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  1. Granted, but you are the only member of the Stick Cult now, and will always be alone in your temple. And then it burns down. I wish for California to break off and fall into the ocean
  2. Granted, but you will never know why the rest are puppies I wish for an electric cello
  3. Granted, but the bread is still just wheat and the chicken is still alive. I wish for SP1 to get to my house soon because I'm impatient.
  4. Granted, but you are now mute and illiterate, so you cant tell anyone. I wish for all my problems to go away.
  5. Granted, you have the biggest hunchback in the world\ I wish for perfect skin
  6. Granted, but every time you switch, you get lice I wish for forever perfect health
  7. Granted, but he can't talk I wish for a phone with never ending battery life
  8. Granted, but you lose all of your fingers I wish for food
  9. Granted, now you have SUPER sensitive skin, so you get itchy from literally everything I wish for a long weekend
  10. Granted, now they use all of your other social media accounts I wish for energy cuz i feel like a dead battery right now
  11. Granted, but only when there's a full moon I wish for an electric cello
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