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    It's a wild ride, this passage of fate.
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    A tiny planet called Earth. You probably haven't heard of it.
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    Pondering other worlds, whether those be the distant worlds in our own universe, or the worlds we can enter through the stories of others.

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  1. Here's a reminder to update you're about me.


    Also guess what salsashipping is.

    Hint: image.png.c62663f9d439839272792cfde2220705.png


  2. Tinker just shook his head. A smile briefly tried to tug at his face. He couldn't tell if he supressed it fast enough or not. "We're glad for your help."
  3. Tinker blinked. "I've called you Mare before, haven't I?" "I'm just surprised you can talk....if you can help us though, I'll gladly accept you." "Us, standing here, not murdering each other, is defying them. That's what I mean. We don't have to kill each other." Tinker sighed again.
  4. I almost missed your birthday!

    Happy birthday!

  5. Tinker sighed. "Drop it, Mare. If they won't listen just ignore them." He turned to the group. "Okay, we have a tentative alliance...but the gamemakers aren't going to like it. And I also don't like the idea of any one of you deciding that their rules are better and it might be nice to be the last one standing. Bickering aside, we need a plan. Are we actively defying them?" @J. Magi @Scars of Hathsin @Spark of Hope @RoyalBeeMage @WhyEverNot_8
  6. "I'm Flemr. I go by Tinker. And...the plan is to survive, I suppose. And not kill unless in absolute necessity for defense."
  7. Tinker stood to the side and blinked. Didn't...they... literally just meet? The sudden display of support baffled him. As he stood there, though, he couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face. Even after all this... He walked over and knelt on one knee, not participating in the hug, but staying near it. @Scars of Hathsin @Spark of Hope
  8. Guys...

    Who is Will?

    And why are we firing at him?

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    2. Spark of Hope

      Spark of Hope

      Ever heard the phrase “fire at will”?

    3. J. Magi

      J. Magi



    4. Just_a_Fan
  9. Tinker started from personal thought. "What?" He asked.
  10. "Uh...no. I didn't realize you were taking apprentices now..." Bookwyrm hesitated. "I came to tell you that your master has been killed."
  11. Hey you!

    Happy Birthday!

    (By the way, you share a birthday with my brother...)

    1. Weaver of Lies

      Weaver of Lies

      Thank you! That’s awesome!

  12. "Calm down," Tinker said. "If there's anything I've learned it's that you can't trust what that worm says. He's manipulating you. He's had his eye on me for far longer than you, and he never offered me anything of the sort. Despite clearly knowing that's the only reason I'm here. "Open your eyes. Blindly killing isn't going to save your family. Emeric isn't going to save your family. Just...calm down, and let's think this through."
  13. I'm quite happy with my AP scores.

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    2. Cash67


      imagine taking AP exams

      Coudn't be me

    3. Spark of Hope

      Spark of Hope

      Stop flexing we know you graduated college

    4. Cash67


      Hehe. Y'all will get there eventually. But I also kinda just didn’t do AP. Or dual credit. Went into college with zero credits. Cannot recommend. 

  14. "Wait," Tinker said. "You were thrown in here? I knew it. The whole willingness thing was a lie, if they're coercing 'volunteers'..." @Spark of Hope
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