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  1. I just saw this and thought it was pretty funny, so I had to share. :lol: Credit at the bottom of the picture.




    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      Is there a specific stream this is referencing? Cuz I thought he only went for buttons.

    2. Tesh


      This is one of my personal favorites... 


      r/Stormlight_Archive - I made a fanart comic for Brandon based on silly thoughts I had while watching his livestream. He generously shared it in last night's stream and I thought everyone who also watches the streams would like to see :) The world needs more Magellan! Keeping it flagged for …


  2. Welcome, we’re happy to have you! Who’s your favorite Cosmere character?
  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Rebecca


      Thank you!! ^_^

    2. AonEne


      I'M LATE TO REBECCA'S BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



      HIGH FIVE 

    3. Rebecca


      Ey, no worries haha. Thanks! 
      *high fives back*

  4. Thanks so much for doing this again Tesh, I think it’s awesome for everyone to be able to share their stories here. If anyone is interested, here are the green 17th Shard symbols. I did not make these, I just have them saved on my device from previous years.
  5. 1. I...don’t have any? It’s a more recent thing that’s come up and I haven’t been as active on the Shard recently. I have friends and if anyone wants to call me their shardbuddy, go for it. I’ve just never really used the term. 2. Creativity, effort, something I agree with, and humor. Those are the main ones. Or, for example, if I created a thread and people posted on it, I’d probably upvote most of those because I appreciate that people took the time to look at and reply to my topic (unless a bunch of people started replying but that hasn’t happened yet haha). 3. I’m not sure honestly haha. I follow people whose status updates I like, people I feel I’ve become friends with, or just people who I think are really cool/funny and I want to get to know better. 4. I think they can be related but don’t necessarily have to be. Shardbuddies and followers are pretty closely related in general, I think. I guess you’re more likely to upvote a shardbuddy or someone you’re following’s post just because you’re more likely to see it. But I’m not going to upvote someone just because I follow them, it will be based on my previous answer. 5. No idea haha. 6. Definitely!! PMs, intro threads, little interactions, and all sorts of random stuff. It’s really a cool place here and I have lots of fun memories. 7. Eh, probably not haha. I haven’t been very active lately anyway, so some people might notice, but probably not many. 8. I don’t know honestly. Ene’s right about herself, I think. I don’t know Omi well enough to say, so I guess that might be a yes?
  6. How are you? Favorite flavor of ice cream? What color is the shirt you are currently wearing? Brownie? Do you prefer to sleep with none, one, or multiple pillows? Favorite fictional character? How many strawberries can you eat in one sitting? What book are you currently reading?
  7. Hmm, I’m trying to think back to when I first met her. It was in the TUBA PM. I don’t remember exactly when I first met her, but I do remember that recently after I joined, she and Archer were talking about their kids and then adopted us all haha. She seemed really funny, cool, and creative. I don’t remember much else, but it was definitely a good impression.
  8. I would love to but I’m out of name changes haha.
  9. I love it!!! This is my phone’s lock screen now it looks really cool.
  10. When your cousin has a baby and names her Maya (no, she hasn’t read Sanderson, it’s a twist on her grandma’s name) and every time you hear it you just think of the spren.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to share for today too and didn’t want this thread getting buried. As I was watching The Christ Child today, this is one part that really stuck out to me. You can see in his eyes that he knows this child is the Savior and you can tell being in His presence makes him feel the spirit so strongly. This brings me hope because I know He is the Christ and can help me become better.
  12. This is a picture that brings me peace. Being in nature is so comforting for me and helps me to feel closer to Christ. My friend took this one on our way back from Mesa Falls.
  13. Can I have a baby red panda please?
  14. Someone who represents Christlike love for me is my grandma. All of my grandparents have this trait, but I think this grandma especially works hard to show it. She is just so kind and consistently trying to help others and make sure they feel appreciated.
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