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  1. Hey, will ya'll fill out this form for me? I'm not actually going to the places it says I am, but I need it filled out for a school project. Thanks!

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    2. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      Thank you all so much, this was super helpful!

    3. Cash67


      picked the ones with cool names

    4. Aeoryi
  2. have you ever heard of Maiden's Kiss? yeah, I've never played it and have no desire to
  3. Just got back from graduation. I played in the orchestra and my sister was valedictorian. I now have a blister inside my popped blister. Of all the days for my bow to break, the day when I play Pomp and Circumstance like 10 times was not a good one. I am now almost free. 

    In other news, I am maybe going to explode.

    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Wait your sister is valedictorian? That’s insane. 

      The rest of that sounds terrible though, pretty please don’t explode.

    2. Weaver of Lies

      Weaver of Lies




      Don’t explode, sadly you’re cool enough that you’d probably go out in some awesome way like that.

    3. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus

      yeah, pretty much my entire family has been valedictorian.

      And yes. pomp and circumstance is awful. Exploding would be a cool way to go out. I don't plan on it any time soon

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