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  1. So I logged back on for the first time in ages 

    So I might be around for a bit but probably


    I'm mainly on Discord at the moment 


    I'm not going to bother reading all the status updates just some of them



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    2. Darkfinder


      Hi rev


      Just realized that I misspelled the first message and I don't think I can edit it :szethfaceplam:


    3. Condensation


      That's annoying. It's okay, I don't correct status updates.








    4. Emi
  2. I'm here at the moment Just finishing a science report and then I have no more work for two weeks
  3. It still burns the Bendalloy away in a flash even if the Duraluminium doesn't get burned away.
  4. I would say a flash from the burners perspective. Which would mean all their compression in a single moment, so a single moment that lasts a fraction of a second outside the speed bubble. That's just what I think would happen though.
  5. I don't think it will allow for several hours in an instant because Duraluminium is burned away (along with the other metal) in a flash. As I stated above I just think you're going to have an instant in the speed bubble before the Duraluminium runs out while outside the speed bubble even less time would have passed. Out of the external temporal metals Cadmium is probably the one that has a use with Duraluminium as it would allow an instant to pass in the bubble but a much larger amount of time to pass outside the bubble. I'm basing this off of the fact that every time Vin uses Duraluminium it and the other metal is burned away in a flash to produce a massive burst of power similar In my opinon to flaring the metal. It doesn't make the effect go on for any longer the effect is probably shorter.
  6. I don't think the necessarily have to have a very useful use when combined together. It has a use by itself but that doesn't mean that combining with Duraluminium is going to mean it it's particularly useful. Bendalloy has it's own allomantic effect that is independent of how well it works with Duraluminium and same with all the other metals even if they do have amazing effects when combined with Duraluminium. EDIT: I don't think you would even get super old the metal would be used up in an instant like with all other uses of Duraluminium and after that the bubble would collapse, you wouldn't be in the bubble long enough for you to age. And that instant that you spent in the bubble would be a minuscule amount of time for everybody else, so while I don't think you would age it still doesn't have that much of a use.
  7. This is the first and only time I'm going to pay attention to this topic Bye
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