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  1. "MMmmmmh," Kurtis eyes him skeptically. "I'm not supposed to accept bribes . . ."
  2. "Well . . . for one thing we'd need confetti."
  3. "No . . . as an officer of the law I kind of have to . . ."
  4. His forehead wrinkled. "I uh . . . I think I need to report you for that . . ." Kurtis glanced at the plants again and sighed. "But let's deal with this first."
  5. "I can't really do that either . . . My powers are far more limited and delicate than they seem."
  6. Kurtis stared at him, obviously not understanding. "I thought all the dragons were gone though?"
  7. "Maybe, but that's not something *I* can do."
  8. "You can do weird magic right? So you must be a 'weird magic expert.'" He sighed. "Look, I don't know how any of this works.
  9. Alright . . . hmm, as for input: Do you have a plot in mind, or would it just be us messing around and occasionally using magic? It doesn't have to be complicated, but it can help to start from somewhere. Is the setting basic, high fantasy or are you thinking of a different time period/aesthetic?
  10. Ari blinks. "So that's what Sir up is . . ." She mumbled.
  11. "That sounds . . . dangerous. Are we talking about Sleeper? Because I can only reconnect his soul to his body, I can't help if something goes wrong and he no longer has a body."
  12. "I don't know!" He glanced at their companions. "Do any of you people know if it's the work of your magicy stuff?" Kurtis was rather unfamiliar with it, as he'd only been on the planet for a short time. The stories he had heard were inconsistent and exaggerated. @TheRavenHasLanded @TwinSouls @Scars of Hathsin @witsthebest
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