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  1. Kasa slowly found a seat, leaning her head against the window and wondering how she was going to find a man-- I mean, how we're going to complete this quest. Obviously. She coughed loudly, then shook her head and fell into a sleep like daze, staring out the at the scenery.
  2. Kasa shrugged. “I wouldn’t know…but then again, you’d think it would take more then one life or death experience to fall for someone.” She laughed, and was relieved when it didn’t sound forced.
  3. Kasa rose, coming over to stand next to Jenny, a smirk on her face. "They really got on with it, huh," she said, shaking her head. She tried not to wonder what it would be like to have someone like that. Someone that cared for her the way Edger did for Jenny, or Lucid apparently did for Ashton. Her smile weakened, but she held it together. So they'd gone off together on a quest and now they were super close. Cool. She deliberately started braiding her hair, giving her an excuse to not look at the two of them.
  4. Hey guyssss

    So I'm going on vacation and will have no shard time so uhhhh I'll be back on Friday!

    Also musicians!! I heard THE most relatable thing I've heard in a while from my friend:

    Friend: *is practicing viola*

    Friend: "Good news!!"

    Me: "Hm?"

    Friend: "Grace notes are no longer the devil! They are now only the devil's advocate."

    Wise words indeed

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    2. WhyEverNot_8


      See ya!


      *Forgets what grace notes are*


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      Have fun on vacation!

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      Love you!!! So sorry you have to get up at 3AM to leave-


  5. She looked over at Jace, but decided not to approach him. She didn’t know him all that well. Instead she sat down at an empty table and kept her eyes open.
  6. Kasa called his name louder, then turned and went back inside. Maybe Jace would know?
  7. “Uh…” Kasa turned slowly. There wasn’t really anywhere he could’ve gone, was there?
  8. Kasa stood outside, looking around. Where did he go? Monsters? ”Terrance?” She called tentatively.
  9. Kasa stood abruptly, water droplet evaporating as she watched Terrance leave. We can’t split up. At all. “Be back soon,” she said to Jenny, then followed Terrance. she stopped short once she saw him. “…Terrance?”
  10. Kasa raised an eyebrow, smirking at the delight on Jenny's face, then pulled some moisture out of the air around her fingers and coalesced it into a droplet on the table, not letting the table absorb it. She idly added more, wondering how big she could get it.
  11. This is exactly one of my biggest problems with the books
  12. "I believe you." Kasa idly stared at Timothy with a slight smile on her face. She finished the milkshake, then stretched, looking around, feeling restless. They still shouldn't just be sitting here.
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