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    Uh... really? Licorice?
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    Madly screams, "NEVER!!"
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    I also intend to do some blathering, a little nattering, and the occasional gibber. But not too much, lest I overdo a good thing.
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    Passionate, with an intense, smoldering resolve. A leashed anger that he used, because he had DOMINATED it.

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    Thankfully not Roshar
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  1. When you wear all your Sanderson shirts when you're in public to maybe meet a fellow fan.
  2. I keep hearing this phrase and I am confuzzled.
  3. Whoops. Not you Stormfather. Other Stormfather.
  4. Actually it's just Cricut vinyl cut into shape and stuck to my phone Edit: Whoops I meant to quote @Through The Living Glass
  5. Eyyyy you passed 1000 posts!! 

    (also your pfp is beautiful and I love it)

    1. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      I know its GORGEOUS

  6. When your teacher starts talking about cattle branding and you uncomfortably turn your shash phone case over to hide it
  7. We had to make a poem imitating the rhyming scheme and rhythm of The Raven. I made mine about the Cosmere. Also I got to go on The Coppermind for homework. Which was fun.
  8. Every time I'm mentioned here I realize I'm not forgotten And it makes me happy So you have FAILED in your goal.
  9. HAHA!! I'm pretty sure that I did that exact same thing. YKYASW you misread Seth as Szeth.
  10. RoW, RoW, RoW, your boat, gently down the stream....
  11. Over hill and under tree, through lands where never light has shown By silver streams that run down to the sea This... isn't easy for me. Just like cheese isn't easy for me to digest.
  12. you have disappointed me

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    2. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      i don't know who this is

    3. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      He's just a friend of mine IRL

      I thought he'd do stuff here

      But he didn't

    4. Immortal Platypus
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