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  1. Astra's eyes soften, but she doesn't lose grip of her shardblade. She smiles bitterly upon the arena. "We'll figure it out," she says. She wasn't sure who needed to hear that more, but she knew it needed to be said. "We'll figure it out." She repeats, more assuredly.
  2. Astra purses her lips at the fallen Quelkin as blood drips from her fists, mixed with sweat. She looks at Tondon, then Roy. "Yes."
  3. "The Second Ideal of the Order of Edgedancers," Astra muttered under her breath, shardblade held in her right hand and tilted loosely down towards the ground. She eyed Mark as if the tribute had been a whole different person. In a way, he was. In a way, they all were. Was Astra ever the same after she swore her ideals? No. She could never get that part of her life back. Her ignorance was dead. And her innocence was, too. Now this- this- was all that was left. As she clenched her fist, blood seeped down her wrist. She wasn't even sure whether it was her own or a friend's anymore. @The Stormfather @LightRinger @Edema Rue @Dragonheir @Unintelligenius
  4. Astra summons her shardblade and makes up her mind. "I don't know who deserves life more, dear, but it certainly isn't any of us," she scoffed, glanced at Tondon, and advanced into the chaos, swinging at the weakened Quelkin. "I truly am sorry, darling," she muttered, "It seems I always am." Why was there always blood on her hands? She always seemed to be the one who couldn't escape. Who couldn't escape the blame. And couldn't escape the guilt. Always. She wielded the shardblade across Quelkin's torso, assisting Tondon in this attack. She had to remember why she was here. But freedom, death, life, and captivity were all becoming blended now. The light had blinked away. She could hardly remember when there was any light at all. @Dragonheir @Unintelligenius @LightRinger @RoyalBeeMage @The Stormfather
  5. Astra side steps from the weapons. "The metal clasp, Tondon!" she remarks, nodding to Quelkin's wrist.
  6. "I'm sorry, darling," Astra said softly as she used cohesion to connect the two ends of the metal bracelet, melding them together as if they had been carved as one loop. Tondon, who is burning iron, sees Jaksyn leaving (due to the axe moving away). He follows, storing Connection so nobody knows he’s there or gone.
  7. Astra muttered curses and summoned her shardblade. Astra sighed, gripping the hilt of her blade. If only she was on Roshar- then, perhaps, she could use her plate. "It's one tribute. He can't kill us all." Astra smiled at him, then advanced to Tondon's side, bearing shardblade and eyeing Quelkin. @Dragonheir @Unintelligenius
  8. @The Stormfather @Dragonheir @Unintelligenius @LightRinger @RoyalBeeMage
  9. "Now isn't that a thought?" Astra spun towards the bound Quelkin as if she hadn't yet noticed him. She knelt down, looking into Quelkin's eyes. "Tondon," she called out without looking back, "Who is this fellow?" @Dragonheir @LightRinger @The Stormfather @Unintelligenius
  10. Astra spun around to face him, her hair pulled back away from her face by the wind. She grinned, knowingly. As if there was some kind of... inside joke? A secret, perhaps? "A Willshaper, darling." she placed a hand on her hip saucily, "Why do you ask?"
  11. Astra smiled slyly, and dropped Rivia, not even glancing down as the blade disappeared. "Is it even possible to defeat someone using one..." she repeated, more to herself than anyone else. Then she stepped to the side as the tree fell. @LightRinger @The Stormfather @Unintelligenius
  12. AHAHAHA THE WAY I BURST OUT LAUGHING WHEN I READ THIS THIS IS SO REAL astra's shardblade is just. waiting. in her hands. this. this made my day.
  13. Astra shrugged. She held the shardblade with two hands, ready to slice through the trunk, and shifted her gaze to the others.
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