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    Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?
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    Stormlight and Emperor's Soul are my favorites. I'm re-reading Mistborn Era 1 so I can begin Era 2. When I was a kid, I thought "oh no, cowboys" and stopped. Now... I am excited for the refresher course.

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  1. Happy birthday! I hope you make more of those epic animations!

  2. Corwin finished nursing his wound. He stood up, only slightly wobbly. "Ready to go? I could go for tacos."
  3. “Ain’t nothing can grab me or tie me,” he said stubbornly, “not anymore.” He stared after Cadenza for a minute as they were leaving, then back at Finn. “You all just expect everyone to be normal and happy and trusting like you lot. Sans the ‘normal,’ I guess. But I just don’t think any of you lot would understand, even if I trusted you to actually listen.”
  4. Corwin turned a glare on Cadenza and Finn. "Was I clear enough?" His shoulders shook slightly, like he was still a little scared, in spite of himself.
  5. ((This is just Corwin's meme, isn't it..?))
  6. "Oh, go write an essay if it's such a big standpoint for ya," he drawled, "I said what I said."
  7. "What do you think happened back there?" he asked, "Not teamwork? Just cuz I'm in an army doesn't mean I can't have basic boundaries."
  8. "Ya deaf or something?" he sat down, planting his butt in the pavement. "I said no."
  9. "Sure, but you don't know that until you're vulnerable," he said, "And I'm fine. Honest."
  10. "It's not my parents or anything. I just- I just knew some bad doctors is all. I can take care of myself. Honest."
  11. "Course not. I just said they didn't care about me."
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