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  1. "The "the" is part of TLT," the Platypus muttered. "See? It's not that bad. If you're a Narrator, there's not a chance in the world you're getting out, but otherwise, you're fine."
  2. I heard someone discussing a DND session, but I forgot who it was
  3. "Um... It shouldn't've taken that long. The screening process isn't very intense. Unless you want to get out. That's really hard to achieve once you've entered, nearly impossible if you're a Narrator."
  4. "The fourth wall doesn't survive long in a realm connected to TLT."
  5. "I'm not from TLT," he says, squinting his eyebrows. "I just know some people from there." The Platypus just looked at 13 for a minute. "You realize I know Platypus, right? His Author said that you talked to him about TLT. And also that you would spend time on there when it was random, before the age of plot."
  6. "For the record, I am no ordinary platypus. I am a Platypus." "I feel personally attacked. You are describing an entire species you know. Would you like it if I described you as a gorilla plus a naked mole rat plus a dolphin? "Wait. Do you know Plot?"
  7. "So? I guarantee that my food is better." "I have absolutely no idea, but there's apparently waffles, pancakes, and a single burger."
  8. I expect you passed the test. How'd it go? How many tries did it take? Get any good advice?

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    2. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      yeah, him.

      yeah, don't do that. they kinda need breath :P 

    3. Edema Rue
    4. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      what do you mean? They need breath.

  9. "Why would it be sad? The elixir of the gods is far better for you," the Platypus says, confused.
  10. "I noticed," the Platypus responded equally as dry. "Do you have any others?" "Probably a good idea not to have Nowhere here. He'd be eager to analyze it, and I highly doubt this is easily analyzable. On the other hand, maybe it's a great idea for him to be here." The Platypus stared at her incredulously. "I am literally a Platypus. I do not eat either."
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