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  1. guys. Twenty One Pilots is dropping a brand new single for their next album on thursday. The 29. I'm gonna cry im so excited. 

  2. What can I say.... Skyward sword is fantastic. And I highly suggest playing MM eventually.
  3. Wiled guess but is your favorite Zelda game Majora's Mask?
  4. I literally declare that this is the case for me in regards to the Cosmere quite often......... Well I guess its my bias of the Cosmere against your bias of the Hobbit.
  5. Well IIII am very fond of your opinion. While I do love the Hobbit, I am not sure if i would go as far to say its, "the best fantasy book ever." But yeah i am equally passionate of the masterpiece that is Tolkien's Middle Earth.
  6. Corins aLrIgHt. Anywho welcome! And c'mon man. Scadrial be waitin for ya. Get readin!
  7. eat more chikin......

    chikin chikin chikin chikin

    I just got a new job guyyyys. You'll never guess where........👀

  8. Harry potter is great. I feel i have personally have mostly grown out of it. Not that everybody has to. People can like it no matter how old. I don't think LOTR is overrated tho. Some may call me a biased zealot. I have certainly been called zealous over the Cosmere. But I do not think LOTR is overrated. Sure its not for everybody. Kinda like the Beatles. But that doesn't make what they did for their industry any less amazing or their art any less of a masterpiece. Or their accomplishments any less spectacular. I just have such immense respect for J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I consider them having god fathered the fantasy genre as a whole. I love those men.
  9. Lost Metal storming killed me. I closed the book and just wept. 

    Any way i think I am all caught up in the Cosmere. Still havent read the new skyward stuff tho. Im gettin there.😝

  10. Exausterwhelmulated The feeling of being Exhausted, overwhelmed and overstimulated simultaneously.
  11. I know its taking me a long time but I finally finished the secret projects. Except for fugal i'm still reading that.

    Sunlit was my favorite. Probably because of all the nerdy Cosmere science stuff being discussed throughout the whole thing. Anyway, I'm not dead guys. I am still here. haha. Sometimes i am at least. 

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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Yeah. Aang is going to be more focused on being the avatar and not on having fun at all. Sokka won’t have his character arc on respecting women.

    3. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy

      Noooo why they doing that to my boi sokka....😭

    4. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy

      I actually just watched the trailer. It looks promising! Im optimistic! 

  12. I love you all. Hope ya guys are having a good christmas so far. :)

    1. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy

      chortles at this accidental post. lol

  13. Almost done with finals.......then i can finally read the Cosmere in peace. All I want is to finish The Lost metal and read the other secret projects. 😭 I have been having a bad time these last few months. 🙃

    1. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard


      I wish you well boomerang guy! And strength and speed to finish them so that you can read!

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