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  1. Hail the one that I presume to be the leader (or creator) of the Ghanderflaffle Empire!

    also happy birthday

    1. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      I don't know what her connection to the Ghanderflaffles of TLT is, actually. I don't think she made it.

    2. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      I also don't think so, but I don't know any other Ghanderflaffles, so...

  2. It's apparently your birthday, and even though I barely know you, I'm going to wish you a happy one!

  3. Happy birthday, fellow Nebraskan!

    1. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Wait, Ghanderflaffle's a Nebraskan?

    2. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      It says so on her PFP.

  4. What's this? A shardiversary post? :o

    Shocking that I've been on this site for five years already. I have really enjoyed getting to be a part of this wonderful community. I may not always be the most active, but everyone is always willing to welcome me back when I get some free time again. Thank you guys for five years, and just keep being the wonderful people you all are. :wub:

  5. I have one named Charlie, I got it right after Tress came out.
  6. Kiss jackets, marry hoodies, kill sweatshirts Open toed shoes, tennis/athletic shoes, boots
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