying as well. Weaver of Lies. Any thoughts on the game so far? I said that in part to say that this would be an acceptable outcome, although I'd prefer someone else. Really the only way for this vote to go fully bad would be if we got the high priest. I also just saw Kas's question about why Cash assumed we have 3 elims. I think its a very good question, and I did not see a response. For now I'll hop on Cash67.
  10. Oh, I completely missed the Lover rule. It depends on this rule clarification then, but I'd imagine they still become lovers if one is Returned If I Return everyone knows I'm a Priest. If one were to assume I am not a High Priest, the only affect to me is that I can't vote, and I'd say sharing my reads without suspicion allows me a degree of influence that somewhat outweighs that.
  11. Wdym? We have to identify all the heretics regardless, since our win condition is eliminating them.
  12. NOOOOOOO Oh, I'm a bit late to the party. I should be around until the cycle end though. Although actually-do we want a Heretic or a Priest to die today? I'm thinking a Heretic would be ideal, but there is some benefit to a Priest dying as well. So if I were to die it would be an okay situation for me, other than the whole win condition situation. @Weaver of Lies Weaver of Lies seems to be a sensible next target.
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