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  1. And he's gone. This is so weird, we won't be interacting with him for two years, assuming all goes according to plan.

    1. Sequence


      I was much too late to see him go, and I know he won't see this for a long while, but I wish him the best of luck.

  2. Ok, tomorrow is the day!

    Have an amazing few years everyone!

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    2. Morningtide


      Good luck!!! I missed it but you're going to do great!!!

    3. NerdyAarakocra
    4. Cinnamon


      I know you’re on your way and won’t see this but best of luck Sihl, we’ll miss you! See you in a few years!

  3. So, I leave in a few days for my mission. It's a time of change, and I'm feeling a little nervous, but I know that this is the right thing for me to do. And it's exciting! But how did it come so fast?! :P

    Also, if anyone wants to stay in touch, PM me your email and such if you want to be on my email list (I'll try to write once a week--but if that's too much for you, feel free to protect yourself from being spammed :P).

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    2. Immortal Platypus

      Immortal Platypus


      I turned off my PMs :( is there any other way I can send you my email address?

      can you not just turn them back on then turn them off again?

    3. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Idk how lol, I can't find the setting. Not a big loss but it's annoying for situations like these

    4. Immortal Platypus
  4. I got to sit in the pit of Aladdin on Broadway last night! A friend from my internship reached out and I sat with the keyboards.

    There is some really cool tech that they use!

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    2. That1Cellist
    3. That1Cellist


      I think that you must be the main character of this universe

    4. Wittles


      That's so freaking cool!!!!

  5. Man I didn't meet many people when I went last year. It looks like a lot are going this year!! Have fun everyone!! I can't wait to go when I get back from my mission
  6. Lol I just got an email from the Missionary Visa Team

    Guess I gotta fly out to SLC by Tuesday

    I live on the other side of the country :P

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    2. Experience


      Friggin autocorrect

      Buen not bien

    3. Cinnamon


      Oh, best of luck! :).

    4. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Best of luck Silh!! 

      And you've got this! 

  7. Quick, guys, shoot me your audiobook suggestions! 

    I have 32 hours of driving in the next three days so I need content to consume ^_^

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    2. The Bookwyrm
    3. Szeth_Pancakes



      darn i've read that one

      If you haven’t read any other Andy Weir stuff, The Martian and Artemis are both really good.

      I’m currently reading Black Sun, which is pretty good.

    4. S. Stormy

      S. Stormy

      The Outsiders if you haven't yet, it's a classic. Sad, kinda cheesy sometimes, but really good. In my opinion. Although it was written by a 16/18-year-old girl. But it's short so you don't have to commit much!

  8. I'm almost finished with an arrangement of Be Still My Soul for cello, piano, and violin for my mission farewell. It's a bittersweet time. It won't be too long before I say goodbye to my family and depart for my mission. But as I've served in the temple, I've come to appreciate the joy that exists in Christ's gospel and of our glorious purposes. We can live together with our families forever--what a blessing! Because we know of our divine heritage, we can stand on pillars of gospel truth and see past the obstructions that block others. There's an old saying: "you can only pull others up to where you are" or something like that. A year ago, I wasn't prepared. Even a few months ago, I really struggled with knowing whether I was doing was right. But I know that the Lord has prepared me, through my unique life experiences and challenges, to preach His word to the nations of the world. I have felt His power in my life. I never realized how real it was. But there is power in our knowledge, in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and in the house of the Lord. All we need to do is call on it. It's amazing how much the Lord can change your life if you let Him in. 15 minutes of gospel study could alter the path of your life forever.
  9. Woah, my grandpa was the president there 1995-98 so for a second I wondered if you were one of his missionaries.
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