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  1. He grimaced, whatever discomfort Roy caused him, this made it worse. At least it wasn't really directed at him. "I've still got some spore vines, if you want."
  2. He thought about it. He did want Roy to leave, but he also hated making a potential enemy. ". . ." "That's fine with me, I guess." "Alright! It would be cool to eat something that isn't those spore vines."
  3. Nice!! The armors layers look really great
  4. "I did. And I decided you weren't safe."
  5. Hmmm I really hate to be that person but in the past, the shard has had a fairly strict 'no AI art' policy for posts like this (do to it's unethical means). I've never heard whether or not that policy has changed, so if it has that's my bad. I'm not entirely sure if this is alright or not, because the generated images aren't directly in your post (at the very least, I'd mention it's AI somewhere in the post, but that may just be me). Just something to consider for the future, if you weren't aware.
  6. ". . . we don't really have much of plan. Ideas?"


    That's it that's the su

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    2. J. Magi

      J. Magi

      I knoooooooooooooooooow

      The idea of going to an event like this is nothing more than a distant dream for me, for various reasons. And the fact that they're doing something so magical and incredible makes it even sadder.

    3. WhyEverNot_8


      Oooooooooooooh das cool

    4. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Hey Magi come to con next year okay?

      Because if I miss getting a ticket again I will literally offer my soul in trade on eBay for one

      So come and we can meet and it’ll be epic (last year I only met guy sharders and every single one was so much taller than me lol)

  8. Sharp felt cold anger rise inside him, but he tried his best to push it down. Roy wasn't the source of that anger, even if he'd reawakened it. He knew should sympathize with him. "Listen, that's horrible, and I'm so sorry that happened to you but . . . We all have stories like that. The games took volunteers this year, but that doesn't mean we want to be here. We were each forced into this for one reason or another, just the way you were." He didn't share his own story. This wasn't the time for that. "I'm not trying to write off what happened, I'm just saying . . . you don't see me attacking people. Even when it's in my best interest, believe me." He sighed, knowing how preachy he sounded. Hating how he sounded like him. "I guess I'm just trying to say that . . . I understand your reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that you aren't safe for my teammates to be around." "And . . . and maybe later you won't be safe around me. I'm not threatening you, I'm just saying that's how this game works. That's all." Sharp had no idea if he'd misunderstood, or even made things worse. He was terrible with people. But he'd said his piece and that was good enough for him.
  9. Ahhhhhh noooo . . . I'm actually here for a new release and I have to decide whether to wait or not . . . What's a girl to do . . .
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What about Nalthis/ Awkener games? It could be cool to have the arena set in a place like the court of the gods place in the books, so it's in this temple-like buildings? Idk
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