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    just waiting for doors of stone to releace.
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    South east Asia
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    DnD, board games, reading (read the wheel of time in about a year and a half. Storm light in 3 weeks. King killer chronicles in about a week. Definitely not a nerd with to much free time), mythology( mostly Greek and Roman), rock climbing,

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  1. "so i dont think i caught your name..."
  2. @Lord Spirit @The Stormfather @Unintelligenius @anyoneelse
  3. "what are you? who are you? and what do you have?" roy asks menacingly!
  4. "huh! you actualy managed it!" ares said a little surprised!
  5. "thats what i am trying to find out..."
  6. "we are trying not to freze while learning about shu-derith."
  7. "no problem. try not to get hurt again...."
  8. roy sits there enjoying the lessions.
  9. roy nodds calmly... before moving closer towards kresh for warmth...
  10. "are you looking at us?" the yellow and brightest spirit asked?
  11. "anything... i know nothing. but i am also cold..."
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