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  1. When you're singing Something's Coming from West Side Story in Choir and you get into character to sound excited by thinking about Wind and Truth
  2. Oh! Hehe, I do, I am super slow(literally the slowest on the team during the season but that's okay!), but yes, I do sometimes!
  3. I showed it to a friend who hadn't read Stormlight. She was extra confused cause she didn't know memes.
  4. When listening to Way of Kings(specifically the Bridge Four and Droplets chapters) motivates you to run longer and more often with your friend. @IheartKaladin4eva
  5. I haven’t seen you active lately. Wassup? You doing alright?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      Yeah, I just got a limited internet time, also school, and so I'm a little less active. Still here! Not dead! Just limited.

    3. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      Thanks for asking though ❤️ 

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Glad you’re still around! And anytime. 

  6. Not really a Swiftie... but looking at some of the lyrics and saying ...are you okay, Taylor???
  7. When you wear all your Sanderson shirts when you're in public to maybe meet a fellow fan.
  8. I keep hearing this phrase and I am confuzzled.
  9. Whoops. Not you Stormfather. Other Stormfather.
  10. Actually it's just Cricut vinyl cut into shape and stuck to my phone Edit: Whoops I meant to quote @Through The Living Glass
  11. Eyyyy you passed 1000 posts!! 

    (also your pfp is beautiful and I love it)

    1. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      I know its GORGEOUS

  12. When your teacher starts talking about cattle branding and you uncomfortably turn your shash phone case over to hide it
  13. We had to make a poem imitating the rhyming scheme and rhythm of The Raven. I made mine about the Cosmere. Also I got to go on The Coppermind for homework. Which was fun.
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