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    The gaseous form of Investiture
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    Reading, skiing, running, origami, piano playing, math, science. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Also, feel free to ask me any math questions.

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  1. Granted. You can no longer feel your toes. I wish my hands never got dry.
  2. Hi you can take me off the MR and LG GM lists. Don't currently have the time to run a game and should probably play a few more games before I would run another
  3. site update's fun
    am still a college adult
    working on fixing my perpetually broken sleep schedule
    have met some lovely sharders
    still have some lovely siblings on the shard
    i've had a hard time finding time to read recently
    y'all are great


    glad these guys are still around

    and su edits ✨

  4. Happy birthday Mist!

  5. Happy storming birthday, Mist!

  6. Happy birthday <3

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. hallo I still get email notifications I've been kinda busy with college
  9. I see you lurking


    You fellow college person you

    1. Mist



      Listen I read LG53 and it was a fun read, but I don't think I have time or energy, unfortunately :P

  10. Hey friends

    3 years now

    4 Water Siblings (love y'all) @Condensation @Vapor @Fog

    1 amazing real friend who got me on here @Serce Forts (wish I could see you more, but that's life, unfortunately) 

    2 Sharders who I am now a lot closer to @DramaQueen @Ed Venture and one who I will most likely be getting closer to @Channelknight Fadran

    And a few other awesome peeps (I am definitely missing some people here, sorry) @Chasmgoat @revelryintheart @Scarletfox @Spock @Tesh


    Anyways, thanks for being amazing

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    2. Tesh


      Happy Shardiversary Mist!!! 
      And I'm considering getting much closer as well. :ph34r:

    3. Mist


      Taml ypi all!

      :eyes: :ph34r:

    4. Tesh


      Stick why'd you hack Mist's account? /j

      But yeah, I'm considering USU. Quite a bit actually... But we shall seeeeeee. 

  11. Gets Allomantic powers and a hole in your spiritweb Inserts a very large hoodie
  12. @DramaQueen hello there @Condensation @Vapor
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